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I know the Robomow is expensive but the lazy beagle in myself really wants this. I am not the biggest fan of mowing the lawn. It takes forever and makes my allergies go crazy. Here is a description of the Robomow and why you should love it besides the fact that it comes with Free Shipping:



Tired of pushing or riding that lawn mower of yours for seemingly endless amounts of time, every week? Robomow’s RL 2000 is the perfect solution to give you more time doing what you love, instead of mowing the lawn. This robotic lawn mower is recommended for large lawns between 12,900 and 17,200 square feet. It comes with a base station for automated storage, charging and easy mower scheduling. You can schedule this mower to run day or night without bothering your neighbors: these machines will run at a noise level as low as 65 decibels when in eco-mode. To give a comparison, this is the same amount of noise generated by a normal conversation.

What makes the Robomow Green?
Robomow is as green as the grass it mows.
From saving energy to the way it cuts the grass, Robomow is making as less impact on the environment as possible.
With new ingenious technology and innovative grasscycling techniques, the fully automatic lawnmowers are much easier to use, waste less energy, emit less air pollution and create less impact on the world around us.While mowing your lawn, Robomow cuts the grass into very fine cuttings and disperses them over the ground. These clippings decompose quickly and release beneficial organic nutrients and water into the soil. This results in a healthier and better-looking lawn and eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings.

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