Make Your Own Super Cool Book Covers




Back to school season is here and one of my favorite parts of school supplies was definitely book covers. I know many of us have fabric laying around that we hate to part with but have no use for. Now you do! I can’t believe I have never thought about doing this before! You can also totally personalize the covers when you are done and who knows this might make your kids want to crack open their text books! I found this fun project that is great for students or just DIY-ers like myself right here. There are plenty of photos to help you along the way if you get confused.

glue gun
butter knife
spray adhesive

Any bows, buttons, ribbons, odds and ends you have been needing something to do with to jazz up your book covers.

1. Iron the fabric you intend to use.
2. If the book has a jacket take it off and put it in a safe place.
3. When cutting the fabric make sure to leave about 1-2 inches of overhang all the way around the book.
4. Make sure to cover the surface you are working on with something you don’t mind getting sticky. Spray adhesive is an evil substance akin to Aquanet times infinity!
5. Spray the adhesive on the back book cover and spine. You don’t need too much as a little goes a long way and that stuff really is sticky.
6. Turn the book over, position it on the fabric how you want it, press down, turn it over so the back is now facing you, and smooth it out with your hand.
7. Do the same for the front cover.
8. Cut 2 slits on the spine so that you can fold them over into the spine (to be explained later)
9. Add some glue along the longer edge of fabric where it will meet up with the book. Do not go completely to the edges of the fabric. Fold over onto the inside cover to hid the edges.
10. Put a dab of glue where the fabric meets on the corner. Press the fabric together and hold for a few seconds.
11. Run some glue along the edge of the fabric and make sure to secure the fabric to the inside of the cover.
12. Fold the outer corners in a little bit and glue them into place.
13. For the spine cut the fabric to 1/2 inch to make sure enough is there to fold over.
14. Get a butter knife and use it to fold the piece of fabric into the spine. You can use a little dab of glue to secure the fabric if you want.
15. Once the cover is finished and set to dry for a little bit you are free to finish decorating the book anyway you want! Use your imagination and have fun with it!.

The Earth Is My Patient

The Earth Is My Patient

The Earth Is My Patient



The Earth Is My Patient has gotten rave reviews from its readers and fans of Mr. Arieti alike! Most readers I feel have a difficult time with informative books if it isn’t a part of their profession or schooling.  I find that when an author can use humor to engage their readers people generally have a better understanding of the points being presented.  Although I have yet to read this book, the reviews of it say that the humorous spin put on the very well researched and illustrated points make The Earth Is My Patient a very enjoyable read.

Description: The Earth Is My Patient
is a brilliantly conceived book about the real causes of environmental pollution and their solutions. Many of the ideas in his book are based on Mr. Arieti’s own experience and knowledge. Written in both a serious and tongue and cheek manner this book is guaranteed to make the reader more aware of his/her environment as well as make him think. This is a must read for politicians, men, women and children who want to see a cleaner earth and a bright future. Mr. Arieti correctly assumes that if the environment goes, we all will go.

About the Author: David Arieti has been an environmentalist for over 30 years. Mr.Arieti graduated from the University of Denver in 1967 with a degree in Science. He also received an MS degree in Marine Science from Long Island University (LIU). Since graduating from LIU, Mr. Arieti was the research director of the Baltimore Environmental Center working on hazardous waste issues, did environmental research on both the Hudson River and Chesapeake Bay, consulted on environmental issues as well as lecturing, and as an adjunct professor in various colleges in the Chicago area where he is now.

The Little Mermaid Illustrated by Alan Marks (Hardcover)

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Product Description

The Little Mermaid lives at the bottom of the sea, where the water is as clear as glass and the sand as fine as powder. But she longs to see the world above the waves…This classic tale is beautifully retold, with lyrical text and enchanting illustrations by Alan Marks.

Benefits of Fairy Tales

Young children are preoccupied with fantasy and make believe. It’s normal and can be a lot of fun. Reading fairy tales allows children to imagine different worlds and be exposed to varying degrees of idealization. With proper guidance, such fantastical stories can offer life lessons and social truths that might otherwise not interest the young mind. For example, in this retelling of The Little Mermaid, the plan to marry the prince does not work out. However, the sea world offers her a welcoming refuge back. Sometimes, the bigger love is home.

Made Of / Made In

The Little Mermaid is made with paper from sustainable sources and printed using child-safe, non-toxic inks. Meets or exceeds new US children’s safety laws.