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reduse | The Green Beagle

Going Batty!

Going Batty

Going Batty


Paper-towel rolls
Toiletpaper rolls
Construction paper
Pipe Cleaner
Old rags or clot
Fishing line or craft wire even an old wire hanger
Any old bits and pieces from around the house you thought you could never use!


Take a toilet paper roll and wrap black construction paper around it, glue on the bat wings, googly eyes, and add a nose and mouth! You can be as creative as you want try making ghosts too! You can use old tissue paper. You can use pipe cleaners to make mean witches! You can use the simplest of things to create the scariest of ghouls!! You can even try monsters! Use the fishing line, craft wire or old hangers to hang your decorations anywhere you like!

Scary Sock Monsters

Scary Sock Monsters

Scary Sock Monsters

I saw this picture and thought this could be a great idea for the family or a party! Gather up all your holey socks, gloves, shirts, towels anything that you might think about throwing out and make some hideously-awesome decorations or stuffed animals for friends and family!!

Old cloth and towels you thought about throwing out
Broken jewelry
Broken hair accessories
Old handbags
Any thing else you have lying around the house to make your monster scary!
Hot glue
Cotton stuffing or material scraps
Any craft items you have left over from past projects.


Take your old gloves, socks or whatever and just start sewing away. You can leave open holes to have your monsters hair stick straight up or sew closed all holes. Add patches, buttons glitter whatever you want. If you are using a sewing machine and you want to sew mouths or eyes directly on to the monster make sure you do that before sewing the monster closed or stuffing it. Be as creative as you want! There are no mistakes possible!! This is a great way to use up items from the house that have been sitting in old drawers or closets! You can give them as gifts to friends or make a party out of it. Most importantly it gives you the chance to use your imagination!!

Ghastly Table Town!

Ghastly Table Town

Ghastly Table Town


Recycled Construction Paper
Recycled Paper Bags
Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Boxes or Tubes
Natural Plant Dye Eco Paint
Thin wire
Fishing line or thread
Pipe cleaners
Small tree branches
Colored tissue paper
Organic Cotton Balls or any old cotton stuffing you have lying around
Poster board or a large piece of cardboard
Plastic bottle caps
Craft Sticks
Grass and anything else lying in your front yard.
Beads, buttons, anything to decorate your little town
Natural Plant Dye Eco Dough
Glue (hot or otherwise)
Any other odds and ends you have round the house you have been DYING to use!


Buildings- Use your paperbags or cardboard boxes to make houses and buildings! You can even construct people and furniture for the inside of your buildings! Decorate them any way you want. Make sure when constructing you buildings out of bags you use the bottom of the bag as the roof and if you want to cut pieces out maybe use some cardboard or craft sticks to help keep it sturdy. You can also stuff the bag buildings with old magazine or paper pieces to keep them standing.

Trees – Cut holes with a hole punch out of the bottom of the board you are attaching your buildings to and stick the branches you have collected from outside through the holes. You can cover any extra space with the other items you have collected from outside or when you get to making your spooky people and ghouls you can use them as well to hide holes as well. Use glue to attach the tree to the board. Wait for it to dry first before trying to cover up any extra space.

People – For a body, bend a pipe cleaner into an inverted V. Twist a second pipe cleaner around the first to create arms. Glue on tissue-paper boots. For a dress, cut a head hole in a black tissue-paper square, then slip it on and tie it with yarn. Glue on thread for hair and a paper hat. You can decorate your people with any of the bits and pieces you have collected. Use old cloth or ribbons to make clothing or hair. If you have stickers feel free to be as creative as possible. Make a Frankenstein, tissue paper mummies, round goblins or trolls!

Bats- Bend a 1-inch length of pipe cleaner into a V, then glue it onto black tissue-paper, play-dough or clay bat for bat wings. You use dough or clay and use a cookie cutter or stencil to make bats. If you stick a thin wire or pipe cleaner on the bottom or side of the bat, wait for the dough or clay to dry and stick the bat where ever you please. Use thin wire, fishing line or even thread to attach the bat to a building or trees. Remember these are only ideas to help you construct your town. You can make your bats anyway you want!

Ghosts – If you have cotton lying around use pipe cleaner or even craft sticks as a starting point. Wrap or place cotton around the stick until it looks scary enough. You can also use a plain old cotton ball the way it is and glue it behind a building or in a house. You can use pipe cleaners and glue tissue paper to it or over it. Even make a cardboard ghost cut into any shape you prefer.

Bottle Caps – You can use old bottle caps to make baskets to hold mini pumpkins, apples or anything you want! You can make a spooky local farm stand in your ghost town or use them to help you make your bails of hay!

Newspaper Armchair

Newspaper Armchair

Newspaper Armchair

VivaTerra – Eco Living with Style.


I love the idea of this chair! How awesome would it be to come home after a long day to sit in your environmentally conscious chair and relax completely!! This chair is beautiful! It  is made from tightly woven recycled newspapers to resemble a wicker chair. We have seen this done many times with handbags, containers and even door mats. The only major downside to this comfy looking sit-upon is the price. High priced items like these, I think, are what deters non-greenies from purchasing greenly. It fulfills that terrible myth that going green is a more expensive way of life. As much as I would personally love to own this chair I would never do it because I think that buying into this type of green lifestyle sends the wrong message. I am on the search for other lower priced items like this chair to furnish my home and I encourage others to do the same. You do not have to spend a fortune to do the right thing. As soon as I find a comparable chair I will let everyone know. As for now we can all stare at this pretty picture.

VivaTerra - Eco Living With Style

Eco-Friendly Pet Beds by Our Green House

Eco-Friendly Pet Bed by Our Green House

Eco-Friendly Pet Bed by Our Green House

Our Green House – natural & organic products for your pets.

I happen to have 2 not so small rescues that I love to death but all of us piled into 1 bed does not make for a comfy nights sleep. For quite some time we were letting our fur-babies sleep on a mattress on the floor that was the same size as our bed! I decided that had to stop. These pups need their own doggie beds instead of us having a useless old mattress that really should have been disposed of years ago. Pet beds can be really expensive especially when you have multiple pets and they are not small. Our Green Househas recycled pet beds for as low as $30.00! This is a great deal for eco-friendly pets!

Dogs or cats can rest easy on our stylish, ultra durable, machine washable, and earth friendly Eco Naps. These mats utilize our IntelliTex™ fabric, milled in the USA with 85% of the fabric comprised of post consumer recycled plastic, better known as the soda-pop bottles. Over 40 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills with every Extra Large Eco Nap! Even a Medium Eco Nap Diverts more than 21 bottles with each mat! So go ahead, give your pet a comfortable place to rest and do your part to protect planet Earth. No compromises. Machine Washable. Made in Montana, USA.

Make your own Octopus!

Seeing that this oil spill tragedy is such big news maybe now is a good time to show your children or students the importance of our oceans. Not to make light of the disaster but making an ocean themed craft can give you a segway to teaching your children about the ocean and make it fun at the same time. This is an easy and inexpensive craft that is alot of fun to do.

I personally like octopus’ and I also have plenty of toilet paper/paper towel tubes around the house. You can also use wrapping paper tubes or anything else in that shape that you have lying around the house.

Toilet Paper Tube
Googly Eyes, puff balls, markers, buttons or any round eye shaped items or Craft Eyes – Bright Color Collection
Colored Markers
Hot Glue Gun
Toilet Paper, Cotton, Paper, scraps of cloth
10 ct. 2 oz. Bottles – Assorted Color Washable Kid’s Paint
Brush Value Pack
Glitter Set
Feel free to get creative and use any other odds and ends you have lying around the house to decorate your octopus. You can even take an old shoe box or any small box and make a complete ocean home for your sea friends! Perfect for summer!


Step 1: Stuff the inside of the tube about half of the way through. with stuffing forming the head of the octopus.
Step 2: Paint the entire paper tube white.
Step 3: After the white dries paint your octopus any color you want.
Step 4: Wait until paint dries.
Step 5: Make small cuts on the lower portion of the paper tube making 8 legs.
Step 6: Use the Marker to curl up the legs by rolling them up.
Step 7: Add eyes and other decorations you want.
Step 8: Draw, paint or glue on mouth.
Step 9: Let your octopus sit and dry for a while to make sure all decorations and paint have dried.
Step 10: Play with or show off your new friend.

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