Valentine’s Day Friendship Rings




Wholesome Productions

Craft foam or card stock
Faux fur fabric (optional)
Shoe laces or fabric (lying around the house)
White glue or glitter glue pens
Small hole punch
Pipe cleaner
Faux jewels, buttons, craft foam shapes, glitter, broken pins or hair clips, sequins,
Marker or pen (optional)

1. Cut a heart shape from craft foam or card stock. If you use fabric, first glue a small piece of the fabric to foam or card stock, allow the glue to dry, then cut out the heart shape.

2. Unless you’re working with foam use a small hole punch to make 2 holes, centered, in the heart. Cut a 4-inch length of pipe cleaner (have your parents help). Bend it in half and push the ends through the holes from front to back as shown.

3. Place the ring on your child’s finger to measure the size. Twist the pipe cleaner ends together until the ring fits comfortably. Remove the ring and trim and tuck any excess pipe cleaner (have your parents help).

4. Glue on faux jewels, buttons, craft foam shapes, or other items for decoration. Allow the glue to dry. Use a marker or pen to write a few words on the back of the ring, if you like.


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