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Napa Soap Company

Napa Soap Company

Napa Soap Company


I have written about Napa Soap Company before and just held a contest for some lucky greenie to win a sample set of their soaps that ended yesterday. I have a fragrance background from past jobs I have had and for some reason the sense of smell is really important to me when using products. I cannot stand over scented or artificial smelling products. It ruins the whole thing for me.
The Napa soaps I received were not only packaged beautifully (and not over packaged which is something I have been seeing lately much too often) but what I noticed immediately was the careful detail to the scent of the soaps. That is one of the most important elements to any good soap, in my opinion. The soaps looked so beautiful in their packaging I really didn’t even want to unwrap them.
I appreciate a green company that pays attention to detail. The Napa Soap Company website is great, their products are lovely and the prices are quite reasonable. They live up to their green practices which is also an extremely important to me when purchasing a green product. Overall, I am going to say that I am impressed with Napa Soap Company and will be sure to use their product in the future!
Have you ever tried Napa Soap products? If so tell me about them!

Gateau Chocolate

cake boxGluten-Free Organic Chocolate Cake








I have to say I haven’t tried too many gluten-free baked goods. I have tried some and haven’t been disappointed yet. I was looking for a cake to get for the bf because his birthday was coming up and I wanted to get something a little special. I found Gateau Chocolat when looking for Gluten Free Organic Cakes. I was excited because I knew he would love it if I got him a gluten-free organic dessert for his birthday. I must also add I think the website is cute. It is simple but the color combination and logo I like which is always a plus in my book when a business, especially a conscious one, has a well designed site/logo. I am put off otherwise because I feel if you can’t put an effort into your website or even logo what effort are you making for your product. Now granted there is only one item to choose in 2 different sizes I was completely fine with that.

I received the cake quickly and in a cute package (not a fan of styrofoam the cake came in and will admit I have no idea if it was made from recyclable materials or was some other kind of eco packaging, which is my fault). The bf was soo excited about the cake the packaging got forgotten about.
When we opened the cake everything was together and the packaging did help keep from any damage or shifting in transit which was good.
We cut up the cake which looked like a super rich brownie of sorts. I am not a fan of nuts so I personally wasn’t enthused about them being atop my cake. The photo shows almond slivers, the ones on my cake were more like coarsely chopped nuts that I think were almonds but I picked them off of my cake so I am not sure what they were.
I thought the cake was chocolaty and delish. The wafter-like bottom gave the cake some crunch too which was good. The bf however wasn’t really a fan. He said it was dry and didn’t really like it which 1. made me feel bad for getting him a cake he didn’t like but 2. made me ask myself if we at the same cake at all. I liked it, I didn’t think it was dry at all. I really liked it. I think it is a great gift for people who enjoy gluten-free and/or organic food.