The Little Mermaid Illustrated by Alan Marks (Hardcover)

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Product Description

The Little Mermaid lives at the bottom of the sea, where the water is as clear as glass and the sand as fine as powder. But she longs to see the world above the waves…This classic tale is beautifully retold, with lyrical text and enchanting illustrations by Alan Marks.

Benefits of Fairy Tales

Young children are preoccupied with fantasy and make believe. It’s normal and can be a lot of fun. Reading fairy tales allows children to imagine different worlds and be exposed to varying degrees of idealization. With proper guidance, such fantastical stories can offer life lessons and social truths that might otherwise not interest the young mind. For example, in this retelling of The Little Mermaid, the plan to marry the prince does not work out. However, the sea world offers her a welcoming refuge back. Sometimes, the bigger love is home.

Made Of / Made In

The Little Mermaid is made with paper from sustainable sources and printed using child-safe, non-toxic inks. Meets or exceeds new US children’s safety laws.

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