Dancing For The Paws Fundraiser

Dancing For The Paws

Dancing For The Paws


We know how much I love rescuing animals and how important the cause is to me. In my opinion pets are not rescued enough and people look for any and every excuse to purchase their pet because having a rescue pet has some sort of stigma attached to it.  This is so far from the truth!  There are some very awesome people who are having a fundraising event called Dancing for the Paws to help raise donatons for a great rescue called Friend of Freddie Pet Rescue.  Here is a little about them: Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue, located at 200 Middle Country Road Middle Island NY, is a nonprofit pet rescue, dedicated to finding homes for unwanted dogs and puppies. Our adoption process is simple and fast. Application, reference checks, home visit. Our adoption fees (like most rescues) are based on age of dog, breed and medical needs of the dog/puppy that is being adopted. Please visit our “up for adoption album” on our page, it is updated daily. Adoption fees include microchipping, up to date shots, spay/neuter and vet care after you adopt. Come and visit our center and fall in love.

You can join in the fun too on Tuesday November 5th from 6:30-10:30pm.  Your participation can help raise money and awareness for some great animals and a great rescue! You might even find a new best friend!! If you can’t attend please send a donation anyway! You can also bring donations directly to Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue or bring to the event.  Rescues can never get enough food, toys, blankets, newspaper, anything to help!  If you need any more information just ask!!! Please tell your friends and family the show will be great and who doesn’t want to have a good time while helping out a great cause!






I realized the other day I talk about my pets but I have never really described them or their stories before. I do have plenty of them and they all have such credible personalities I think they could all use their own separate posts!
My latest addition to my zoo brood is Persephone. She is the sister of Panda (my second to last addition but I’ll go into more detail about him in another post.) Persephone is a tiny tiny grey and white kitty! She has sporadic longer white hairs that stick out of her coat, just like Panda and kind of reminds me of Skeksis, if you don’t know what this is click here please, but her fur is soft and snuggly just like she is but on her own terms.
I wasn’t supposed to even have Persephone or even another kitten, or even a kitten at all but as luck would have it one of my fave friend’s kitties had kittens.  I went with this “friend” to go feed her kittens and I feel in love with Persephone immediately but as I would learn she was off in her own world and didn’t that anyone was in the room with her. Her brother had different ideas however and I wound up taking him home instead.  A few weekends later I was kitten sitting for that same “friend” and decided to take Persephone with me just for funzies.  At first I wasn’t sure I even wanted her.  She wasn’t very happy to be at my zoo and she didn’t even care I was alive. She was immediately off on her own investigating the place. After 5 minutes of her being at my house she managed to scratch me in the face and I was convinced I would be bringing her back to my “friends” ASAP.
Then I saw her and her brother Panda playing and it was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Two tiny kitties rolling around on the floor, chasing each other, running into things and getting into mischief together! I loved it! That isn’t what made me love Sephie (my name for her) either. What made me love her is her independence. She is fearless. In the first 5 minutes after scratching me in the face she was off to climbing up some large furniture that her brother who I had had for 2 weeks didn’t even attempt to try to get to. She was jumping of things and trying to jump onto things much higher and bigger than I thought she should be but that was not going to stop little Seph. I would sit and watch her go off on her own and you would notice after a little bit that Panda would follow her and let her test stuff out first before he tried it. By the end of the weekend it was decided that I had to keep her. While my big panther Rupert still Sephie and Panda up a bit they both love my Skye (the long pooch in what is now a sea of kitties) she was clearly one of us!
Now that we all have our routines down Sephie seems to be the trailblazer who wants to hang with the big kids, Skye and Rue, but can still get rough and tumble with her brother and be silly. Then when I am not paying attention she sneaks up to me and gets super


” target=”_blank”>lovie and snuggly. I didn’t expect it the first few times I saw it but relished in it. Now when she wants some alone time she either hides (on two separate occasions I thought I lost her in my house or she got out because she is that good at “alone time”) or she snuggles up on me somewhere I cannot see, because she is the tiniest little kitty ever, and just relaxes. All I can do is pick her up and smooch her a million times even when she miss behaves because I just cannot help myself. Her fearlessness is something I completely admire and adore. She is even a protector in times and her size seems to make no difference to her. I know that one day she will grow up into a big kitty but for now I am enjoying how mini she is and I just hope that she stays mini for as long as possible!!
I hope maybe I can learn from her and get some added courage and fearlessness in my life. Maybe I shouldn’t be afraid to take those big leaps because the worst that can happen I suppose is I fall. I may not be a cat and land on my feet but like Sephie I should pick myself back up and try all over again until I don’t fall!

Urgent Rescues For February

There is never a shortage for poor pets that need to be saved. Please help me find these pooches their new homes. I cannot stand the thought of these little babies being put down for no reason other than space. It isn’t right and they don’t deserve it.  My motto has always been adopt don’t shop! Soo many animals need good homes and there are plenty to go around.  Please help find these great animals a good home and share their info where ever you can.





Princess is just a baby only 6 months old! She is already on the urgent list! She could be put down any minute! She doesn’t deserve this. Please help save her life and share share share her photo and information before it is too late!!!








Philly was abandoned! Poor guy is 6 years old and someone just decided they didn’t need him anymore and now he is probably going to be put down. Look at that face! Please help us save his life so that he doesn’t get put down. He is well behaved and sweet!







Molly is only one year of age, has the most lovely and lively eyes that spark in a light reddish marble cake coat. Molly is very playful. She loves running after the ball that she does not guard but not truly retrieves. She is loving and willing to learn and can be a great family dog. She seems to like other dogs that she meets with a high or low tail. She is very affectionate and is happy to be on the lap for hugs and kisses.







Pebbles  has a wonderful coco color coat that is nice and shiny her weight is perfect for her size.  Pebbles was pretty well taken care of where she lived before.  She is a friendly girl but respect her boundaries.  She loves other people and dogs. Pebbles appears to be  house trained too! She  knows how to sit when asked, and loves treats. Cuddling with a human is one of my favorite things to do, so I was happy to jump up on the park bench with the lady and cuddle with her.

Rescue A Pet to Give Them Something To Be Thankful For

I cannot stress how important it is to rescue an animal if you can. These poor animals aren’t responsible for their situations and shouldn’t have to suffer for human unkindness. It is our duty as citizens of the planet to care for and appreciate living things. Please do what you can to help because these poor babies could lose their lives and have no one but us to protect them.  All of my animals are rescues and I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to see them so happy and cared for.  Too many animals are put down for no reason other than no one wants them.  Please help save a life today! These animals deserve to be loved just as much as any store bought dog.

My name is PATCHES. My Animal ID # is A0950348. I am a female white and brown brindle pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS. Who does that cute face belong to? Look at that tail wagging non stop..and that wiggly body….Her eyes look like two clear jewels. Such a small girl and what a nice coat… A lovely girl, all excited to see a potential caretaker, a friend she can walk and spend time with. I open her door and Patches thinks she can leave without a leash….She is so thrilled to go out. Patches is quite good on the leash, though, no jumping, no rope grabbing, barely pulling at times and very nice with the other dogs we met. She relieves herself as soon as we leave the care center, making me think that she might be house trained. Patches is very playful and friendly. She runs after the ball, plays tag and is as happy as a clam coming on my lap for hugs and kisses. Indeed, Patches is full of life, fun to be with and a most affectionate girl. Come and meet Patches at the Manhattan Care Center. The “Little Rascal” is waiting for you.




My name is JACK. My Animal ID # is A0950242. I am a male br brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 YEARS old. Jack pulls on the leash and was excited but very interested in interacting with handler during assessment – jumped up, licked hands and face. He was excited during some of the handling items, but had soft body language. He engages in play, loose body, wags tail, mouth is open. He was stiff and cannot be pushed out of the food bowl, but did not growl, snap or bite. Jack was not interested in toys or rawhides and rushed in quickly during the dog-dog test, but showed no aggression. This face just say it all!!! Make Jack happy and give him his forever home today!!



My name is NICE. My Animal ID # is A0949605. I am a female black and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old. Nice is a splendid and noble female. She has been very well cared for by her owner who is too ill to have a pet and this is why beautiful Nice is with us at the Manhattan Care Center. Nice is clearly lost and at first, did not want to have anything to do with us volunteers. She would act aloof and very timid. She wants to come out of her kennel though as she is a clean girl and seems house trained. She needs some exercise too. She pulls a tiny bit on the leash and always aims for the gate leading to the street. She wants to go home clearly. She is very hand shy and it takes some time to see a positive reaction to caresses and sweet talks. She comes to sit closer and closer when coaxed. Nice indeed, is more comfortable with someone she knows. Nice is a one man (woman) dog but she could learn, with time, to be a family dog. Nice is indeed a good dog with a sensitive soul. Nice will be able to love again. She just needs to be given a chance.



My name is IVORY. My Animal ID # is A0950481. I am a female cream pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 8 YEARS old. Beautiful Ivory sits so quietly in her kennel, patiently watching and waiting. I’m not sure she wants my attention but when I offer a treat and she gently mouths it from my hand I know that she is waiting for a friend. At first Ivory shys away when I go to pet her but a few minutes into our walk her tail is wagging as I rub her side. Later, I crouch to gently caress her face and she seems to smile at me with blissed out squinty-eyes. Ivory is a stunning blond and her good looks (and those perky ears!) garner a lot of compliments from passers-by. When they approach to pet her she responds with soft tail wags and also seems pleased to see other dogs in the park. Ivory appears to be house trained and though she needs some leash training, she will sit for treats and is quite easy to handle. Ivory is a gentle soul looking for her soul mate, that special person who will move at her pace, giving her the time and affection she needs to blossom into her best self. Someone give this beautiful girl a home ASASP!



My name is NICE. My Animal ID # is A0949813. I am a male br tiger and brown mastiff mix. The shelter thinks I am about 7 YEARS old. Nice is quite an imposing male at 81lbs but calm as a clam. He has beautiful golden eyes and such a soft gaze. He is gentle and grateful for affection. He is obedient and trusting. He appears to appreciate attention. Nice is a beautiful gentle soul. He and Nina (his “sister”) are loving and very deserving of a caring home. They were both very neglected and want help to feel and look better. Help save them before it is too late for them.




My name is SANDY. My Animal ID # is A0950217. I am a female brown and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 6 MONTHS old. Sandy is an excited little girl that really just wants to go out and play. She likes company and is good on walks and is house trained. Sandy is a young dog who has already been a mother. Her coat is flawless but dull and her nutrition might not have been optimal. She likes treats that she takes politely from the hand. Sandy meets other dogs with a happy tail and a friendly demeanor. She likes to be approached by people too and as we sit in the yard, she settles very close petting sessions and some loving. She definitely knows what a ball is, runs after it but prefers to keep it in her mouth while chewing it. Sandy is a sweet girl, who seems to like people and dogs alike. She might prefer to keep her belongings for herself and will have to learn, that in a house of plenty, there is no need to protect her stuff. Sandy is at the Manhattan Care Center, hoping for a better life and the start of a new forever friendship with you. Sandy could be the dog you have always wanted!! Check her out please!!

Free Lennox Protest

Save Lennox

Save Lennox


Free Lennox Protest – New York City
Public Event · By Save Lives – Pass Oreo’s Law
July 9 at 10:00am until July 31 at 1:00pm
845 Third Avenue, New York City

*****UPDATE: Monday, July 9, 2012 @7:30 pm Eastern*****


PROTEST at the BRITISH Consulate 10 am – 12 Noon

British Consulate-General, New York
845 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Main Tel: (212) 745-0200
Main Fax: (212) 754-3062

Email: public.affairsny@fco.gov.uk

Click here for a listing of Consulate personnel with their titles, e-mails and phone numbers.

RALLY at the IRISH Consulate approximately 12:30 – 2 pm

(Note: Lennox is under the jurisdiction of Belfast in Northern Ireland. The Irish Consulate Office does not represent Northern Ireland. Any correspondence with the Irish Consulate should be framed as a request for an official statement to the Belfast City Council in support of allowing Lennox to be rehomed. Please do not get angry or show any hostility toward anyone at the Irish Consulate. We are merely asking them to intercede or use any influence they may have to save Lennox).

Consulate General of Ireland
345 Park Avenue – 17th Floor
New York NY 10154-0037
Tel: + 1-212-319-2555
Fax: +1-212-980-9475

On-line/e-mail click here

Diplomatic Staff

Consul General: Mr. Noel Kilkenny
Deputy Consul General: Ms. Jackie O’Halloran Bernstein
Press and Information: Mr. Peter Ryan
Vice Consul: Ms. Fiona McCabe
Administrative Attaché: Ms. Monica Horgan

When communicating with the press, please use 11am at the British Consulate as the starting time. This will allow us to gather and get organized before doing media.


Original event invitation starts here:

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Lennox is a dog that was wrongfully seized and who has been sentenced to death after a 2 year battle to save him. All attempts to return Lennox to his family have failed. There are numerous petitions, letter writing campaigns and phone-in campaigns. It’s time to take it to the streets in support of the Save Lennox campaign.

This event is being organized by the Oreo’s Law Task Force, a project of No Kill New York. We chose to launch the event from the Oreo page because we hope that Oreo’s spirit and memory will shine on our endeavor. It is also our wish to let the people who hold Lennox’s life in their hands that the animal advocacy community never forgets an injustice. The campaign to honor Oreo’s memory started in 2009 and is still going strong today.

On Monday, July 9, 2012 @ 10:00 am we will gather at the British Consulate Office in New York City. When the Consulate closes at 12:00 Noon, we will move the protest to the Irish Consulate Office and continue there.

When: Monday, July 9, 2012 at 10:00 am

Where: 845 Third Avenue, New York City
(between 51st & 52nd Streets)

Second Stop : 345 Park Avenue, NYC
(between 44th & 45th Streets – Grand Central Station)

We wont have time to make signs for everyone, but we will have some. Get out your markers and crayons and make your own. We will be posting some hi resolution graphics that you can take to a printer if you want to have a sign made.

Help These Guys Get Saved

Rescuing animals is a passion of mine. I wish I could do more so this is my plan for the time being. Please check back regularly to help me help rescue animals from certain death! Don’t Shop Adopt! Please have some compassion and keep these wonderful pets from being put down.  If you have a loving home and the time maybe one of these furbabies is for you!



~♥~BENJI~♥~Benji has a booboo 🙁 Little Benji has been at MACC for 8 whole days with an injury to his hind leg and there’s not a thing in his medical file. Benji needs us to help him out..help him get some medical treatment, help him get out of Hotel Horrendous, help him get on his way to a better life. This little guy is waiting for you ♥




BEAR (A0922883)
*OWNER HAD “NO TIME” FOR CUTE, CUDDLY “BEAR”*Just look at BEAR! How could you not make time for him? He’s amazing! I just want to kiss his beautiful face and have him keep me warm at night. If you could use a stunning, new BFF who will thank you for saving him until the end of time, run to Brooklyn to get BEAR! Let him know that this time, it’s for keeps! Info can be found here:

Save Al

Save Al



AL (A0919851)
‎~♥~AL~♥~ If you’ll be my bodyguard, I can be your long lost pal, I can call you Betty, And Betty when you call me, You can call me Al! Al was surrendered after one month because his owners said he was biting people. Hmmmmm…at the shelter he’s KISSING people and snuggling! Al’s looking for just the right owner and that could be YOU. Go see Al at MACC..and tell him your name is Betty ♥

Save Bambi

Save Bambi


BAMBI (A0919089)
~♥~BAMBI~♥~There is so much sweetness in Bambi’s eyes..even after being abandoned Bambi still has heart. She’s not bitter, she’s not mean, she’s not beaten..yet. Bambi is still sweet and hopeful. She’s hoping that she will someday have an owner who will cherish her. She is hoping that she will get to love someone with everything she’s got..and she sure has a lot of love to give. Bambi is waiting for you, please don’t make her wait too long !

Cause 4 Paws Rescue Fundraiser

Cause 4 Paws
Cause 4 Paws


Cause 4 Paws is having an amazing fundraiser with the help of Jennifer Ishimoto. Help Cause 4 Paws raise money by buying super cute jewelry and accessories! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so make your spending count and help a good cause. Your hunny and some great animals will all benefit.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 8:00am through Friday, February 17, 2012 at 11:30pm
Click Here!
Jennifer Ishimoto makes amazing jewelry. I purchased a couple pieces and I love them!!!! Help Cause 4 Paws and please buy something pretty for yourself or someone else. Remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you can never go wrong with jewelry!!
Please pass this on to your friends and family!

Just in time for Valentines Day Jennifer Ishimoto Designs is extending a terrific fundraising opportunity to Cause 4 Paws! She is going to donate between 20-35% of all sales purchased by us
from her hip, fun website as an avenue for us to raise needed
Jennifer Ishimoto creates custom, chic & fun artfully-crafted original jewelry and special photo keepsakes and has a special section devoted to pet lovers (all of us)! Jennifer is going to award a $25 Gift Card to one lucky person who fills
out this entry form

Through the end of January all rings are 25% Off!


“Santa Paws” Photos with Santa!

Santa Paw's Photos with Santa

Santa Paw's Photos with Santa






Santa Paws” Photos with Santa!

Location: Martha Clara Vineyards

Hosted By: Kent Animal Shelter, Nancy Stalker Swett

For: Kent Animal Shelter

Info: We’ll get your pet to pose with Santa, and you can join in too! Don’t have a pet but want to help homeless animals at Kent Animal Shelter? You can pose with one of our adoptable pets.

The Martha Clara Vineyards pet-friendly tasting room will be open. Say hello to a few adoptable Kent pets!

Suggested donation of $10 per photo