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Simple Men's GUMshoe Hemp Slip-On Shoes in Black : Simple Men's Hemp Slip-On Shoes

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I used to have these sneakers in high school! They were my favorite! The soles of the shoes were speckled with different colors and they were canvas. If I wasn’t wearing my Converse these were it! After a while finding them became extremely difficult. I was beyond disappointed. Then when I started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm I saw Larry David in what looked like my favorite old style! I am not sure if those were the brand of  his sneakers but I am almost positive! Larry David’s now ex-wife is an environmental activist so I was hoping Simple Shoes were back in action, and so they are!!
In my sneaker search I found these comfy slip-ons. They come in a variety of colors and to top it off they are soo very environmentally friendly!


• Men’s Gumshoe – Organic Cotton.
• Midsoles and arch cookie made of carpet padding for at-home comfort at all times.
• No glue was used in the assembly of this shoe! Thanks to a lot of stitching, it’s made with less than a thimble full of water-based adhesives – most shoes use 2 shot glasses worth of glue.
• The small amount of glue that we do use is water based, not petroleum based.
• Just another way to reduce our dependence on petroleum, and it also means no nasty smelling glue for the people who put your shoes together.
• Partially recycled shoe – the bottom of this shoe is made from a recycled car tire blended with natural rubber.
• The foot form inserts are made of post consumer recycled paper
• Shoebox made of post-consumer recycled paper, soy based printing ink, natural latex and starch based glue.
• Part of the Green Toe™ collection.

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