The Beagles Green Tips for Turkey Day

Green Turkey Day Tips
Green Turkey Day Tips




Turkey Day is almost here and every year I post plenty of do it yourself decorations, crafts and activities to green up your Thanksgiving. There are some tips I mention over and over because they are that important. Thanksgiving has become a holiday of gluttony and not thanks for anything in my opinion. Try really being thankful this year and try to give back to the earth.

1. Save the seeds from your dinner and plant them when you can. You can also include the dried and cleaned seeds in a holiday gift for people who attended your Thanksgiving. Give them something to remind them how thankful they should be. You should be thankful for those seeds, they gave you a great meal.  Maybe if properly cared for you can serve those very veggies at your next holiday meal.

2. STAY LOCAL! Get your produce from local farm stands or local grocers. This season for fall harvesting didn’t do that well for some fruits and veggies. I know by me apples took a hard hit locally. You want to keep your neighborhood from becoming a ghost town? You want to make sure you have places to spend your money near you than purchase from around you. Not at the chain places at the Mom and Pop places. Helping your community helps you.

3. Compost all of your leftovers. If you can’t give things away,eat them all or reuse them in other recipes compost them for your yard. No need to throw food into the trash. Depending on what we have I make yummy meals for our pets. I know I am thankful for them so I share to make sure they know it.

4. Use as little packaging and throw away utensils as possible. I personally don’t appreciate disposable items. Not because of their wastefulness but because I feel like you are telling your guests you don’t have the time for real utensils or that they aren’t worth it. I understand disposing is easy but you can put that much more effort into a meal you have slaved all day over and make it look that much nicer. Again, remember show your guests you are Thankful for them!

5. Conserve Energy where you can. Your house is going to obviously get hot with all of the cooking, eating and people in the near vicinity. Turn your heat down or off (depending on the temp. outside) and open some windows. Let’s not forget to not turn every light and electrical gadget on in the house the entire time. While people are cooking try to get people to go outside and be active. Don’t have multiple tv’s, video games and lights on in the house. Force your friends and family to spend time with each other. You will be thankful you saved on your bill the month before the real spending begins.

6. Potluck? I know some people take pride in cooking the whole meal but think of the time and energy everyone saves if they are in charge of bringing one or two things. Everyone gets to actually sit, relax and enjoy time with their friends and family. Try it, you might be thankful that you did!

7. NO TURKEY PLEASE!!! I can read off a ton of statistics about how horribly turkeys are treated and the processes but that isn’t going to make most of you listen. I don’t expect all of you to listen but I hope some do. There are plenty of delicious options to having turkey on your plate. The photo is Tofurkey which looks delish! You can go with other less traditional and or vegan dishes. Get creative. Just because it is called Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day doesn’t mean we can’t change it to Tofurkey Day. If they called it Horse day would we have to eat horse????

Are You Keeping Your Labor Day Green

Go Green for Labor Day

Go Green for Labor Day



I know most of us have off of work this Monday September 5th for Labor Day and we love to go out and shop the amazing sales everyone, even green businesses, are having but have you considered partying, shopping or wasting? Why not take the time to clean your yard, fix broken things around the house or even better do some fun crafts from things that have been lying around the house.

I thought I would share my Labor Day weekend plans/ideas and maybe they will inspire you to do the same!

1. Clean up our yard. After the hurricane our garden and lawn is covered in leaves, branches and garbage which needs to be sorted through and recycled. I will also keep an eye out for things I can use to make crafts for this weekend.

2. Get veggies and herbs out of my garden that are ready to be picked.

3. Cooking for the week using what I have gotten from my garden and from around the house that has been sitting there waiting to be used.

4. Decorate my house for Halloween. I have been waiting all summer to decorate and since the weather has been much cooler lately I see no reason not to.

5. Clean and organize the house. There have been some cabinets, closets and drawers that I have been ignoring that need some organization. In the process I can put things aside to use in crafts.

6. Work out! Why not get your fitness on while you have a 3 day weekend! Healthy minds start with healthy bodies. Plus if you are putting all of this effort into cleaning up the environment you can save some time for yourself right?

7. Find fun fall crafts to do for Halloween, fall or back to school anything. Remember to use the items you found from your yard or when cleaning out your closets, cabinets and closets.

8. Have family time. Play games, watch a movie or eat a family meal. You have 3 whole days to spend together make the most of it. Take this time to learn more about how your family can be greener!

9. Take time to relax. Read a book instead of watching television. Make some at home spa treatments for yourself. Take a nice bath to release the stresses from your daily life.
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2011 Green Resolutions

2011 Green Resolutions

2011 Green Resolutions

As we say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011 it is that wonderful time of year where you make promises to yourself that you never keep. Instead of promising yourself things like saving money, losing weight or being a better person turn it all around and make a resolution that could encompass all of those resolutions you never stick to! I have compiled a list of resolutions that should be much easier to stick to that I hope will become a part of your everyday life.

1. Just say NO to disposables! Always keep reusable bags, bottles and utensils in your car, office, or house. Many stores now give discounts to you if you BYOB (bring your own bag or bottle). I have reusable utensils in my office, at home and I even bring them with me when I go out just in case. It may sound nuts but it works and can save you lots of money. Reusable Shopping Bags, Good Life Water Bottles Order Here!,

2. Educate yourself! Promise to learn even a little about your impact on our environment. Investigate where your purchases come from or at least investigate your purchase impact. Your small changes can make huge differences in the way you live your life for everyone. Going Green Today Click here!, Environmental Impact Assessment: A Practical Guide

3. Plant Something! When the time comes this year plant something. It doesn’t matter what and it really doesn’t take that much effort. Contribute to the environment, you might like it! Plant Trees as a Gift, Organic Seeds

4. Recycle! I still know many people who don’t care about recycling. I know some area’s don’t even have adequate recycling facilities or systems but take it upon yourself. Go to a bottle return or check out the items you are buying some companies do exchange programs. Talk to people in your community and see what they do or if they would be interested in starting a recycling system locally. There are many green companies now that are willing to take your garbage and upcycle it into something else! Flings Recycle 4-pack Bin, Rubbish!: Reuse Your Refuse

5. Donate! Give a donation to an environmental/animal charity. There are plenty out there that all need support. You can donate even $1 or purchase from their online stores. That could be a great excuse for why you had to go on a mini-shopping spree! Help raise money for Sierra Club., Adopt An Animal At To Help Conserve Wildlife!, or Become a member of WSPA and help end the inhumane treatment of animals around the world..

6. Buy Local! Make an effort to purchase as much as you can from local businesses and farmers. If you help your local community it will help you and your family just as much. There is a responsibility that has been forgotten about regarding our local communities. Everyone has gotten so used to taking care of our own spaces while damaging others. We have forgotten the importance of community and involvement. The Locavore’s Handbook: The Busy Person’s Guide to Eating Local on a Budget,

7. Travel Efficiently! Instead of running errands all week pick 1 day you can get it all done. Make lists, get out your coupons, and figure out the most efficient route to get to all of the places you need to get to. You will save on gas, money and time. No more forgetting to get something or having to run out last minute. It may also save on your car maintenance costs if you are effective enough. If you own a GPS set all of the destinations and have the GPS give you the quickest route to all of the places. You might just be surprised at all the time and money save. Garmin Portable GPS Navigator, Recycled Note Pads or they have one of this for almost everywhere nyc: A Curated Guide of Inspired and Unique Locally Owned Eating and Shopping Establishments in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island

8. Clean up your Act! You spend alot of time in your home and you like it to be clean. Instead of using all of the hyped up soaps, cleaners and detergents try to go green. Method makes amazing products right here in the USA that are safe for the environment and your family. There are plenty of other cleaning companies that are concerned with the environment and create their products as such. Try replacing the soaps, detergents, cleaners, wipes, dryer sheets and dusting products with green companies. You will save money, the environment and have an exceptionally clean and lovely smelling place to live. Method Biodegradable & Non-toxic Bathroom Detox Cleaning Kit or Eco-Discoveries,

Going Green Today

1,001 Ways to Save the Earth!!!

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1,001 Ways to Save the Earth book proves that simple ideas can have a major environmental impact. Here are easy tips for every budget and every day, from taking canvas shopping bags to the grocery store to purchasing green energy “off sets” to make up for unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions. Cutting-edge ideas for supporting alternative energy and reducing consumption will inspire veteran recyclers. Plus, the book itself is printed with vegetable-based inks on paper from sustainably managed forests. Practical, positive, and easy to use, 1,001 Ways to Save the Earth is a book none of us can afford to miss.