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post consumer waste | The Green Beagle

Twisted Limb Paperworks

Twisted Limb Paperworks 100% Recycled Handmade Paper and Custom Invitations

I think I have mentioned before how I love writing letters and sending cards which isn’t the greenest of approaches to correspondence but I go out of my way to find the green-est stationary I can get my hands on. I do my part and send out actual stationary only when I need to express that personal touch that e-mail/e-cards cannot display.
While searching for some invitations for a family member’s upcoming baby shower I came across Twisted Limb Paperworks unique designs. Twisted Limb’s handmade paper is just as unique as the company. You should be happy to know that the paper is made here in the USA which is a quality I will never get enough of. The colors and texture are much more fun than you can find in boring old mass produced stationary. Just feel one sheet of Twisted Limb paper and you will immediately see a difference. You can see the care and love put into producing Twisted Limb products. This paper isn’t made for the sake of cutting down tree’s it is an alternative to a necessary evil that will probably plague the world for quite a few more years.

About Twisted Limb Products (you can read more about Twisted Limb Paperworks by clicking here):
■Eco-friendly: We want you to fall in love with any of our designs knowing that they have the highest environmental integrity possible. The paper we make and use is the very best from an environmental standpoint or we don’t carry it. Except for the eco-friendly vellum, which is 30% PCW recycled and processed chlorine-free (best available), all paper that you receive from Twisted Limb Paperworks is 100% PCW recycled and processed chlorine-free; most are also manufactured carbon-neutral. Learn more about our sustainable business practices.
■Artisan-crafted in the USA: Our handmade paper and invitations are carefully made from start to finish in our colorful carbon-neutral art studio in Bloomington, Indiana

If you must purchase stationary or have an event that requires invites do your part and support businesses that support our environment, better yet that support our environment and our country! Did I also mention that they support your wallet by not charging a million dollars for their beautiful products?? Twisted Limb Paperworks goes out of their way to make beautiful, high quality stationary for their customers so go out of your way to do the right thing and choose green! You don’t be disappointed.

February’s Green Business Pick

Design Eco Friendly Letterhead
How fun is it to be able to create your businesses own letter head?!  At the same time you can display your businesses social responsibility by choosing a safe printing practices. Print Smart. Go Green.
Pixxlz.com – we print green

  • Prices Starting at $98.99
  • Full Color Digital Printing Using VOC-Free Toner
  • 30% to 100% Recycled Post Consumer Waste Paper
  • Get A Quote For Printing With Soy-Based Ink (Offset)

Start Your Design
Finished Size:8.50″ x 11.00″
Standard Paper:30% PCW – 32# Text (Matte Front and Back)
Upgrade Paper:100% PCW – 32# Text (Matte Front and Back)
Lead Time: 3 – 5 Business Days
QuantityStandard Paper Upgrade Paper

Pixxlz - 5%off all purchases over $50

October’s Eco-Pet Pick of the Month

Dry Dog Instant Clean

From: Happytails Spa (click link to purchase)

Happytails Spa Dry Dog Instant Clean is an all natural, eco-friendly & cruelty free! Spray it on and almost immediately, your pooch has gone from dirty dog to fresh and fruity kiwi melon. Dry Dog Instant Clean formula cleanses without water, rinsing or mess and unlike other bath replacement sprays, doesn’t just mask bad smells with heavy perfume it eradicates completely, An all natural ingredient called Ordenone traps and eliminates the odor causing proteins letting your green pup smelling wonderful! Happy Tails Canine Spa proudly produces their eco-friendly products are made in America.

This Months top 5 Eco-Friendly Pet Products.

It is just as important while living a greener lifestyle to make sure your pets are just as green as you are. You want their quality of living to improve as yours will. After all it is their Earth too.
Petsmart offers a great variety of Environmentally friendly products and organic foods/treats. The top 5 products this month are:
1. BMB Pet Eco Friendly Dog Leashes (click link to purchase)
BMB Pet Eco Friendly Dog Leashes are made of sustainable materials and organic dyes. These eco-friendly leashes are made from bamboo fabric with cork overlay. The 4 designs are very cute and perfect for any environmentally conscious pet.
2. Zoo Med Eco Reptile Terrarium Carpet (click link to purchase)
For those of you who are reptile lovers this carpet is perfect for any of your cold-blooded friends. Zoo Med Eco Reptile Terrarium Carpet is made from 100% post consumer waste made from recycled plastic bottles. The eco carpet is reusable, washable and cannot be accidentally ingested by your pet.
3. By Nature Organics Chicken Formula Adult Cat Food (click link to purchase)
By Nature Organics Chicken is an all organic adult cat food that was developed to boost immune system health. By Natures cat food is nutritionally complete and fortified with antioxidents, minerals and vitamins to keep your cat healthier longer.
4. PetSmart Reusable Tote Bag (click link to purchase)
You know by now bringing your own bags when shopping is acceptable in any store. Petsmart is no exception. Petsmart has created their own eco-friendly shoppers that have been made from 100% unhbleached cotton. Petsmarts tote is reusable, washable and comes in 3 super cute designs.
5. Pets Gone Green (click link to purchase)
As a pet owner it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to be a greener pet owner. Reading up on improving your pets carbon paw print as well as your own is always important.