The Chica Rose Bag

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As I have constantly mentioned I love bags!!!! Any and all kinds!!!! As my search continues for the most fantabulous socially responsible bags I can find I have found quite a few favorites!! This being one of them!! I hope you can all enjoy this one as much as I do!!!
Carry it as a coin purse inside a shoulder bag or alone as a tiny clutch; it’s just big enough to hold your car keys, cell phone, cash and a lipstick. Hand crocheted with 200 recycled aluminum pop-tops. Comes with nylon fabric liner &  zipper closure.
Made from recycled pull-tabs Nylon fabric liner and zipper closure. Holds your car keys, cell phone, cash and some make-up handmade in Brazil by Women’s Cooperativessize: 4H x 8L x 1W (inches).

I’ve been waiting for these for a long time!!


While Dropps provides a powerful scrub for your duds, it isn’t the harsh kind of cleaning found in other detergents. Instead, their kindly formula gets ferocious on the dirt, but is easygoing on your clothes, perfect for babies, kids and sensitive skin.

The Newest Dropps Product, Baby Dropps:
Dropps’ Smarter Laundry introduces a dye-free, enzyme-free formula. Dropps’ Baby formula is incredibly tender on sensitive baby’s skin, yet tough on dirt and odors. Dropps Baby leaves your family with loads of super-soft, itch-free, really clean clothes. And, Dropps pre-measured, dissolvable pacs, let mom do the laundry while holding that other bundle of joy. Just toss in a pac and go!

Dropps Save Water, Plastic, Trees, and Fossil Fuels.

Water:Because Dropps eliminates all water from their “detergent pacs”— the same water that’s already in your washer—Dropps’ formula saves millions of gallons a year.
Plastic:Dropps dissolvable “pacs” prove you can clean your clothes without wasting thousands of tons of plastic per year, unlike jug brands.
Trees:Dropps smaller, more flexible packaging requires fewer delivery boxes, which means millions of trees left planted in the earth.
Fossil Fuels:A fraction of the weight of water-filled jug brands, Dropps packaging is lighter for delivery trucks to carry, saving millions of gallons of gasoline and tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
Dropps are:
HE Compatible:  High-efficiency washers need a low-lather detergent, like Dropps, because they use less water. Besides, big suds don’t equal big clean. Dropps’ smart detergent does.
Biodegradable:Dropps’ patented “pacs” dissolve completely and safely in the wash water, leaving nothing behind but happy clothes
Phosphate-free:  The phosphates in some detergents leach algae blooms into waterways which suffocate the aquatic life below. Dropps is anti-phosphate.
Chlorine-free:Dropps avoids harsh chlorine and the polluted air it creates in your home.
NPE-free:NPEs take forever to degrade once in rivers and streams and mess with fish genes. Very un-Dropps.
Safe for Septic Tanks: Dropps does not disrupt the delicate balance of your home’s water service with corrosive additives.

The Ultimate Green Store

I Heart Jewelry!!!!

heart earrings               heart necklace        


Your one-stop green Valentine’s Day shop!

Fair Trade Gold and Plating:
VerdeRocks searched high and low for a provider of environmentally responsible gold plating. It wasn’t easy, but they are happy to have found an environmentally friendly source for their gold material and plating. They usually use vintage chains for plating, giving deserving “old stock” pieces new life. The process strictly adheres to proper waste disposal and recycling whenever possible.

Earrings are 1.5” long.
Lead-free gold plated ear wires

Necklace is approximately 16” long.
Lead-free gold plated chain and clasp

Eco Friendly Because:

Made with Fair Trade 14K gold plating
Uses vintage components, or new “old stock”

The Ultimate Green Store

Valentine’s Day is around the corner



 Your one-stop green shopping destination for Valentines day!!  A great color combo for the winter season, make every day a black and white affair! Made using Fair Trade Onyx and Freshwater Pearl clusters, these earrings feature a dangling onyx heart at the bottom of each earring framed by a cluster of luscious round onyx beads and natural oblong pearls.

Earrings are approximately 3.5” long
Fair Trade gemstones

Eco-Friendly Because:

Made with vintage brass new “old stock” chains and ear wires *

Uses Fair Trade gemstones from reliable sources

*New “old stock” is the term used for vintage components that were made for the jewelry industry years ago and where not used. These were stored away for decades and never circulated for manufacturing.

The Ultimate Green Store

Valentine’s Chocolates


  Indulge in green living at Organic Style


These amazing cordials it have hand-picked, berries that inspired the creation of these fruit-filled yummies. The 12-piece box contains molded chocolates made. Organic Bouquets Master Oregon Chocolatire fills each chocolate with a berry preserve wrapped in a thin layer of berry-flavored sugar.  

12-piece box features
*4 Strawberry
*4 Red Raspberry
*4 Marionberry (a local cross between black and raspberry)
*68% single origin dark chocolate from Madagascar
*Fresh Oregon berries
*No dairy used
Shipped with care, this product is deemed sustainable based on one or more of the following practices:

•use of materials that are environmentally friendly
•manufactured and transported responsibly
•produced using organic farming practices
•a portion of the sale proceeds are donated
*Caution: during the hot summer months our chocolates are shipped overnight however we can not guarantee against melting in transit.

Heart Warming Wintery Eco-Elegant Flowers & Gifts