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Rainbow Waffles To Brighten Up Your Dreary Day

      I cannot tell a lie I am a fan of rainbow colored almost anything! Meal ideas can be difficult for us busy people during the week. You can't always cook new different … [Read More...]


Eco-Loverly Fall Fashion Finds

The Fall is upon us and while summer and warm weather may be coming to an end there is plenty about the Fall to be excited about. Fall does happen to be one of my favorite times of year. I love when the weather is not too hot but not too cold so you can still enjoy being outside with out being afraid of sweating. I will miss the beach days but there is always next Spring and Summer. Since the change in weather is here I figured I would find you some great fall eco-fashion finds that I love and I hope you will love just the same! Enjoy!

Eco-Fashion Faves For This Summer

I have been looking high and low for some great ethical accessories and outfits for the soon to be super fabulous summer and I have really found some amazing items!!! You don’t want to miss out! These great green finds are perfect for you or as a gift! Don’t miss out on some superb eco-fashion […]

Green Kids

The Best of Making Things by Ann Sayre Wiseman

I talk about this all of the time! I am always looking for projects that involve around the house items that are educational. I have to say that the projects in The Best of Making Things sound like way more fun than most of the projects I have found. Every review I have seen so far for this book is top marks all the way around! This is very exciting for me to see. I can’t even lie I want to get the book just to test out the projects myself. I am particularly interested in the cardboard box loom!!

Get Ethical For Kids This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up once again and gift buying is clearly in full swing. If you have to make purchases you know I always say to make them ethical. I have found quite a few really cute gift ideas that won’t hurt your wallet or our environment. Gift giving shouldn’t just be about having stuff, they should be meaningful. Make your presents have a statement. You could help recruit a new greenie or even just open someones eyes. Being ethical says you care for not only for our environment but the person you are giving the gift to.



I realized the other day I talk about my pets but I have never really described them or their stories before. I do have plenty of them and they all have such credible personalities I think they could all use their own separate posts!
My latest addition to my zoo brood is Persephone. She is the sister of Panda (my second to last addition but I’ll go into more detail about him in another post.) Persephone is a tiny tiny grey and white kitty! She has sporadic longer white hairs that stick out of her coat, just like Panda and kind of reminds me of Skeksis, if you don’t know what this is click here please, but her fur is soft and snuggly just like she is but on her own terms.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Best Vitamins

My little pooch is getting up there in dog years and I recently decided that perhaps vitamins are a good idea to safeguard my baby. It is just as important for our pets to get their nutrition as it is ourselves. Pets, just like humans, need help to get much needed nutrients as they get older. My pooch isn’t necessarily deficient in anything particular so I wanted to find a multivitamin for her. I have heard good things about Pet Naturals products from some of my pet owning friends and decided to try their Daily Best Vitamin. My pup has only just had her first vitamin today, I will keep you posted.