Dancing For The Paws Fundraiser

Dancing For The Paws

Dancing For The Paws


We know how much I love rescuing animals and how important the cause is to me. In my opinion pets are not rescued enough and people look for any and every excuse to purchase their pet because having a rescue pet has some sort of stigma attached to it.  This is so far from the truth!  There are some very awesome people who are having a fundraising event called Dancing for the Paws to help raise donatons for a great rescue called Friend of Freddie Pet Rescue.  Here is a little about them: Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue, located at 200 Middle Country Road Middle Island NY, is a nonprofit pet rescue, dedicated to finding homes for unwanted dogs and puppies. Our adoption process is simple and fast. Application, reference checks, home visit. Our adoption fees (like most rescues) are based on age of dog, breed and medical needs of the dog/puppy that is being adopted. Please visit our “up for adoption album” on our page, it is updated daily. Adoption fees include microchipping, up to date shots, spay/neuter and vet care after you adopt. Come and visit our center and fall in love.

You can join in the fun too on Tuesday November 5th from 6:30-10:30pm.  Your participation can help raise money and awareness for some great animals and a great rescue! You might even find a new best friend!! If you can’t attend please send a donation anyway! You can also bring donations directly to Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue or bring to the event.  Rescues can never get enough food, toys, blankets, newspaper, anything to help!  If you need any more information just ask!!! Please tell your friends and family the show will be great and who doesn’t want to have a good time while helping out a great cause!

For the love of Zumba

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set

Recently I’ve been  hearing about this new type of exercise called Zumba.  I became interested in taking these classes after reading some friends Facebook statuses about how excited they were to be going to ZUMBA that night.   I had to know what this was because quite a few people seemed to be going to this one class.  The consensus was, “At Zumba, you basically just dance for an hour straight.”  A friend explained that Zumba is a mixture of different types of dance.   I was comprised of mainly Latin dance but you will find some Country, hip-hop, classic, African, Broadway mixed with aerobics.
I must admit I was nervous about taking the Zumba class.  Gym classes seem soo intimidating sometimes.  As I walked into Dragonfly Living Arts (www.dragonflylivingarts.com) I saw an older woman who was chatting with a friend of mine at the front desk telling her about how Pilates really made her feel stretched out and was urging my friend to take the bellydancing classes.  At this point I was waiting for the ZUMBA enthusiasts to show up and show me how inadequate for ZUMBA I really was.  Fortunately for me some more friends showed up and as we were discussing how to look glamorous while falling on our faces or stepping on someone elses toes.   I began to look at the rest of the classes participants and realized maybe this class wouldn’t be soo intimidating after all.  The ladies that were doing ZUMBA were all ages, shapes and sizes no intimidation and even the ZUMBA instructor made you feel relaxed.  This was certainly going to be an experience!
Once the hour was up I was exhausted but I had a great time! There were no people singeled out or instructions given. A routine was preformed for every song to work out specific sections and keep your heart rate up.  No one was any better than the other and even the instructor missed a few steps.  I was fully worked out and it felt good! Even the next morning I wasn’t in pain or tired.  Over all ZUMBA was a good time and I intend to keep up with my classes and see if I can pick up any good dance moves!!

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