Fancy Rocks

Fancy Rocks
Fancy Rocks



The warm weather is here and if you are looking for something to craft for the kiddos or a party activity even a school craft here you go! Get a hold of as many rocks as you can (or tell the kids to bring there own cleaned rocks) and go to town. You know there are little tidbits of craft materials you have that you have been longing to finish up and rocks are the perfect small crafts to do just that. You can use paint, glitter, ribbon, feathers, buttons sequins, anything! You can turn this craft into beach fun too. While at the beach collect shells, rocks and whatever else you can get your hands on even sand to be decorated. You can use the finished product to decorate your home with. You can make garlands, decorate the inside of bowls or vases even attach to old picture frames and hand on your walls.  I personally love Owls which is why I chose these designs but you can decorate your rocks anyway you want.  You can theme them for holidays or for gifts.


Natural Garland

Natural Garland



This is a simple and truly elegant way to decorate your home for the fall or just for fun! You can change up the decorations every year and the best part is the materials are free. You can use these materials in garlands, to glue on to old home decor to make it look fresh and new!

Twine or rope (what ever is lying around the house)
Hot glue gun


1. Figure out your designs first. If you are using all of the same material for each garland separately this will be quick but if you want to change it up and alternate it is best to place it out first so you don’t get mixed up later.

2. Wrap and knot the twine around each pine-cone (you can use a dab of hot glue to make sure it stays). You should hot glue items like rocks, leaves, twigs or acorn’s.

3. Wait for the hot glue to dry. You can add glitter or pain to your fabulous new garlands. Dab them with essential oils so they can double as room fresheners as well (except for the pine cone which might smell on their own). Find my famous old broken hairclips, pins or buttons that you were needed an excuse to use and glue away!

4. Start hanging!! Place your garlands around your house to add some fall cheer to your rooms.