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The holidays are here and as per usual I am late with your amazing deals and discounts. I have been so super busy and I am beyond sorry for neglecting my wonderful greenies!! I will do my best to bring you some of the best deals I can find to help you save as much as you can this holiday season! Happy Holidays Greenies!!! I hope everyone has everything they have ever wanted already but if you don’t let me help a little!!

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How To Build A Fairy House….Yes Please!

How To Build A Fairy House

How To Build A Fairy House




I wanted to find the funnest (for me) summer activity ever and I am almost positive I have done it. I am not sure if you can get a greener, more nature-esque activity that is any cooler in my book. I found this outstanding idea from a website called How To Build Fairy Houses. This activity can really be done any way you like. How fun would this be for a party or a school project? I think this idea can be used for many an educational reason but also for family time.  The materials are all from nature and as long as you are respectful of the surrounding plants and animals as well as the materials you collect/use you really can’t go wrong. Different areas will offer different options as will different seasons which make this project kind of really fun. Here is a list of materials that can be used:



Fairy Houses can be designed anyway you want. You can let your imagination go wild or use a design you have already seen. Find a quiet place away from roads or busy pathways. The base of a tree or the side of a rock are great places to build. Try to keep the house close to the ground to help keep the house stable and so a floor doesn’t have to be built. Sometimes you may find a special place in the low branches of a tree or bush if you are lucky.
Look for building areas in woods, beaches, meadows, and especially your own backyard! Use only natural materials to build the house. Try not to use anything artificial as it ruins the look and spirit of the fairy house idea. The idea of a fairy house is to look so natural that it is almost hidden. You never know what may choose to live in there! You could be helping a poor displaced animal or fairy who will forever be grateful.


Be respectful of ALL living things in the surrounding building areas. Destroying nature to create your fairy house is not what a fairy would want and definitely not something nature would appreciate. Try not to disturb plants that are still living, such as ferns, mosses and flowers. Fairies are careful not to harm anything that is growing.

Have you ever built a fairy house?  If so let me know! I would love to see what you made and hear about how it happened.  If you haven’t here are some other books I found that also show you how to build fairy houses:

Fairy House Handbook

Fairy Gardening: Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden

The Earth Is My Patient

The Earth Is My Patient

The Earth Is My Patient



The Earth Is My Patient has gotten rave reviews from its readers and fans of Mr. Arieti alike! Most readers I feel have a difficult time with informative books if it isn’t a part of their profession or schooling.  I find that when an author can use humor to engage their readers people generally have a better understanding of the points being presented.  Although I have yet to read this book, the reviews of it say that the humorous spin put on the very well researched and illustrated points make The Earth Is My Patient a very enjoyable read.

Description: The Earth Is My Patient
is a brilliantly conceived book about the real causes of environmental pollution and their solutions. Many of the ideas in his book are based on Mr. Arieti’s own experience and knowledge. Written in both a serious and tongue and cheek manner this book is guaranteed to make the reader more aware of his/her environment as well as make him think. This is a must read for politicians, men, women and children who want to see a cleaner earth and a bright future. Mr. Arieti correctly assumes that if the environment goes, we all will go.

About the Author: David Arieti has been an environmentalist for over 30 years. Mr.Arieti graduated from the University of Denver in 1967 with a degree in Science. He also received an MS degree in Marine Science from Long Island University (LIU). Since graduating from LIU, Mr. Arieti was the research director of the Baltimore Environmental Center working on hazardous waste issues, did environmental research on both the Hudson River and Chesapeake Bay, consulted on environmental issues as well as lecturing, and as an adjunct professor in various colleges in the Chicago area where he is now.

Happy Mama Spray

Happy Mama Spray

Happy Mama Spray

If you have never heard of Earth Mama Angel Baby here is a little bit from their about us section on Earth Mama Angel Baby website:

Earth Mama Angel Baby’spregnancy, childbirth and baby products were, ahem, born of our sincere faith in the natural process of birthing babies. Supporting the pure process naturally with nature’s gifts makes sense to us. We don’t think of pregnancy as an illness, merely a phenomenal process that has many wonderful and sometimes difficult stages. We trust in the wise women who have Happy Mama Spray is virtual bliss in a bottle! A gloriously uplifting aromatherapy spray, it’s made only with pure essential oils and flower essences for on-edge new mamas as well as more seasoned, patience-tested ones. pregnancy nausea, spritz a little onto your wrist and inhale to help settle the queasies. A spray and a deep sniff can help battle the “baby blues.” And to tolerate toddler rampage, a silly spray on both mama and tot can tone down a tough moment!

Happy Mama Spray Product Description:

Happy Mama Spray is virtual bliss in a bottle! A gloriously uplifting aromatherapy spray, it’s made only with pure essential oils and flower essences for on-edge new mamas as well as more seasoned, patience-tested ones. For pregnancy nausea, spritz a little onto your wrist and inhale to help settle the queasies. A spray and a deep sniff can help battle the “baby blues.” And to tolerate toddler rampage, a silly spray on both mama and tot can tone down a tough moment!Happy Mama Spray is made with a safe, proprietary blend that includes lime and ginger pure essential oils. (Read what the American Botanical Council has to say about the safety and effectiveness of ginger and pregnancy nausea).Use on bed linens, in the air, or any time you can use a pick-me-up (especially if someone is howling to be picked up)!

Now I am not pregnant nor to I have any children, unless you count my fur-babies as children which I do, I didn’t think that was a fair test although I did use it a few times when my animals were getting me stressed and I have to say that the mere thought that happy thoughts were right inside that bottle worked well enough for me!
I have the spray to two of my friends that are actually pregnant and in two different stages of their pregnancies.

One friend who is very early on in her pregnancy is plagued by horrible morning and all day sickness. She said that when she used the spray to help curb her queasiness it did really work. She did say it didn’t take away the nausea but it definitely kept her from getting sick.

My other friend who is much further along in her pregnancy who has another little one at home said she used it when she was feeling very stressed and tired and that the spray sort of gave her a kick to keep her going. The scent isn’t a traditional happy scent you would normally associate with smells but it is unique.

I personally think this is a real mind over matter spray. The idea that you have been told it will help actually lets the spray help you. Either way I got no complaints from either of my impending Mama’s. They liked the spray so much I have gotten it for both of them for the Holidays!

If you have tried any Earth Mama Angel Baby products let me know! I would love to hear about your experience!

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Labor Ease

Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary!!!!

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!! What are you planning to do today? Do you even know what Earth Day is or what you can do to help? Wikipedia defines Earth Day as it is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in held on April 22, 1970. Earth Day is celebrated in spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Many communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues. The first Earth Week originated in Philadelphia in 1970 (starting April 16 and culminating on Earth Day, April 22.). Earth Day Network, a group that wishes to become the coordinator of Earth Day globally, asserts that Earth Day is now observed on April 22 on virtually every country on Earth. World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5 in a different nation every year, is the principal United Nations environmental observance.

Personally, I think today should not only be about celebrating the Earth but also about making people who are otherwise unaware or unconcerned about the problems facing our planet more involved! Show them what they can do to help. There are many lists and articles about the small things you can do to change your carbon-footprint, but what can you do to help others change their ideas about what is good for the environment? This is a list of small things you can do to help people in your social environment realize what their options are for not only Earth Day but everyday after it as well!

Why not buy a box of recycled printing paper for the office to show your co-workers or even your boss the importance of using recycled products. Wausau PaperExact Eco 100 Copy/Laser Paper, 92 Brightness, 20lb, Letter Size (8.5 x 11), 500 Sheets/Ream (32518)

Show your neighbors how they can make their backyards a great habitat for nature! Try the Backyard Wildlife Habitat DVD. Every backyard can have potential for any outdoor wildlife! It is important to expose yourself to nature. It helps you understand our environment and how important taking care of it is.

If you are student or you know students use this recycled pencil case to hold all the writing implements necessary!! Its simple a simple and inexpensive way to show you care!
Made By Humans, Recycled Plastic Eco Pencil Case, Grey (497) Pencil cases are an excellent way to stay organized. By using a recycled plastic case you can recycle it again when you are finished with it! Try it out!

Why not put a wind turbine in your back yard or even get your neighbors together and see if they all want to participate and in making the community more energy efficient. You can start small and eventually try to go further in your efforts! Energy efficiency is everyones problem!

Do you have many activities you attend or children’s functions you have to go to? Why not show your friends and your families friends that you are always environmentally friendly!! Use the Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote! to pack all of your going out snacks, towels, drinks etc!

Try purchasing organic or fair trade clothing. You can even purchase clothing and accessories that donate to a worthy cause! What you wear has just as much of an impact as recycling does. You can do all the green things you want but what has more impact than your purchasing power! Show your community you are serious about our environment and they should be as well! Green T is an excellent company to get your head start in green clothing purchases.

Are you doing anything special for Earth Day? Have you done anything to help your community or try to help your community get greener? I want to hear all about it! I will post it!! I want to hear all of your feedback good or negative! We can all come up with ideas to help our local and global communities!!




Host: myEARTH360
Type: Causes – Rally
Network: Global
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010
Time: 8:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: GLOBAL

Description On Earth Hour hundreds of millions of people, organizations, corporations and governments will come together to make a bold statement about their concern for climate change by doing something quite simple—turning off their lights for one hour. Earth Hour symbolizes that by working together, each of us can have a positive impact in the fight against climate change, protecting our future and that of future generations.

In the U.S. where the impacts of climate change are already being felt, Earth Hour sends a message that Americans care about this issue and stand with the world in seeking to find solutions to the escalating climate crisis because if we don’t, who will.

Participation is easy. By flipping off your light switch on March 27th at 8:30 p.m. (your local time wherever you are) you will be casting your vote for action on climate change. We also encourage you to unplug everything… and start earlier, go all night!

Since its inception three years ago, Earth Hour’s non-partisan approach has captured the world’s imagination and became a global phenomenon. Nearly one billion people turned out for Earth Hour 2009 – involving 4,100 cities in 87 countries on seven continents.

Last year, 80 million Americans and 318 U.S. cities officially voted for action with their light switch, joining iconic landmarks from around the world that went dark for Earth Hour, including:

* Empire State Building
* Brooklyn Bridge
* Broadway Theater Marquees
* Las Vegas Strip
* United Nations Headquarters
* Golden Gate Bridge
* Seattle’s Space Needle
* Church of Latter-Day Saints Temple
* Gateway Arch in St. Louis
* Great Pyramids of Giza
* Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens
* Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro
* St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City
* Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in London
* Elysee Palace and Eiffel Tower in Paris
* Beijing’s Birds Nest and Water Cube
* Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong
* Sydney’s Opera House

Join the movement here and Please spread the word!

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