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cake boxGluten-Free Organic Chocolate Cake








I have to say I haven’t tried too many gluten-free baked goods. I have tried some and haven’t been disappointed yet. I was looking for a cake to get for the bf because his birthday was coming up and I wanted to get something a little special. I found Gateau Chocolat when looking for Gluten Free Organic Cakes. I was excited because I knew he would love it if I got him a gluten-free organic dessert for his birthday. I must also add I think the website is cute. It is simple but the color combination and logo I like which is always a plus in my book when a business, especially a conscious one, has a well designed site/logo. I am put off otherwise because I feel if you can’t put an effort into your website or even logo what effort are you making for your product. Now granted there is only one item to choose in 2 different sizes I was completely fine with that.

I received the cake quickly and in a cute package (not a fan of styrofoam the cake came in and will admit I have no idea if it was made from recyclable materials or was some other kind of eco packaging, which is my fault). The bf was soo excited about the cake the packaging got forgotten about.
When we opened the cake everything was together and the packaging did help keep from any damage or shifting in transit which was good.
We cut up the cake which looked like a super rich brownie of sorts. I am not a fan of nuts so I personally wasn’t enthused about them being atop my cake. The photo shows almond slivers, the ones on my cake were more like coarsely chopped nuts that I think were almonds but I picked them off of my cake so I am not sure what they were.
I thought the cake was chocolaty and delish. The wafter-like bottom gave the cake some crunch too which was good. The bf however wasn’t really a fan. He said it was dry and didn’t really like it which 1. made me feel bad for getting him a cake he didn’t like but 2. made me ask myself if we at the same cake at all. I liked it, I didn’t think it was dry at all. I really liked it. I think it is a great gift for people who enjoy gluten-free and/or organic food.

Twisted Limb Paperworks

Twisted Limb Paperworks 100% Recycled Handmade Paper and Custom Invitations

I think I have mentioned before how I love writing letters and sending cards which isn’t the greenest of approaches to correspondence but I go out of my way to find the green-est stationary I can get my hands on. I do my part and send out actual stationary only when I need to express that personal touch that e-mail/e-cards cannot display.
While searching for some invitations for a family member’s upcoming baby shower I came across Twisted Limb Paperworks unique designs. Twisted Limb’s handmade paper is just as unique as the company. You should be happy to know that the paper is made here in the USA which is a quality I will never get enough of. The colors and texture are much more fun than you can find in boring old mass produced stationary. Just feel one sheet of Twisted Limb paper and you will immediately see a difference. You can see the care and love put into producing Twisted Limb products. This paper isn’t made for the sake of cutting down tree’s it is an alternative to a necessary evil that will probably plague the world for quite a few more years.

About Twisted Limb Products (you can read more about Twisted Limb Paperworks by clicking here):
■Eco-friendly: We want you to fall in love with any of our designs knowing that they have the highest environmental integrity possible. The paper we make and use is the very best from an environmental standpoint or we don’t carry it. Except for the eco-friendly vellum, which is 30% PCW recycled and processed chlorine-free (best available), all paper that you receive from Twisted Limb Paperworks is 100% PCW recycled and processed chlorine-free; most are also manufactured carbon-neutral. Learn more about our sustainable business practices.
■Artisan-crafted in the USA: Our handmade paper and invitations are carefully made from start to finish in our colorful carbon-neutral art studio in Bloomington, Indiana

If you must purchase stationary or have an event that requires invites do your part and support businesses that support our environment, better yet that support our environment and our country! Did I also mention that they support your wallet by not charging a million dollars for their beautiful products?? Twisted Limb Paperworks goes out of their way to make beautiful, high quality stationary for their customers so go out of your way to do the right thing and choose green! You don’t be disappointed.

Night Owl Journal Jotter

I cannot express how large of a crush I have on Night Owl Paper Goods. The designs are adorable, the products are made here in the USA & are eco-friendly! The Peacock Wood Jotter is a fave design of mine because I have a thing for peacocks. I must have a to do list on me at all times so this little note pad is perfect for me or for the student in your life to make sure they keep track of all of their assignments/tasks! Once you are done with the pad you can use the wooden cover and back as a decoration for a craft or!
The wood used for Night Owl notbooks. pads, cards and accessories is beautiful. A simple idea with creative designs that are catching to the eye. They describe their style as folksy which for me gives their products such an innocent feeling.
Besides the designs you can choose from you can also design your own! This is perfect for events or even if you want to spruce up your children’s school supply arsenal.
Night Owl Paper Goods main goals are to conduct business in a manner that encourages and inspires respect for the environment and the community. Night Owl creates their products using environmentally-sound methods and conduct their operations in an environmentally-responsible manner.

• 3″ x 4 1/2″
• Eco-friendly sustainably harvested birch jotter pad
• 75 Blank 100% post-consumer recycled pages
• Packaged in a clear envelope
• Wood & paper are 100% biodegradable & recyclable with paper goods

Madara Eco Cosmetics Round 2

Deep Purifying Foam

Deep Purifying Foam

From a well curated selection of natural skin, body, and fragrance products along with the best in organic makeup and natural hair products Organic Beauty now is your one-stop shop for getting green and glam. Organic Beauty Now also posts expertly sourced natural beauty tips, tricks, and news.

One of the brands that Organic Beauty Now carries is Madara. They are clean, light, and natural feeling. The Deep Purifying Foam I personally like to use after a hard work out. Madara’s Deep Purifying Foam makes my face feel fresher than ever.

If you have never tried Madara’s products you should.Even if you have tried Madara’s products now is your chance to win some. All you have to do is follow us on Twitter and make sure to friend us on Facebook. Once you have done both comment at the bottom of this post that you have done it and by Friday August 20th I will announce the winner.

Product Info:
Deeply and gently purifies facial skin and neck. Removes make-up and dirt. Cleanses without drying the skin.
Additional Information
Size 5 fl. oz. / 150 ml.
Skin Types all types
Applications Pump dispenser a few times, massage over wet face and neck. Rinse. Pat skin dry. Use mornings and evenings.
Ingredients Aqua, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Distillate*, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Alcohol, Glycerin*, Surcose Cocoate, Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract*, Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s Wort) Extract*, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Extract*, Chamomilla Recutita (Camomile) Extract* * Ingredients issued from Organic Agriculture; 100% of the total ingredients are of a natural origin; 30,2% of the total ingredients are issued from Organic Agriculture; Natural and Organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT SAS – B.P. 47 F-32600 according to ECOCERT Standards.

About Organic Beauty Now:

We’ve chosen each and every brand we carry to ensure that the products we offer you are truly organic and all-natural. All our natural beauty products are:

* Made with the highest quality ingredients, using only natural oils, bases and essences
* Certified organic and/or all-natural
* Cruelty-free and not tested on animals
* Free from chemicals—no parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate or any other notorious cosmetic ingredient

Also, whenever possible, our products are:

* Contained in recycled or recyclable packaging , using minimal amounts
* Made of ingredients obtained from farmers and suppliers who uphold sustainable practices and carefully steward the land
* Made of ingredients obtained from sources that practice fair trade, ensuring that those who provide them are compensated fairly and treated with dignity

All of which means you don’t have to worry about what you buy from Organic Beauty Now. You can simply select products based on your desire to beautify and care for yourself and your family.

do it yourself solar power kits

Magnolia Organics

Magnolia Organics

Magnolia Organics

There are many things to say about Magnolia Organics but what I admire the most is their initiative. I am constantly asking green businesses to let me review their products or services to that I can highlight genuinely green items. Usually, I have to do all of the contacting. Magnolia Organics came to me to ask if I could review their products which I appreciate immensely. Magnolia’s initiative shows me how dedicated and serious they are about their products and our environment.

About to Magnolia Organics:

Magnolia Organics brings together eco-friendly products with an ethical and environmental conscious to unparalleled quality and design. With an unwavering commitment to fair labor, sustainable materials, minimalist packaging, and a close eye on the carbon footprint on each product, your purchase will bring joy to your home, and a sigh of relief from the planet. We invite you to browse around to understand more about who we are. After all, an educated consumer is our greatest ally in the march towards a more sustainable future.

Magnolia’s Mission:

To produce clean and sustainable home products with a focus on quality and design.
Sustainability: To use the most up-to-date eco-friendly practices from the seed to shipping with extensive 3rd party certification as a focal point.
Fair Labor: Only sound working conditions and fair wages to be allowed in each production process. Not only is it what our customers and stakeholders demand, but it helps maintain loyalty and top notch workmanship within our manufacturing family.
Research and Design: To relentlessly research cleaner production processes and maintain close attention to customers evolving demands to channel the development of new and exciting products.
To Create Value: Magnolia home products are affordable by efficient production; by design and economy of scale in conjunction with eliminating marketing and traditional retail expenses.
With great products, efficient production, eco-friendly practices, fair treatment of employees, and vast adoption of our products, we hope to have a significant impact on the health of our people and our environment on a global basis.

Product Review:

All of that being said now let’s get down to business! Not only was Magnolia nice enough to seek me out I was able to try a set of their organic cotton sheets which were marvelous! It is the summer and with the heat wave that New York has been having Magnolia’s organic cotton sheets worked wonders for keeping me cool and comfy. I compared the Magnolia sheets to some of my regular cotton sheets and you can feel the difference in softness. I did some pulling and stretching of  both sheets (attempting to be mildly scientific), I noticed the obvious difference in strength (the regular cotton sheet isn’t brand new like the organic cotton sheet to I did take that into consideration) but I really couldn’t get over how fabulous the sheets felt and made me feel! I almost feel like I have been sleeping better not so much because the sheets are obviously better but because I feel now I have a delightfully pleasant relationship with Magnolia.  Maybe that sounds silly but I can sleep more peacefully knowing my sheets, myself and Magnolia have all done one more thing to help protect our environment and our resources. Don’t forget to check out Magnolia Organic’s blog either!!!

The Rainfortest Site

7 Rings Peace Bronze Bracelet

7 Rings of Peace

 I have written about From War to Peace before but now that I actually have my hands on some of their items I had to write again.

First of all look at my bracelet! Come one don’t you love it! Besides being so beautiful I have to say my favorite part is the magnetic closure.  I know who cares about closures but while I was trying the bracelet on and I held one end of the closure the other followed quickly and snapped shut.  I cannot tell you how annoyed I get trying to put on my bracelets one handed.  It almost forces you to constantly wear bangles.  I am so in love with the 7 Rings design From War to Peace has that I even have the matching earrings.  I know it looks simple but the detail where the rings intersect adds bonus decoration. It may seem simple but these pieces are so me. 

I wore the 7 Rings earrings and bracelet this weekend and got a multitude of complements which was my goal because then I got to give people a heads up on From War to Peace’s mission.  I think how From War to Peace’s  products are made is part of the appeal and if I can get more people out there made aware of what From War to Peace is doing it is better for everyone.

 Let me not forget to add another extremely important aspect to how awesome From War to Peace is they are an American business. The peace bronze, designs and products are made right here from the mining process to the making of the jewelry!

Product Info:
Our flagship design and our most popular. In ancient times, 7 circles meant perfection. In our filagree piece, the rings of peace form a 7-pointed star, representing the peaceful unity of all nations and faiths. An original design by Jason Main.
The magnetic clasp is very strong and robust. Easier to put on with one hand than a regular ‘Lobster-Claw’ clasp.
The Bracelet is 7″ round, perfect for most wrists.

About From War to Peace
Founders Paul and Sandee Ogren shared a dream of a world without war. They dreamt of a world where bombs are turned into beauty, hate into love, and war into peace. From War to Peace is their attempt to help make that dream a reality.

The story of From War to Peace is a story of transformation:
We recycle copper from disarmed nuclear missile systems to create Peace Bronze, the most precious metal in our world. We use it to make glorious art and jewelry for those who share our commitment to a world without war.
From War to Peace is a green company. We recycle everything, making the old newly useful. Our silver- and gold-plated pieces are created entirely from recycled metals. Our printed paper is all recycled. All plastics we use are biodegradable. Our Peace Bronze itself is recycled from missile system cabling. Even the server hosting our website uses solar technology to power its computers.
From War to Peace is a uniquely American company. The copper we use was originally mined in Montana, then used in the Midwest as wiring in nuclear missile systems before being disarmed. After recovering the copper, the Peace Bronze is made for us at a California foundry. We use casting foundries in New Mexico & CA for our casting. Local artisans turn it into jewelry and art objects here in the U.S.A.
From War to Peace is a giving company. We donate 20 percent of all FWTP profit to deserving peace and social justice organizations in the U.S.A. and around the world.

Ditto Ecological Hangers

Ditto Ecological Hangers

Ditto Ecological Hangers

I love clothes! I love my closet but the one thing I don’t love is running out of hangers. I hate when they are mixed with plastic, decorated, wire, or store hangers. I need uniformity!
Hangers are one item, I think, no one really thinks about in terms of green. You think “Hey they are plastic I will recycle them” or wire or which ever ones you may have but in reality does that ever really happen?
I was cleaning out my closet the other day and realized I wanted all new hangers and even more so I wanted  “green” hangers. I assumed some kind of green hanger must exist at this point and if so they are probably way cooler than regular old hangers anyway.
When I found eco-hangers at I was completely right! They are way cooler than regular hangers.  I found Ditto Ecological Hangers, which take up less space in my closet than most other hangers and Ditto Ecological Hangers are as awesomely green as can be!
You can write on them, they don’t get tangled together and you can even decorate them if you want, which you know I do!
Now that I have used my Ditto Hangers my closet looks uniform and I have space increase my wardrobe! I don’t have to put 3 or 4 shirts on one hanger anymore. Ditto Hangers are quite sturdy for paper hangers, even my heaviest sweaters didn’t bend or break them! If you want to get your own Ditto Ecological Hangers click here and get them ASAP!

Product Info:

The Ditto Ecological Paper Hangers replace the toxic, non-recyclable for consumers, retail and dry cleaning businesses. Strong and long lasting, the Ditto Paper Hanger can hold over 20lbs, strong enough to hold the heaviest leather jacket or winter coat. DittoPaper Hangers can fit twice the amount of clothing in the same closet space! They’re great for travel, kids camps or storing clothing.


– The same heavy-duty, recyclable hangers used on the retail floors of major clothing companies around the world
– 100% non-toxic, 100% recyclable in all paper recycling systems–can even be composted.
– Fits 50% more clothing in small closet spaces
– Non-tangling
– Perfect for college dorms, traveling, vacations, cruises, summer camps and business trips
– Write on them for organizing your clothing or seasonal storing
– Certified to be lead, chlorine, formaldehyde, azo dye and heavy metal free
– Uses only soy-based inks and starch-based adhesives

Buy Ditto Hangers and help to keep 8 Billion toxic hangers from going into landfills every year. With your help, we’re saving the planet one hanger at a time.
Ditto’s award-winning and revolutionary hangers are manufactured from the world’s most recycled materials, Recycled Paper.


I was really excited to try the EcoBadge in my home to see how the levels of ozone were in my home and if my efforts of greenness are really as effective as I always hope they are. I put one EcoBadge test in the kitchen while I was cooking and another in the bedroom over my beloved bed. I waited the instructed hour to let the EcoBadge test soak up as much ozone as it could and I was happily surprised that the EcoBadge test card reader said the levels were relatively low. The EcoBadge test card reader is color/number coded so you can match the color of your card to the reader and the color is rated at a certain number. On the back of the reader there is a chart which explains how healthy the levels are for you. My rooms were both between a 10 & 20 which is good according to the badge and the levels are quite low in my home which makes me feel better about our green efforts.
I also tested two areas in my office because where my green efforts are usually thwarted. However I didn’t get any reading at all in the office which was a little disappointing. Maybe I didn’t put the EcoBadge tests in the right areas but either way I know my home is safe!

EcoBadge Fresh Air Kit

EcoBadge Fresh Air Kit

EcoBadge offers personal readers that you can wear to see how you are being effected on a daily basis in your normal surroundings. EcoBadgealso offers teacher guides and student projects for monitoring air pollution.

About EcoBadge:

The Company was founded in June 1983 to promote and distribute non toxic pest control products. The founder, Gary W. Short, a long time allergy / asthma sufferer was interested in developing and marketing products that would increase public awareness of illnesses that are exacerbated by environmental conditions.
In 1990, Mr. Short came up with the idea of developing an inexpensive method of measuring ground level ozone. In 1992, the first production run occurred. In 1993, the first education books were published by the Company.
Vistanomics, Inc is committed to educating the public on environmental issues. Ozone air pollution is a serious public health problem, and it’s not just isolated to ozone non-attainment areas in densely populated urban areas in the U.S.. It’s a world wide health issue. Ozone air pollution damages crops and is created not just by automobile emissions reacting with sunlight. Biomass burning in developing countries is a major contributor.

My Mini Greenhouse

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

In our efforts to have the awesomest organic garden ever we decided to buy a mini green house to keep in our sun room until the seedlings were ready to plant! The mini greenhouseholds tons of little seedlings. You can remove the plastic cover and attach heat lamps to the sides for added growing potential which what we have done.
Being that is has been foggy and raining for almost two weeks in NY I am so glad that we kept our little seedies in our green house so they have yet to be drowned but I am afraid by the time the weather gets reasonable it might be too late! Either way the mini green house has helped us keep many seedlings alive much longer that last year. Now all we have to do is plant them!
The Mini Greenhouseis light enough to pick up and put outside to let your seedies get sun and then bring back in the house at night. You can remove and replace the plastic cover if it gets to muggy out and you want the plants to breath. This is the perfect starter green house for newbies at gardening or if you live in a city or don’t have a yard of your own.

survival seed vault

Eco-Friendly Seed Starting Kit

Burpee Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit

Burpee Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit

Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit

Our attempt last year to have our garden flourish was quite pathetic. We started way too late in the year and as a result didn’t yield anything but alot of hard work and many dead seedlings. This year we were quite proactive and started planting our organic seeds. We searched high and low for the greenest seed starting kit we could find that was reasonably priced and as usual Burpee fit our needs. We purchase most of our organic gardening supplies from Burpee as it is.  The Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit
comes with compostable bamboo trays, super cool growing pellets that eliminate the mess of using soil, organic fertilizer and wooden plant labels. Our plants have already started growing. Our tomatoes were the first to come up and are already about an inch high! I cannot wait for all of our plants to sprout. I will keep you updated on how our garden is doing, I cannot wait to have our veggies grow!

Product Description:

Welcome to the world of green gardening. Our Eco Friendly 25 Cell Greenhouse Kit has natural attributes that make this product unique. Kit includes: Fiber Planting Cells- Compostable, Bamboo Watering Tray- 6 month Compostable, 25- Sustainable Burpee Super Growing Pellets, Biodegradable germination sheet, 6 Wooden Plant Labels, 1 oz. package of Espoma organic fertilizer. An easy and ecofriendly way to start seeds indoors. Just add seeds, light and water!

National Wildlife Federation- New All Occasion Cards