Yoga Kids

YogaKids Foundations Trainings, Teacher Certification and Workshops

YogaKids Foundations Training is the original program that revolutionized the way yoga is taught to children.

Yoga Kids is an excellent idea I think! It is important to teach children about exercise at an early age. Yoga is beneficial for many reasons other than staying in shape. It helps with balance, stress, visualization and teaches children skills they can use throughout their whole lives. Generally gym classes aren’t anywhere near enough exercise and recess only takes place in the earlier grades. Integrating Yoga into daily class schedules can help calm down the students during the day.
Yoga Kids is aimed at helping children grow through Yoga. In a country where childhood obesity is at an all time high we should be teaching our children the benefits of yoga and keeping the mine healthy along with the body.
Yoga Kidsoffers training schedules, tools for schools, dvds, games, supplies, teachers, and clothing. Every week YogaKidsoffers a pose of the week and gives detailed instructions on how to do the pose.  I love it! This site is amazingly cute and incredibly essential for all children. Have you heard of YogaKids?  Do you have yoga in your school?

YogaKids Foundations Trainings, Teacher Certification and Workshops

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