Green Gifts For Dad

Green Father's Day

Green Father's Day



Father’s Day is almost here and I thought some of you might need some assistance in finding great green ideas for dad that aren’t ties. I know my dad always appreciates small things that are creative and from the heart like most parents but there is no reason you can’t go green too.

1. Try fixing something of his that is broken. I am sure your father has something/s lying around that he has been meaning to get fixed. If you can fix it do it. If not find someone who can.

2. Make him a craft out of things your father loves from around the house. I don’t mean to take apart his gadgets or hobbies but if you know there are certain colors, materials, products etc he favors why not make him something he can truly enjoy. Creativity can help you save money and share a moment with dear old dad.

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8. Does your Father like wine? Get him a sample pack of Organic Wines for Father’s Day.

9. Do dad’s regular house chores like outdoor work or maybe the garbage.  Even dad’s don’t like doing them and they deserve a day off.

10.  Good ol’ breakfast in bed is always a pleaser.  Make your dad his favorite meal out of green and local products.  Why not bring all of his meals to him for the day.  Get dad his favorite snacks and foods to enjoy on is special day.

Since Dads Are Often Cheesy

Since Dads Are Often Cheesy

Since Dads Are Often Cheesy


Fathers Day is around the corner and you know how they love handmade gifts from their loved ones. Handmade gifts and ties right? They always want ties. Here is a creative and yummo way to show Dad that you love him.

Organic rectangle shaped crackers
Organic sliced cheeses (you can use any kind even possibly spreadable but that might get messy)
Organic red or green bell pepper
Organic pepperoni (you can use vegetarian pepperoni as well)
Organic sliced cold cuts (you can use vegetarian cold cuts as well)
Organic scallions
Organic yellow mustard
Organic olives (green or yellow)



1. For each shirt, top a cracker with a rectangle of cheese or cold cut.
2. Next, cut shirt details, such as a collar, pocket, tie, or button seam, out of olives, cheese, peppers, cold cuts or pepperoni.
3. Use thinly sliced scallions or dots of yellow mustard for buttons.
4. Get creative with it. You can make other things as well that remind you of dad. Cut out a wallet or a mug maybe a television.

Dad will get a kick out of your creativeness. It will be yummy too. You can try other foods such as hot dogs, pretzels, bread, ketchup, anything really. You can make a bunch of Dad shaped things.

Green Gifts for Dad

While looking for some prezzies for my Papa for Father’s Day I didn’t want to leave you out of some really cute items that your father might enjoy too so here they are!

Microlink Microlink FR160Product Description: AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz), NOAA weatherband all 7 channels, Built-in 3 white LED light source, Powered by solar or dynamo both of which charge internal Ni-MH battery, USB cell phone charger (USB cable not included), 3.5 mm headphone output.

Bamboo Earphones Verse Earphones with MicProduct Description: In-ear passive sound isolation design. Integrated microphone with mute & play/pause control. Precision-tuned port for full bass response,10 mm diameter driver, 18 Hz – 20 kHz range, PVC free amp; RohS compliant, 1E sound isolation earphones with integrated mic. S/M/L interchangeable ear caps.  Remember the bamboo cases I wrote about yesterday! All excellent gifts.

Owls-t-men Organic Cotton Unisex OWLS t-shirt Product Description: 100% Organic Cotton T-shirt.
Color:Available ONLY in Natural with Brown ink. This premium collection of “organic” owls is sure to put a smile in many faces.

Eco-Wallet Eco Canvas Wallet-Woodrings Product Description: Screen-printed by hand using water–based inks. Eco-friendly organic cotton and hemp (55/45%) blend. Classic billfold styling with six pocket interior. Interior grain pattern is unique to each piece. Other patterns available.

Eco-friendly gifts

Eco-Friendly Shaving Soap Kit

Father’s Day is around the corner, you might as well get him something he can use. Shaving is a part of most people’s days but green shaving is something maybe some men might be new too. Green Living Everyday has an amazing green shaving kit that won’t break your bank. Give him a great gift and be environmentally conscious at the same time.

Eco-Friendly Shaving Soap Kit

Eco-Friendly Shaving Soap Kit – Your Best Source Eco-friendly Products

Kit Info:

Green Living Everyday eco-friendly shaving set includes one spicy Sassafras Shaving Soap, a hardwood shaving bowl and a matching natural bristle starter brush, in a rugged burlap drawstring gift bag.

Eco-Friendly Shaving Tips:

* buy razors with recyclable, replaceable, or sustainable parts
* use a natural shaving soap with minimal packaging instead of synthetic aeresols, creams, and gels
* if you must use an electric razor, choose one with rechargeable batteries

A few more quick gift ideas for Dad’s

If you are like me and like to wait until the last minute to get your act together gift wise! I have done some of the work for you! Just because you are in a rush doesn’t mean you don’t have to be eco-friendly about it!

The Ultimate Green Store Work Bags

English Retreads Guarantees:

*Easy to clean. Wipe your English Retreads product with a damp cloth.
*Easy to shine. Use any standard tire cleaner such as Armor All.
*Cruelty free & vegan: no animal products used in making this bags.
*Classic designs hand-crafted from 100% reused rubber inner tubes.
*Each bag is unique due to the markings and textures of the rubber.
*English Retreads will repair any of their bags if they become damaged due to normal wear and tear (you only pay the shipping costs).

Our Green House – natural & organic products for the home.

Does your dad like to cook? or eat? Mine sure does! This bamboo cutting board also doubles as a serving plate! Easy to clean and made out of one of the most renewable resources on Earth, make it a perfect addition to any kitchen!

Best selling audiobooks on iTunes

Does your Father like to read? Save paper and give your dad an iTunes gift card. He can download from the computer and put it on a cd if he doesn’t have an Ipod. Your dad can bring his favorite books with him where ever he goes!

 Waffle Weave Robes and Towels from Gilden Tree! Order Yours Today!

Does your father need sometime to relax? Get him a gift for 2! Gilden Tree, Inc.Weekend GetAway basket comes with: two white waffle weave robes, organic chocolates, candle, romantic music, a little 95% Shea Butter Balm and two massage stones. (massage instructions included) The set comes in a pandan box with a lid.

Is your Dad a Camper?

Is your father the outdoorsy kind? Is camping a big part of your family time or his kind of relaxation? This environmentally friendly set is great for the camper dad or grandad you know. It is compact and easy to carry, instead of lugging around a bunch of different products. Even if your father or grandfather isn’t green this is a great way to teach them to be. Once they see how great these products are they will be more willing to try other products and maybe even take some advice from you for a change!

Product Features:

*1oz All Good Goop Healing Balm
*1oz Organic Mineral Sunscreen Sunscreen in SPF 20 Sport
*2 oz Herbal Cool Sore Muscle Spray
*Organic Original All Good Lips SPF 15 lip balm
*Organic cotton gift bag with logo
*Organic and botanical ingredients
*100 % natural essential oils
*Herbal-based and chemical free
*Fair Trade ingredients
*Perfect for sensitive skin
*Co-op America Approved

The Ultimate Green Store

Great Fathers Day Gift

ECOnscious Three Pocket Apron (Black)

We all know Father’s Day is almost here so if you are a little late on the gift purchases, I have found something your dad will love and so will the environment. The ECOnscious Three Pocket Apronis a great gift idea if you have a father that likes to BBQ over the summer or likes to make his own concoctions in the kitchen. The reason I really love this apron isn’t only because it’s made of 55% organic cotton 45% recycled polyester but because you can completely personalize it yourself! Embroider it, glue odd’s and end’s to it or even use paint/markers to make it even more special to Dad on his special day! Your dad will love a custom present from his children! You can even make one for grandpa! Out line your hand print and color it in! Use your imagination! Go Wild! Dad deserves it!