Too Little Trees Stationary

Too Little Trees: Confetti Collection Little Jots Cupcake

Since July is my birthday month, and yes I celebrate all month, I was searching for cupcake themed party things and saw this extremely cute stationary set! This set is printed on recycled paper and for every item you buy from Too Little Trees they plant a tree! That is reason enough to buy all the items they sell.

Product Description
Confetti Collection Little Jots Cupcake; Buy a book… we will plant a tree. It really is that simple. And it is true for more than just books. In fact, we are planting a tree for every single Too Little Trees product sold. So pick up a notepad, or a journal, or some notepaper, or an organizer, or any one of our other Too Little Trees environmentally friendly paper products. We’ll be planting a tree every time you do.

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