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Two Leaves & A Bud

Two Leaves & A Bud

Two Leaves & A Bud

Two Leaves & A Bud

I found this tea company the other day when I was in search of new exciting tea. I drink about 6-8 cups of organic green tea a day and have been doing so for so long sometimes I just want a kick of new flavor. Two Leaves & A Bud makes a variety of organic teas. They have cute accessories, sampler packs and packaging but what I like most is that the creator of  Two Leaves & A Bud” goes there” as they put it. Richard Rosenfeld visited the actual tea gardens to see which ones would be up to par for the teas he was looking to create. Richard actually visits the tea gardener’s and speaks growers. He gardens with them and even picks and chooses which gardens he will do business according to their organ-icity of their tea bushes. Two Leaves & A Bud only uses tea that has been grown organically from the seed. Also Two Leaves is a certified Fair Trade business. They help the growers get paid and are treated properly. They are also one of the founding members of TRUST Organic Small Farmers Initiative.

Trust Organic Small Farmers is an alliance of small farmer-organizations, dedicated wholesalers, retailers and nonprofit-institutions from around the world, that have committed to three big common goals:
*Make the World Fairer and healthier.
*Improve perspectives of disadvantaged small farmer-families.
*Increase the market-success of premium organic products

Not to shabby for an organic tea company is it? Have you ever tried Two Leaves & A Bud tea before?  If so let us know! We love to hear feed back!

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