The Green Office

It may not be a Staples or Office Max but your one stop green office supply shop is right here! The Green Officeis so serious about being green they even amended their articles of incorporation to included sustainable practices. That is definitely some serious green business! I always say it that it is our duty as respectable greenies to patronize green businesses and if  The Green Officeis willing to offer us this great opportunity to make our offices even greener we should take advantage. You can purchase supplies, paper, ink & toner, break room amenities, furniture and janitorial supplies all in one place. Also $50 free shipping! I hope to see The Green Officebe a contender to the likes of Staples and Office Max that offer some green alternatives to stay in the loop but have no where near the green assortment that The Green Office offers. - Green products. Great prices. – Green Products, Great Prices! Story:
We were established in 2005 by founder and CEO Alex Szabo, a former sustainability consultant and educator who had experienced first-hand the need for a single source of environmentally and socially responsible office products and services. Mr. Szabo’s vision was of a workplace run exclusively on green products and driven by sustainable practice. Every day, we empower consumers to align values with action by providing easy and affordable access to office greeing essentials. In every sphere of operation we strive to model sustainable business by maximizing the social, ecological, and financial performance of our company – what is known as the triple-bottom-line.

A History of Firsts:
Our goal is to challenge industry and workplaces alike to do it greener. In our relatively short history we have taken leadership positions on a variety of workplace sustainability matters, including:

•The first company to offer a full selection of dark green, green, and conventional products under one virtual roof
•The first company to label and rank a 34,000+ product catalog by greenness
•The first one-stop-solution to remove all items containing PVC / vinyl
•The first company to develop a comprehensive Office Footprint Calculator™
•A member of the first cohort of certified San Francisco Bay Area Green Businesses
•One of the first (if not the first) California corporation to amend its articles of incorporation to include sustainability principles
•A Founding member of B Corporation - Green products. Great prices.

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