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green shopping | The Green Beagle - Part 2

Green Cupboards

Green Cupboards

Green Cupboards

It seems I have been slacking on my hunting down green businesses. I have been a bad beagle! I didn’t want to continue to disappoint so I have found GreenCupboards.com. I have written a few articles on items I have found at their store. GreenCupboards.com offers a wide variety of items such as toys, grocery items, outdoor, office and even electronics. I know many green retailers may sell green products but their values are lacking. GreenCupboards.comgoes out of their way to assure their customers that they are as legitimate as their products.

About GreenCupboards.com: Green Cupboards is a leading online retailer of eco-friendly products for homes and businesses. Based in Spokane, Washington, the company was the winner of a regional university business plan competition and was subsequently co-founded in 2008 by Gonzaga University graduates Josh Neblett, Sarah Wollnick and their Adjunct Professor, Tom Simpson.
Struck by the lack of one-stop shopping alternatives for eco-friendly merchandise, the co-founders set out to create a customer-centric brand and streamline the way people buy green. Greencupboards targets consumers who strive to do the right things to sustain the planet, yet are challenged to find a broad selection of eco-friendly products that work and cost about the same as a their non-green counterparts.
GreenCupboards offers the vastest array of thoroughly vetted eco-friendly products of any e-retailer in our market. We currently provide approximately 15,000 unique items from over 600 suppliers. Critical to our mission, we endeavor to provide an easy, fun and educational shopping experience, over-the-top customer service and competitive prices. To date, we have satisfied the purchasing needs of over 100,000 consumers.
GreenCupboards employs over 50 youthful, zany and eco-friendly minds. Our culture is as dynamic as the shopping experience we deliver.

Lotus Teen Batik Skirt

Lotus Teen Batik Skirt

Lotus Teen Batik Skirt


I am swooning over the patterns of this skirt! Very much my style. Lotus Jayne never disappoints! The Batik Skirt can be worn almost all year round with either leggings or tights! It’s great!  The skirt is Fair Trade made and sewn in a workshop run by women! Another plus that can’t be ignored is it is only $20!! You can be styling and conscious at the same time.  Supporting women’s businesses globally is so important.  We need to keep this type of Fair Trade practice thriving. Companies like Lotus Jayne are extremely important to our green economy. Every purchase we make isn’t only an economic decision but a social one as well which most people refuse to think about. I understand the importance of looking good but it is of greater importance to support businesses that support our global good like Lotus Jayne.


Product Description: The Batik Skirt is Jayne’s original design, sewn in medium-weight cotton, a fabric with lots of body that won’t go limp after one washing. The cloth was made in small Indonesian Batik workshops and is authentic.

This skirt is free-sized with an elastic waistband which can be worn on waist or hips and can accommodate many body types, so please check measurements before ordering.

All fair trade, sewn in a workshop run by women with HIV/AIDS
Elastic 1 3/4″ wide waistband fits 21 to 30 inch waist
Skirt is 17 3/4 inches long from top of waistband
Bottom of skirt measures 40″ around
100% cotton. Wash in cold water, dry on medium to light cycle
fair trade

May’s Save Your Green

263455_Now Just In Time For Mother's Day-Free Vase With Select Bouquet's at OrganicBouquet.com! Click Here!



Have no fear May is here! Great time for good holidays and even better sales and deals on great green stuff you can stock up on.  Find new stores you didn’t know about and most of all educate yourself on green shopping.

Save $5 off Solar Glass Votives

Great Deals on Burt’s Bees Products at Burt’s Outlet
Save 5% on any Keetsa Mattress and get Free Ship. Use code “KEETSA5POFFMAY12″ at checkout. Shop Now!

Natural and Organic Apparel & Accessories at Abe’s Natural Market.

Sign up now and receive ethical Deals from across North America!

New Carrot Cake Gnu Bar – 12g of Fiber & 20% OFF

Sweet treats from Ecoist and M&Ms.

Save $30 on the Mother’s Day Velour Robe Set including Free Gift Wrapping. Only $49.99 at Gildentree.com.

The Clever Bean – thoughtful green gifts for Mother’s Day.

Holistic doctor approved natural skin care. Try Ecco Bella today! Perfect for Mother’s Day.

Changers.com rethink energy.

Another candle, another wish. Make this year different and give up your birthday with charity: water.

Save 15% On Soji Solar Lanterns

Buy 1 Get 2 Free at Botanic Choice Buy 1 Bottle and Get 2 FREE (select items), plus Free Shipping on $25+

On Sale at Passchal!

Fight Those Fleas! at Happytails Spa!

On Sale at LUSH

Save 30% on all Gift sets at The Body Shop! Valid 5/6–5/13.

The Robomow






I know the Robomow is expensive but the lazy beagle in myself really wants this. I am not the biggest fan of mowing the lawn. It takes forever and makes my allergies go crazy. Here is a description of the Robomow and why you should love it besides the fact that it comes with Free Shipping:



Tired of pushing or riding that lawn mower of yours for seemingly endless amounts of time, every week? Robomow’s RL 2000 is the perfect solution to give you more time doing what you love, instead of mowing the lawn. This robotic lawn mower is recommended for large lawns between 12,900 and 17,200 square feet. It comes with a base station for automated storage, charging and easy mower scheduling. You can schedule this mower to run day or night without bothering your neighbors: these machines will run at a noise level as low as 65 decibels when in eco-mode. To give a comparison, this is the same amount of noise generated by a normal conversation.

What makes the Robomow Green?
Robomow is as green as the grass it mows.
From saving energy to the way it cuts the grass, Robomow is making as less impact on the environment as possible.
With new ingenious technology and innovative grasscycling techniques, the fully automatic lawnmowers are much easier to use, waste less energy, emit less air pollution and create less impact on the world around us.While mowing your lawn, Robomow cuts the grass into very fine cuttings and disperses them over the ground. These clippings decompose quickly and release beneficial organic nutrients and water into the soil. This results in a healthier and better-looking lawn and eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings.

Hurry!  Deal of the week item selling fast!

Synergy Peacock Skirt

Synergy Peacock Skirt

Synergy Peacock Skirt



I love peacocks! Their colors are beautiful and every time I see them I want to go right up and squeeze them. When ever I see something with either a peacock design or feathers I fall in love. Which is basically what happened right here with the Syngergy Peacock Skirt! I love love love it!! Perfect for spring and summer and since the colors are muted you can carry it right into fall if you want. The Synergy Peacock Skirt is handmade with organic cotton by artisans in Nepal using Fair Trade practices as well as using minimal carbon foot print practices ie using low impact dyes for the skirt. The only set back is the skirt does run a little small in sizing so please make sure to go up in size when ordering. If you want your very own Synergy Peacock Skirt from Element EcoWear click right here!!!

Organic Club Sofa in Hemp Fabric

Organic Club Sofa in Hemp Fabric

Organic Club Sofa in Hemp Fabric



Hello organic couch from Bean Products, Inc.!! I want it for many a reason but honestly the price is such a deterrent. I get it is organic hemp and a sofa bed, you have 17 fabric colors to choose from and you can even choose the colors for the feet and it’s hand crafted! The wood used is sustainably harvested and the cushion’s can even biodegrade. There are soo many amazing green qualities to this piece of furniture. You can tell that Bean Products, Inc. really goes out of its way to offer you a high quality and highly responsible piece of furniture however that being said I feel like even some of the most dedicated greenies who would love to purchase this comfy little tid bit couldn’t because of the price when you can find furniture for much less than that at many other chain stores. I don’t advocate shopping at the big chains when there are greener alternatives but especially in tough economic times we really have to find a way to make green products more affordable to everyone. I would buy this couch in an instant (as I am definitely in need of a new one) but I can’t invest $5200 in a couch when many places offer 7 piece furniture sets for around that price. I’m n0t sure if you are like me and want to support green businesses as much as possible but with things like this I can’t no matter how much I want it and how much I’d rather put my money towards this than come plastic couch from China I can’t invest that much money in anything that frivolous right now. I don’t know too many people who could and the people I do know who could wouldn’t shop at Bean Products, Inc. anyway but that is an entirely different story.

Great Green Gifts for Her

The holidays are right around the corner and in case you are wondering what she wants here is a small list of awesomeness that I know I want and I am sure she will love too!!
Remember if you must purchase please do so as greenly as possible! I know it is difficult and some people you know and love my still be boycotting the green scene but try to change their minds!

Kaia House Gift Guide I have recently stumbled upon Kaia House and their gift guide has gifts for everyone at excellent prices! Kaia House bath and body gifts look soo delish I cannot wait to try them for myself so I know she will love them too!!

Save up to 40% off on Last Minute Gift Sets forHer. Find exactly what you need at Juara.  I have written about a few of  Jaura’s amazing products like their Coffee Body Scrub which is totes to die for! Juara offers an amazing selection of  Vegetarian skin and body care products that smell and feel sooo good! Perfect for any lady that likes pampering!

Pure Citizen or LovingEco are two of my fave places to shop and play! If you have seen all of the VIP sites like Beyond the Rack, Gilt or even Shoe Dazzle which sell fur, leather and other animal bits & pieces where you know the merchandise is less than ethical LovingEco & Pure Citizen are much better options! She can choose from cosmetics, accessories, clothes and even make donations if she chooses!! Get her a gift certificate from LovingEco and she will have regular access to soo many amazing ethical/green brands!

Fun gifts for her from Ecoist I know you are probably convinced that I work for Ecoist but I do not! I just love their accessories! If she isn’t in to purses look at their accessories or creative home decor ideas! I promise she won’t be disappointed if you get her a gift from here! Shoot even a gift certificate might just be the ticket!

FREE UPS GROUND Shipping From 12/8 Thru 12/19 On Any Order Now At Coyuchi.com! Click Here! Have you ever slept on organic cotton sheets? If not you needs to ASAP. They are the smoothest, comfiest, classiest sheets I have ever dreamed on! I promise you she will love them too! Easy to clean, great to sleep on and clearly excellent for the environment!

Pure Citizen

Green Living Everyday Holiday Deals

Cyber week is still apparently going strong. I know we don’t want to buy into this made up and overly commercialized week of over spending but if you are shopping then please do it repsonsibily. Green Living Everyday has these awesome deals for the holidays going on. You can help save your green and our environment all while being in the spirit of giving.

Take an Additional 20% off Stocking Stuffers
Save 15% On Yoga Accessories

15% off Everything in the Eco Coffee Shop

Save 15% On Soji Solar Lanterns

15% off Science Toys & Kits

$3 Off Digital Shower Timer Gift Sets

Save 10% On Nokero Solar Light Bulbs

10% off The Green Dollhouse

Save 15% on Gift Baskets & Gift Sets


Mandala Record Bowls

Mandala Record Bowls

Mandala Record Bowls





Hello the holidays are here! You know you need something to be a center piece or to hold decorations so why not try Mandala Record Bowls?! I know we have all seen the bowls made out of vinyl records before but these have some panache! They colors and designs are hand painted on there. Mandala offers a variety of colors and designs. I am in love with these record bowls. I am not going to lie they are a tad pricey but I completely think the record bowls are worth it for their design and craftsmanship! Click here to get your very own Mandala Record Bowl now!

About:Carnation Pink Mandala Record Bowls are created from recycled 12″ vinyl records. The “platters from the past” are upcycled with fresh acrylic paint and an original Eye Pop Art mandala design which is painted freehand with glossy highlights.

The record bowls are hand painted in original psychedelic patterns, heated, and lovingly sculpted into uniquely organic, flower-like forms. The spindle holes are filled so the bowls are water tight and functional. Semi-gloss polyurethane is used to finish to protect the paint and make the bowls food safe. The original record labels intact (and also sealed with polyurethane) on the bottom of each bowl – which record will YOU get?

Eye Pop Art bowls are fantastic for holding fruit, candy, candles, trinkets, or anything your heart desires. They are bright, colorful art objects to set on your coffee table. They are eco-friendly and make a great conversation piece! Surprise your guests when you tell them to flip the bowl over and see the very interesting recycled material that it was made from!

Most of us have fond memories of the days when all we listened to was records – let the music live forever with a Mandala Record Bowl.

Mandala Record Bowls by Christine Claringbold are hand painted with original designs using high quality acrylic paints, then heated and lovingly sculpted into unique organic, flower-like forms. The artist has sealed up the spindle hole to make the bowl water tight and functional. The entire bowl, as well as the original record label on the bottom of the bowl, has been sealed with a glossy finish.

Made from a recycled 12″ vinyl record, the finished size is about 10″ in diameter and 3″ deep (about 25.4 cm in diameter and 7.62 cm deep).

Product Notes:
- Hand wash gently with a damp cloth, air dry. Please do not put in the dishwasher, oven, or microwave!
- These are hand made items and may take up to one week to ship..

November Save Your Green

It is holiday time!!! This is an expensive time of year forever one so we at The Green Beagle want to help you save your green while being green for the holidays. If you have to spend money give it to companies/business that hold the same values as you do.

Equal Exchange Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Pairing Wheel

Free $5 to spend at GiftsWithHumanity.com

5% OFF Any Order at My Good Greetings

10% off The Green Dollhouse

$3 Off Digital Shower Timer Gift Sets

Save 10% On Nokero Solar Light Bulbs

Save 15% On Our Full Line of Personal Solar Chargers

Making money for Sierra Club has never been easier.

15% off Science Kits
Coupon Code NATURALPET15 – 15% Off Only Natural Pet Brand Products!

Use Coupon Code WEATHERIZE to Save 15% on our Home Weatherization Inspection and Repair Manuals
Shop and Save this Holiday Season with NOVICA! Take $10 off any purchase over $40! Use Code: NOVICAEX3
Save 15% Off All Ink Cartridges
Green & Gorgeous! Sustainable, Socially Responsible, Stylish Baby and Kid’s Clothes at Positively Organic

Kee-Ka has Free Shipping for orders $75 or more. Continental U.S. only.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $100
Save $10 On the American Wilderness Dinnerware Set (Nov, 11-17).

10% off through 12.31 with code Holiday10

Eco friendly gifts from Ecoist

Unique Green Gifts Under $30 at ChildTrek.com

Free Shipping on the Sustainable Office Supply Sample Pack
Overstock Items Marked Down Today at GildenTree.com! Shop Today!

Save $22 on Trilogy’s Top 3 Skincare Lines

Green Gifts for Kids
Green You Holiday with these Fabulous Eco-Gifts
FREE Afterglow Cosmetic Shipping! Order $90+ and receive free USPS Priority Shipping inside the US.

LovingEco has deals everyday on hot green items!

FREE shipping when you spend $100 from Coyuchi.com. Use coupon code: Organic100

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