This Months top 5 Eco-Friendly Pet Products.

It is just as important while living a greener lifestyle to make sure your pets are just as green as you are. You want their quality of living to improve as yours will. After all it is their Earth too.
Petsmart offers a great variety of Environmentally friendly products and organic foods/treats. The top 5 products this month are:
1. BMB Pet Eco Friendly Dog Leashes (click link to purchase)
BMB Pet Eco Friendly Dog Leashes are made of sustainable materials and organic dyes. These eco-friendly leashes are made from bamboo fabric with cork overlay. The 4 designs are very cute and perfect for any environmentally conscious pet.
2. Zoo Med Eco Reptile Terrarium Carpet (click link to purchase)
For those of you who are reptile lovers this carpet is perfect for any of your cold-blooded friends. Zoo Med Eco Reptile Terrarium Carpet is made from 100% post consumer waste made from recycled plastic bottles. The eco carpet is reusable, washable and cannot be accidentally ingested by your pet.
3. By Nature Organics Chicken Formula Adult Cat Food (click link to purchase)
By Nature Organics Chicken is an all organic adult cat food that was developed to boost immune system health. By Natures cat food is nutritionally complete and fortified with antioxidents, minerals and vitamins to keep your cat healthier longer.
4. PetSmart Reusable Tote Bag (click link to purchase)
You know by now bringing your own bags when shopping is acceptable in any store. Petsmart is no exception. Petsmart has created their own eco-friendly shoppers that have been made from 100% unhbleached cotton. Petsmarts tote is reusable, washable and comes in 3 super cute designs.
5. Pets Gone Green (click link to purchase)
As a pet owner it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to be a greener pet owner. Reading up on improving your pets carbon paw print as well as your own is always important.

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