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health | The Green Beagle - Part 2

What Is Gluten-Free?

I know you have heard a lot about gluten-free and may not know exactly what it is so I have decided to define it for you as well as show you some products that look delish and are gluten free to boot! Maybe you will decide to rid yourself of gluten as well.
I have tried many a gluten free product some good, some awful, and some great. It really is a taste preference. I am sure if you are strict about your gluten you would get used to even the worst tasting of product. Here is Wikipedia’s definition of gluten-free: A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes foods containing gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley, rye, malts and triticale. It is used as a food additive in the form of a flavoring, stabilizing or thickening agent, often as “dextrin”. A gluten-free diet is the only medically accepted treatment for celiac disease, the related condition dermatitis herpetiformis,and wheat allergy.

I went on a little search for some yummy looking gluten-free items so here they are:

Gluten-Free Snack Kit

Gluten-Free Snack Kit








Glutino Gluten Free Snack Kit is a perfect way to start off your gluten free diet. All of your major sweet cravings are included so you nothing is left out. I think I am going to get this one for myself it looks that good.






Risotto Alfredo

Risotto Alfredo



Lundberg Organic Risotto Alfredo is making my mouth water right now! It may just be the Italian in me but when you say Alfredo I drool.








Chocolate Banana Gluten Free Bars

Chocolate Banana Gluten Free Bars




Glutino Chocolate & Banana Organic Barsis maybe not a flavor everyone enjoys but it is one of my absolute favorites. Banana and chocolate make the world a better place.







Organic Gummy Bears

Organic Gummy Bears

Let’s Do Organic Gummi Bears Classic are organic and gluten-free! Can you say yummo!! I know the gummy bears are mentioned above but it doesn’t hurt to mention them again.

SleepyTime Tonic

SleepyTime Tonic

Sleepytime Tonic



As I have mentioned a zillion times my house is full of pets and they are all rescues. I love them all and they are my life but sometimes rescuing an animal does require you to give them a little extra TLC. My animals are also super spoiled because the BF works from home and is with them every waking moment.
That being said the girls have horrendous separation anxiety. We have to lock our puppy in a crate when we leave because she eats holes in walls and furniture which is not good. Our older dog was abandoned in the first year of her life and was chained to a fence for a long period of time before she was rescued so she gets terribly nervous and scared when we leave and for a multitude of reasons when you haven’t left. We have tried training and different products to help but nothing really has worked.
I have written about Happy Tails Spa a few times and feel like I can trust their brand so I went searching to see what they had to help soothe my pooches. I found their Sleepytime Tonic and was excited to try it. I had tried other products like it before and they never really had an effect but I was determined to help my babies. I tried putting the drops directly in the pooches mouths but they didn’t seem to like that too much so I put a few drops on their Frosty Paws treats or in their water and that worked like a charm. I will say I didn’t notice an immediate change the first few times I used it but after a little while the girls definitely started to exhibit a calmer demeanor when we got home. I started giving our older dog a few drops when it would storm out because she really hates that and I have to say she hid under things much less and seemed less bothered by it over all.
I am extremely happy my pooches are having an easier time when we leave them and even happier our older dog seems more relaxed. I hate to see them sad.
Here is a little more about what Sleepytime Tonic does:
Sleepytime Tonic was developed to relax and calm an over-anxious dog. The blend of all natural ingredients address underlying predispositions and weaknesses which cause the anxiety. If you have a nervous dog, an overactive puppy or simply want to calm down a hyper hound Sleepytime will do the trick. It does not sedate your dog it simply calms them down.
To learn more about Sleepy Time Tonic and Happy Tails Spa click here! Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  You don’t want to miss out on awesome stuff for your pet!

Cocoon Facial Cleanser

Petal Purity
Petal Purity


 You must know I love body scrubs because I write about exfoliating all of the time! I generally like to make my own but sometimes you don’t have time for a fresh beauty treatment so you must go to the next best thing! If you have to purchase a cosmetic or beauty product make sure you are choosing a responsible one. Remember whatever ingredients are in the product are going in and on your body. I know the words are difficult to sometimes understand on the back of the bottle but that should be the first clue that maybe you should rethink using that product. Cocoon Apothecary has a wide variety of skin care products that are perfect for the green beauty inside all of us.  You can see for yourself in their ingredient listings.  Nothing crazy in there.  You can pronounce all of the ingredients and probably have seen most of them in nature. I am actually drawn to the site simply because I think it is pretty. It is simple and almost elegant much like their products. No flashy designs or adds to confuse the customer, their products speak for themselves which speaks volumes about the kind of business Cocoon Apothecary really is.

Product Description:

This gentle exfoliating cleanser combines the purifying powers of lavender and geranium with spherical jojoba beads to remove dead skin cells and keep pores clean and clear. This facial cleanser is for all skin types so don’t be afraid to give it a try.


•Promotes skin-cell turnover, a process that slows down with aging.
•Keeps skin pimple-free by keeping pores clear and unclogged.
•A gentle formula that can be used daily as a scrub and a cleanser.


•Jojoba Beads Non-abrasive beads that gently exfoliate skin.
•Lavender Essential Oil Anti-bacterial, healing, combats acne.
•Geranium Essential Oil Astringent, balancing.


•Biodegradable with eco-friendly beads
•Cruelty-free and vegan
•Made with certified organics
•Rated 0 on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database
•Amber glass bottle, corn label, pre-cycled pump and cap


Distilled water, certified organic sweet almond oil, jojoba beads, certified organic virgin coconut oil, cetearyl alcohol, stearic acid, vegetable glycerin, certified organic geranium essential oil, certified organic lavender essential oil, sodium anisate, sodium levulinate, sodium cetearyl sulfate, rosemary leaf extract.

organic skin care

Ecoist Pink Hope Collection

Ecoist Pink Hope Collection

Ecoist Pink Hope Collection





October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Ecoist in all of their awesomeness has made a collection just for it! Ecoist has committed to donating between 1 and 5 % of profits to the Breast Cancer Fund.
As a women and having two women in my family who have had breast cancer it is of constant importance to myself and others around me to be aware and to help support the cause as much as I can. Have you don’t your part this month? If not purchase yourself or someone you love one of the adorable bags from Ecoist’s Pink Hope Collection. You will look cute as well as feel good about your purchase. You can get your very own Pink Hope Bag by clicking here!

New Face For Eggs

New Face for Eggs

New Face of Eggs


* Organic Free Range Hard-boiled eggs
* Organic Round crackers (any shape will do but round tends to be the easiest shape)
* Organic Vegetable and herb garnishes
* Organic Cold cuts, organic pepperoni or organic bacon (vegetarian options also)
* Organic or non-dairy cheese (sliced or grated anything that will add some fun)
* Condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup, Sriracha anything to add the fun)


1. Slice hard boiled eggs evenly and thinly.
2. Place the egg slices on crackers
3. Place out the herbs, garnishes, veggies, cheeses, meats or anything else you want to use for decorating.
4. Have fun, be creative and go healthy!

How are these for a super fun snack? Let your kids be creative and healthy while doing it!  Not all children may like eggs so lunch meats can be a great alternative! Allergies are always an issue too but these days there are excellent substitutes. Keeping your children interested in being healthy is a constant challenge so do what you can to keep them having fun with their food.

design green.live green GreenAmerica.org

Super Cool Sandwich

Super Cool Sandwich

Super Cool Sandwich

Back to school season is here for everyone and even some are already in school! Crazy! The summer just started I feel like. Either way here is a super cool sandwich idea to cheer up your child and maybe brighten up the boring old lunch routine.


* Cups (that you can put food coloring in)
* Organic Milk
* Natural or Organic Food Coloring
* New Paint Brushes
* Organic Wheat bread (white bread may yield better results but it isn’t very healthy)
* Toaster


1. Fill each cup with two tbsp. of milk.
2. Add a few drops of food coloring to each cup.
3. Paint any pictures or designs on the bread using the colored milk and brushes.
4. Toast your food art lightly but make sure the bread doesn’t burn.
5. Once the bread has cooled off a little make put the sandwich together.
6. Add a little note to let your children know how much you love them!

You can use this project as an after school snack also! Experiment with other breads or even wraps and pitas! You could even use pizza dough and make super cool pizzas! You will be the coolest parent ever with this simple yet creative lunch idea!

Botanic Choice Thyroid Complex

Botanic Choice Thyroid Complex™ - New and Improved

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As I am still trying to stick with my New Year’s Resolution to get into better shape I have been taking plenty of vitamins. I saw
Botanic Choice Thyroid Complex™
and thought it couldn’t hurt to help my efforts. What if I have a sluggish thyroid? Maybe it needs a boost? I got it and tried it. I didn’t realize the role your thyroid plays in your health. Your thyroidis involved in regulating weight, energy, vision, mental alertness, temperature regulation, mood, hair, heart and cholesterol. I now take
Botanic Choice Thyroid Complex™
everyday to ensure I am at my optimal health. How is your thyroid doing??

Product Info:
•Provides 13 thyroid supporters including iodine, selenium and zinc
•Works with your system to maintain normal metabolism
•Supports healthy weight, mood, body temperature, energy, digestion, cardiovascular system, hair, nails, and more

watch wrinkles disappear

Homeopathic Weight Loss

Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula

Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula

As a part of my New Years resolution I of course said I need to get into better shape. I have started my diet and work out routine but I decided to see if there was anything out there to help give me a jump start. I used
Botanic Choice
for all of my vitamins so I started to look there first. Weight Loss pills make me nervous and I never know what is really in them.
Botanic Choice
listed all of the ingredients and what they were used for. I always appreciate the breakdown of words and ingredients when I am putting something in my body. It gives you a sense of secuirty. I also like how
Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula
 also says best if used in conjunction with exercise and a low calorie diet. No myths about magical pills that will just get rid of the weight for you, you must make an effort.
I have been using them for about a month now and so far in conjunction with my diet they seem to be working. I have lost weight and already fit into at least one pair of pants that were too small for me just a few months ago. I am going to keep on with this routine and hopefully before summer I will be back in better shape for all of the new bathing suits I must have!

Use Web Code BEAUTY & get 30% off any order, PLUS Free Vitamins for Hair & Vitamin C Cream ($30.98 value). Expires 2/28/2011

Look and feel your best as you lose unwanted pounds. This safe, effective natural weight loss supplement is made from essential herbs providing your body with energy to help you achieve your goal.


•Betula alba – Common name: white birch. Encourages digestion and has diuretic properties.
•Cimicifuga racemosa – Common name: black cohosh, black snakeroot. Native to New England, this ingredient is frequently used for female hormonal issues.
•Crataegus oxycantha – Common name: hawthorn, white thorn, may thorn. This agent offers diuretic properties. Practitioners of homeopathy use the whole berry dried or crushed.
•Equisetum hyemale – Common name: horsetail, scouring rush. Most closely related to the fern family, equisetum hyemale offers cleansing.
•Rhamnus frangula – Common name: buckthorn, alder buckthorn. The bark is used for its digestive cleansing ability.
•Solidago virgaurea – Common name: goldenrod. Cleanses.
•Adonis vernalis – Common name: pheasants’ eye. Named after the unfortunate Adonis, of Greek mythology, from whose blood this plant sprouted. It promotes digestion.
•Apocynum androsaemifolium – Common name: spreading dogbane, bitter-root. From North America, this active aids digestion.
•Chelidonium majus – Common name: greater celandine, calandine. Found by old buildings and walls or forming hedges, this ingredient was used as a drug in the Middle Ages. Today, herbalists use it for digestive cleansing.
•Lycopodium clavatum – Common name: clubmoss, running pine, veg. sulfur. The part used is the spores of new plants. Has diuretic properties.
•Scilla maritima – Common name: squill. This plant originates from the sands of the Mediterranean. It energizes.

Botanic Choice’s Homeopathic Formula’s
 are made from ultra-high quality, all-natural ingredients that help your body help itself. Each remedy is safe and effective. Product components are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Best when used in conjunction with a reduced calorie and exercise plan.

Sierra Club

5 Fab Foods to Help You Stay on Track

On my never ending mission to be in shape I find and read many health articles and blogs. I think it is interesting the differing sciences that can figure out how each body works and preform at its best. There are so many schools of thought and everyone seems to think they have the best plan. It’s difficult for me to know who is the “right one”. I prefer articles that gear it’s help with the use of science. After reading a few articles on what foods help keep your weight loss efforts in line I tried to get them all into one list using all of the information I read but “trimmed the fat” a bit.

1. Replace carbohydrates from sugar and refined grains with “good carbs” from fruits and vegetables. Orang-hued foods were found to be the most effective substitutes. Being that fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, they keep you full longer, high levels of antioxidants like vitamin C and beta-carotene fend off the fat. You can get a good amount of beta-carotene from carrots, cantaloupe, squash and peaches.

2.About 25 percent of your daily calories should come from protein, but you should choose lean sources like poultry, fish, low-fat yogurt, and fat-free milk to keep your calories down. Protein helps to you boost your energy, aiding in calorie burning.

Selenium can lower rates of abdominal obesity. Several foods contain selenium, so it’s difficult to know if you’re getting the recommended 55mcg per day. The best sources are nuts, whole grains, poultry and seafood. Foods rich in vitamin E, like nuts and seeds, will increase the effectiveness of selenium in the body. Natural Raw Organic Cashews

4.    Several studies suggest that alcohol is fine in small amounts, protects against weight gain. Data reviewed have suggested one 4-ounce glass of wine as the best bet. While one glass has great health benefits, having more is just going to add inches to your waistline.


Eating good fats like monounsaturated and omega-3s make it easier to stay slim, these fats are found in fish, nuts, olive oil, & avocados examples of bad fats, like saturated and trans are found in butter, shortening, pre-packaged cakes and cookies.

Sunfood Nutrition Your Source for Superfoods Since

Kettle Worx 6 Week Program

KettleWorx 6 Week Body Transformation

KettleWorx Totaly Body Workout

I have been hearing things about Kettle Bell work outs for a while & I admit I wasn’t completely sure what exactly a Kettle Bell was. I knew a kettle bell was a weight but I was unsure what the big deal really was. Then I came across The Kettle Worx program and decided why not try it. An at home workout never seems to have the results for me that I get from working out regularly at a gym or taking classes. Six weeks of my time I was however willing to devote to this program being that you only have to work out 1 hour a week or so it claims.

Week 1: DVD Cardio Level 1: I am aware I am not the most in shape individual that has ever graced this planet but I do work out regularly. After 10 minutes of this video I am almost positive my thighs died and left me for good! Days later my thighs still hurt. I was sweating like an animal and I felt “the burn” immediately. I could barely finish the video. I did finish slowly after the second set because my body physically was shaking! Mind you these are no complaints! I was loving it. Walking was painful for a few days but well worth the pain I hope!

Week 1 DVD 2 Core Level 1: This time the work out seemed much easier. I didn’t sweat as much but I did feel I worked out my body thoroughly. These videos are sneaky because the next day!!!!! I felt every muscle in my core!! It is definitely a good feeling!

Week 1 DVD 3 Resistance Level 1: I did this after dinner last night which was great because it helped me push myself a little bit harder than usual to work off extra calories. The Resistance DVD had many exercises I already recognized from the first 2 DVD’s which I appreciated. I was no where near as tired as the first time I Kettle Bell’d. Make no mistake my body was shaking all over and I used my muscles but the workout seemed easier for me which is exciting. My body feels like it had a good workout but I am in no pain!! I am loving this workout!

Week 1 DVD 4 Fast Fat Burn Level 1: I figured a 10 minute quick cardio session I could handle after these first 3 dvd’s. My body wasn’t as ready to quit as the first time but in 10minutes I was feeling it. There was a feeling of accomplishment. Again these workouts are sneaky in that you don’t usually feel the pain immediately after your body stops shaking but the next day and possibly the day after that you are reminded of your efforts.

Week 1 DVD 5 Fast Abs Level 1: This is yet another 10 minute quick work out. By this time I wasn’t feeling anything. I was getting a little cocky about my progress. The next few days didn’t bring any pain either which was exciting. I am hoping that for the rest of this trial it will only get easier and less painful.

Week 2 DVD 1 Cardio Level 2: This time the cardio got easier. I could go through the entire video will less shakiness and sweating. It was more fun and I felt more comfortable with the routine. I still felt worked out and there was still considerable shakiness but the next day and the following days I was good. I can feel muscles I didn’t even know I had. I think I feel the work outs working but I’m not sure.

Week 2 DVD 2 Resistance Level 2: The resistance video the first time around was difficult but I assumed as with the cardio DVD, it would get easier. I was wrong! I sweat just as much as the first time and it just as painful. I wasn’t sure I could even finish the video! My body was shaking and tired. However I did get trough it which was motivating and I felt like I was stronger going through it. The next day I completely felt it in the back of my thighs and my butt!! Also right after I put on a pair of my skinny jeans that I hadn’t been able to wear in a bit and although my waist was still a bit tight the thigh and but area definitely fit differently. It wasn’t a huge difference but its there!

Week 2 DVD 3 Core Level 2: The Core work out seems to be the easiest for me at this point. I didn’t break a sweat but I definitely felt my muscles being toned. I have yet to see a difference in the way my body looks which is a little disappointing but it is only week too. I will admit however I am not on any particular diet which would maximize my progress. I eat healthy enough but I think I would notice more of a difference if I were on a diet.

Week 2 DVD 4 Fast Fat Burn Level 2: The 10minute workout videos are the most difficult in terms of sweat and activity. The Fast Fat Burn is the most painful and my body felt like it couldn’t go any further after the first 5 minutes. I was hoping the 10 minute workouts would be the easiest due to the short time but even in week 2 I am completely feeling the burn.

Week 2 DVD 5 Fast Abs Level 2: The 10 minute workout seems to be my favorite. Its quick! How difficult can a 10 minute work out really be? The Ab workouts don’t seem to exhaust me the way the 20 minute workouts do. The ab workouts are to be the easiest for me still but I by no means have toned abs so this does confuse me a bit.

Week 3 DVD 1 Cardio Level 3: The cardio work outs are the most intense. No matter how Kettle savvy I feel I am this is the one work out still makes me feel like a beginner. I have to admit I don’t notice my body really changing or my clothes fitting any different but I am still not dieting sooo I can’t blame the workouts.

Week 3 DVD 2 Resistance Level 3: I think at this point the Resistance workouts are becoming my favorite because they don’t make me feel like I’m going to die but I can feel my muscles working. Its an invigorating feeling even if you don’t actually see results. After the workout and even the next day I feel a little sore but when I stand I can feel muscles in my abs in ways I hadn’t before. That is a feeling I appreciate very much.

Week 3 DVD 3 Core Level 3: The Core work out isn’t my favorite even though I don’t think I’m doing the workouts incorrectly. I don’t sweat or huff & puff. I can feel every exercise and set but again I see no actual results. At this point I am frustrated but at the same time the all of the other work outs are challenging. I am definitely accountable for my lack of diet and I can’t see anything different but I am not giving up.

Week 3 DVD 4 Fast Fat Burn Level 3: OMG! This 10 minute session is probably the most difficult to date. The time is tricky because it is a 10 minute exercise which seems easy enough but easy the workout is not. The levels gradually increase in difficulty without you really knowing it. The 10 minute workouts may in fact be the most difficult workouts in the series. Kettle Worx doesn’t miss a beat with these quick ones.

Week 3 DVD 5 Fast Abs Level 3: Again the ab work outs don’t seem too difficult but I can feel muscles I don’t think I have felt in a while. I am starting to notice my posture and it correcting as well. The 10 minute workouts are still more intense than the 20 minute work outs but over all the work outs in general are all intense. I want to say the ab workouts made a difference in my clothing or my over all physical look but I still see no actual results.

Week 4 DVD 1 Cardio Level 4: At this point for some reason either my DVD player or the DVD’s themselves started not really working and I got discouraged. I wasn’t as into my workouts because actually going through with them became difficult because the DVD kept stopping or resetting itself which was incredibly irritating. So this workout wasn’t very successful.

Week 4 DVD 2 Resistance Level 4: This workout proved to be better because the DVD worked which was great for me! The level 4 workout put me in check for my few day’s of discouraging behavior. Again I will mention I wasn’t on a diet of any sort soo most of the discouraged feelings were really my own fault but you like to believe the DVD when it tells you all you need is 1 hour a week worth of workouts. I however believe you need to be on a very good diet and exercise regiment to really see results by this point. However most people that dedicated workout for more than an hour a week.

Week 4 DVD 3 Core Level 4: I am still enjoying the variety of workouts and the routines but the core/ab workouts feel they aren’t quite enough of a workout for me. I don’t see any results although I do feel them. I’m not completely willing to give up but I do wish that I would see the results in my wardrobe at least.

Week 4 DVD 4 Fast Fat Burn Level 1: The 10 minute workouts only have 3 levels but they pack a punch! I am grateful that they are so short. On day’s I’m not in the mood or don’t have enough time I think these hardcore little sessions can become quite motivating. My diet however is still not up to par so I am hoping to step up both better eating habits and workout sessions. These videos are great but for someone who drives an hour each way to work then sits at my desk for 10 hours, 20 minutes 3 times a week coupled with a less than perfect diet isn’t enough. Now that the weather is nice I have started walking during my break.

At the end of this 6 week test I haven’t noticed any weight loss nor do my clothes fit better. I didn’t feel it necessary to detail the next 2 weeks because they seemed to all be repetitive. I had good workouts that I felt were doing good but over all no actualy visible changes. This is a definite testament that you need more than 1 hour a week and a diet is a must. Anything else is just lying to you I think. I have mentioned a few times in this test that although I was not on a diet I eat pretty healthy regularly. I do however have an office job that requires me to sit for almost 8 hours a day. I go for walks on my breaks but that isn’t enough. As much as I liked the DVD’s they didn’t do what I had hoped. I like the workouts and I still do them but I have to be 100% about it and implement a diet into this or it will never work.