UrthBag’s Victoria Bag!

UrthBags – Hip Handbags Made from Recycled Materials

If you are a fan of thegreenbeagle.com you have heard me mention a number of times my love for UrthBags Eco-Chic & Recycled Handbags! I am a huge shoe and purse gal and have always had trouble buying designer bags because I will not buy or wear leather! For a fashion forward lady such as myself I am constantly disappointed in my searches for new accessories. I don’t want to buy just any old bag even if it is animal friendly. I do have standards after all.
Being that I am an environmentally conscience shopper I prefer to buy from companies I trust and respect. After a long search I stumbled upon UrthBags am pretty sure I am in handbag heaven!!! I am obsessed!
I waited a while before using the bag because I wanted to wait for the perfect outfit and when the moment arrived it was great! I found the perfect dress that was the perfect compliment to my new Victoria UrthBag!!!!
I come from a large family not always very interested in my “hippie ways” but all of my aunts and even grandmother loved my Victoria Bag! They all asked me where I got the bag, what it was made from and where they can get one! Usually they think my handbags are over the top or silly!
It was completely worth the wait to use the bag! I love when people compliment what I am wearing or using so that I have a chance to explain where and why I purchased it! Its an excellent way to educate people who otherwise may not have ever sought out this product.

UrthBags  Hip Purses & Handbags Made from Recycled Materials

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