DIY Moss Bath Mat

Moss Bath Mat

Moss Bath Mat


How awesomely fun is this! You can create you own Moss Bath Mat that gets water from the steam in your bathroom as well as from you when you dry off! Make sure to place the mat directly outside of your tub or shower like you would any other mat. I think this is a great use of greens in the home especially if you are someone who isn’t good at keeping plants alive. I personally managed to murder a cactus that has been in my office for the passed 3 years. I think I need a lesson in not murdering plants which is why this mat is so appealing to me. I found this fun little project right here if you want to see the full article.

Plastazote Foam Roll
X-ACTO Knife
Hot Glue Gun
Assorted moss plugs


1. Measure and cut two sheets of plastazote foam from the roll at 24-by-12 inches each. This plastic-foam material is what is used in making commercial moss mats, and is ideal for wet-dry use.

2. Lay one of the sheets of plastazote in front of you and place a large stencil in the center. It can be of any shape you want. Stick simple shapes if you are a beginner.

3. Trace the shape with a white crayon, since the plastazote material is dark in color.

4.. Cut around the shape tracing with an X-acto knife. Cut down through the entire depth of the material, and push out the cutout shape, leaving a perfect hole in the shape of the stencil. Do this as many times as you want on the material. Place smaller stencils around the large cutouts and repeat, as you please.

5. Squeeze a line of hot glue along all four edges of the second sheet of plastazote material. Layer the sheet with the holes over it evenly, pressing the edges together. This creates a single mat of about 2 inches thick. The top layer features perfect molds for filling with moss.

6. Moisten the top layer of the mat after it has dried for an hour. This gets it primed for the moss. Spray it with a fine mist of water from your shower head or a spray bottle.

7. Fill each “mold” in the top layer of the mat with your own selection of moss plugs, which can be purchased online or from specialty nurseries and gardening stores. Irish moss, Spanish moss and some forms of live sphagnum moss thrive well in these living eco-shower mats.

The Green Bride Registry

I posted an article previously about a book called Green Bride Guide and in the early Beagle Days I posted about an online/physical store 3R’s green registry. Since then I have seen many green stores pop up and much more green commerce (maybe because I have been looking more for them) but either way I have found Green Bride Guide website. I loved this book so it makes sense I would love the site!

Get $10 off your order of $50 or more in the Green Bride Guide Gift Shop!

Green Bride Guide has compiled a ton of green items and for you to have for your home. The registry is broken down into categories, color, certification & eco-strategy. The pricing isn’t cheap but by no means is it expensive for eco-products. Not to mention it’s your wedding so you aren’t paying for it so go crazy!
I have yet to meet a bride & groom who have asked for eco-friendly products for their wedding. If green items happen to be at Bed Bath & Beyond or Macy’s they would consider it but to go directly to a green business with a green registry seems out of many couples comfort zones. I, personally, would definitely register green. I honestly couldn’t afford it buy everything I would want for a green home all at once. I purchase piece by piece. A wedding registrty is a perfect way to start your new green lives together. You can build from there. You will also be forcing people who might not have otherwise been interested in green items to learn about something new. You could be creating a new greenie with your green registry. Keep that in mind.

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