Teachers Thank You Card

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The school year is coming to a close. Summer vacation is coming soon, why not give your children’s teacher a big thank you! It is important to appreciate teachers who are good at their jobs. This is an excellent idea for the beginning of the year and even before long vacations. Also by using odds and ends around the home you can be green about it!!


* Ribbons, glitter, buttons, thread, jewels, construction paper or items lying around the house
* 1 – Piece of white cardstock
* shaped or regular hole-punch
* colored chalk, markers, or crayons
* Glue either hot or regular.
* Paints either water color or any kind of paint around the home


1. You can either print or write out the messages you want to say to your teacher.
2. Color the card using chalk, makers, paints, or crayons.
3. Glue your favorite odds and ends to the inside and outside of the card to make it original and special! Show your teacher the special thanks for what you have learned that year.
4. Let the card dry over night to make sure everything will stay and last on the way to school.
5. Give the teacher your thank you card! A little bit goes a long way.

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