The Eco-Tini!!

The Eco-Tini

The Eco-Tini

I found this online and love it however I am unsure how all of this greenery will fare when trying to actually drink the drink soooo I decided to tweak it just a bit.


4 oz. Lucid (absinthe)
5-8 organic mint leaves
2 sprigs organic wheatgrass
2 oz. organic lime juice
1 oz. club soda
Crushed Ice

Muddle the greens as you would for a mojito to make them less intrusive to your drinking experience. Then shake ingredients with ice, & pour into a super fabulous glass. Garnish with small wheatgrass sprigs if you like. You could also garnish with something red like a slice of strawberry or a cherry to make them more festive. One could even add a piece of candy cane for a minty flavor. Possibly coat the glass with red sugar even.

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