The Best of Making Things by Ann Sayre Wiseman

The Best of Making Things

The Best of Making Things




I talk about this all of the time! I am always looking for projects that involve around the house items that are educational. I have to say that the projects in The Best of Making Things sound like way more fun than most of the projects I have found. Every review I have seen so far for this book is top marks all the way around! This is very exciting for me to see.  I can’t even lie I want to get the book just to test out the projects myself.  I am particularly interested in the cardboard box loom!!

You can find this amazing book and many others at Chelsea Green Publishing. If you have read The Best of Making Things or tried any of the projects let me know! I would love to hear how they turned out.

Description: Why go to the mall when you can make things at home using materials recycled from around the house?
This classic educational and creative text features 125 projects, carefully selected by the author to “develop natural curiosity and self-esteem,” and to demonstrate “simple and important concepts that have shaped the cultures of the world.”
So when a child asks, “What can I do?” you can reply, “Make things! Paper from laundry lint! A bird feeder from clothes hangers! Chocolate pudding finger paintings! Beautiful fish & potato prints! A cardboard box loom that teaches weaving and math! A simple pattern to sew shirts, pants, or dresses!”
The author’s detailed and delightful drawings fill every page “so that children just starting out and grownups who have missed out can quickly grasp the ideas.”
About the Author: Ann Sayre Wiseman developed this book while Program Director of the Boston Children’s Museum Visitor’s Center. A therapist, teacher, mother, and grandmother, Ms. Wiseman has written more than a dozen books. She is also an artist with work in the Rockefeller and Hirschorn collections, among others.

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