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Woodchuck Case makes sustainable cases and covers, made in the USA.  Woodchuck uses locally sourced wood to produce phone, tablet, laptop, headphone cases and key chains. I appreciate that the pricing of Woodchuck products.  This is something I really value when trying to find ethical brands and products.  It is very important that we make ethical, domestic products affordable as much as it is that they are good quality.
I am totally digging that at Woodchuckcase.com you can customize your cases. Obviously this will effect the price but being that the prices are so reasonable you can modify your case to reflect your originality with out having to spend a fortune on it. Now not only are two cases ever alike but if you customize it there is definitely no way anyone will be seen with the same accessory as you!
The customization steps are clear/concise with a turn around time of only 8-10 days! If you think about it this is probably only possible because the products are manufactured in Minneapolis. It also looks like the additional cost for customization is only between $20 & $30 depending on product and size! I do see however that you cannot customize the headphones or key chains but I am assuming that would be much too difficult.
You should check out Woodchuckcase.com too see what all the awesomeness is about!

The product details are as follows:
Designed and Manufactured in USA
100% Real Locally-Sourced Wood
Made to Outlast Your Electronics
Uses 3M™ Brand (Non-Residue) Adhesive
Unique as the Trees They Are Made From

Their Story: A couple of years ago an idea took leaf. Ben and Kevin envisioned a little more Mother Nature and a lot less Big Brother in their lives and in their electronics. They created 100% real wood covers for their iPhones, iPads, Beats by Dre headphones and more. Secret Project Name: Woodchuck. Woodchuck is not another product designed by a committee of suits, nor is it manufactured in China. Woodchuck is designed, manufactured, printed, and assembled in beautiful Minneapolis USA. This is entrepreneurship. This is the Great American Experiment. This is passion, baby! Find out more here!

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