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EcoNuts Soap is Eco-Interesting

Eco Nuts

Eco Nuts


Since I have a zoo living in my house (bf included) laundry builds up fast and although we try to stick to doing our laundry once a week to save water sometimes that just isn’t possible. I am a huge proponent of using biodegradable, organic and chemical free detergents and softeners. I don’t like detergents that smell too much. They never smell natural and I feel like if a detergent needs that much fragrance it is doing so because the laundry probably isn’t as clean as it should be. I’d rather have a fresh clean smell then some made up smell that doesn’t even exist in nature. What really gets my goat is some of these eco-detergents cost an arm and a leg. I never really understand that if the product is supposed to be natural have no harmful chemicals and whatever other attributes the product boasts why should it costs more than the harmful crap detergents. I always hear the excuse well to process it right or package it appropriately it is more costly. I really think that is a load of rubbish personally. Either way on my hunt for eco-awesome laundry solutions I stumbled upon EcoNuts. If you don’t know what a soap nut is click here, I didn’t know either but I will say they are quite an interesting little nut!
EcoNuts have hit my personal trifecta of green awesomeness 1. They package responsibly and don’t try to trick the consumer. 2. EcoNuts are found in nature and are a reasonable alternative to using harmful products without having to be manipulated to become a suitable green product. 3. The price is right! EcoNuts do not over charge their merchandise and because their packaging is so responsible they can’t even use it as an excuse for the high prices.  If you haven’t tried them yet you should!! If you have let me know how you liked Pure Citizen” target=”_blank”>EcoNuts!!

I’ve been waiting for these for a long time!!


While Dropps provides a powerful scrub for your duds, it isn’t the harsh kind of cleaning found in other detergents. Instead, their kindly formula gets ferocious on the dirt, but is easygoing on your clothes, perfect for babies, kids and sensitive skin.

The Newest Dropps Product, Baby Dropps:
Dropps’ Smarter Laundry introduces a dye-free, enzyme-free formula. Dropps’ Baby formula is incredibly tender on sensitive baby’s skin, yet tough on dirt and odors. Dropps Baby leaves your family with loads of super-soft, itch-free, really clean clothes. And, Dropps pre-measured, dissolvable pacs, let mom do the laundry while holding that other bundle of joy. Just toss in a pac and go!

Dropps Save Water, Plastic, Trees, and Fossil Fuels.

Water:Because Dropps eliminates all water from their “detergent pacs”— the same water that’s already in your washer—Dropps’ formula saves millions of gallons a year.
Plastic:Dropps dissolvable “pacs” prove you can clean your clothes without wasting thousands of tons of plastic per year, unlike jug brands.
Trees:Dropps smaller, more flexible packaging requires fewer delivery boxes, which means millions of trees left planted in the earth.
Fossil Fuels:A fraction of the weight of water-filled jug brands, Dropps packaging is lighter for delivery trucks to carry, saving millions of gallons of gasoline and tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
Dropps are:
HE Compatible:  High-efficiency washers need a low-lather detergent, like Dropps, because they use less water. Besides, big suds don’t equal big clean. Dropps’ smart detergent does.
Biodegradable:Dropps’ patented “pacs” dissolve completely and safely in the wash water, leaving nothing behind but happy clothes
Phosphate-free:  The phosphates in some detergents leach algae blooms into waterways which suffocate the aquatic life below. Dropps is anti-phosphate.
Chlorine-free:Dropps avoids harsh chlorine and the polluted air it creates in your home.
NPE-free:NPEs take forever to degrade once in rivers and streams and mess with fish genes. Very un-Dropps.
Safe for Septic Tanks: Dropps does not disrupt the delicate balance of your home’s water service with corrosive additives.

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