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JP Selects is a company which has made it it’s mission to broaden the horizons of sustainable green businesses. JP Selects helps these small companies with advertising and even global distribution and logistics through Strader Ferris company. Not every brand is the absolute greenest but they do make they all have conscious aspects whether it is using recycled packaging, purchasing carbon offsets or being biodegradable.
JP Select’s variety of products go from fashion to home to pet to health and wellness. If conscious shopping is important to you than you are bound to find a brand that you are already loyal to and definitely new ones to start trying.
If you are interested in trying JP Select’s featured brands you can check out their How We Select section to make sure their processes are up to your standards.

About JP Selects from their own mouth:
Our Mission
We are committed to scouting the world for the best up and coming brands and entrepreneurs who are making a difference with more sustainable products and by giving back.

Who We Are
Named after our co-founder, humanitarian and entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria, at JP Selects we scout the USA and the World for the best up and coming brands and entrepreneurs. Every brand on JP Selects is vetted and tested by our team to ensure the quality of their products and the sustainability of their production. To further help emerging brands reach a broader audience, JP Selects also provides support with global distribution and logistics.

JP Selects and the brands on our platform believe in supporting the environment and society, and we all contribute to important causes, because as our founder says, “Success unshared is failure”. Be the first of your friends to discover our emerging brands, all while making a difference.

About John Paul DeJoria
John Paul DeJoria is the co-founder of Paul Mitchell Systems, Patron Spirits, and now JP Selects. He is a renowned humanitarian who, from humble beginnings, has dedicated his life’s work to improving the well-being of millions of people across the world.

John Paul and his wife, Eloise, believe that each of us has a daily responsibility to make the world a better place. With the philosophy that “Success Unshared is Failure”, John Paul has launched this innovative enterprise that will bring a multitude of ethically-conscious brands to public attention.

Eco Icons
All our brands support sustainability and great causes. You can find eco icons on brands indicating the value that each brand puts on sustainability, social causes and the way each brand makes this a better world. The key below explains what each of the icons represent – view How We Select to learn more.

Connected Wisdom

Connected Wisdom

Connected Wisdom Illustrates the inter-connectedness we as a world share. Every action effects your surrounding environment accordingly. This concept may be difficult for children to grasp but Connect Wisdom defines the meaning of a Living System perfectly for everyone in terms that can be come a “fairytale” of positive sorts for generations to come.
Everyone agrees that to create responsible and aware adults the lessons must come from childhood where these ideas can be cemented in to a child’s impressionability before they have time to be negatively influenced by outside efforts. This may sound almost like brain washing but if you think about the fairy tales that you remember as a child most of them had little to no relevance to real life other than wait patiently for prince charming to come save you. You grow up being delusional even if you know better somewhere deep down you wish for Prince Charming right? In the case of Connected Wisdom a child can know deep down what is right so as children and then adults they can make good decisions regarding their environments for current and future generations.

About Connected Wisdom:
Living Stories About Living Systems gathers twelve stories from different cultures that each reveal a unique example of a “living system.” Through them, Linda Booth Sweeney shows that what we now call systems thinking has been around for a very long time.

A Balinese folktale tells the story of a gecko who cannot sleep because of the sparks from a firefly. He traces the cause of his complaint from one animal to another to the mosquitoes he depends on for his survival. Like this gecko, young readers will understand that all life is inter-related, and will be able to grasp the concept of the living system of “interdependence.” In a Burmese folktale, a king spills a drop of honey on his windowsill, too little to bother cleaning up. Yet the drop draws a fly, which attracts a lizard, which is followed by a cat, then a dog, and the owners of the cat and the dog, each armed with a stick. When civil war erupts, the king and readers understand the living system of “linearity,” in which an effect is disproportionate to its cause.
Says Sweeney, “If kids understand living systems, they’re more likely to think and act in informed ways and less likely to jump to blame a single cause for the challenges they encounter. As kids appreciate and learn about living systems, they see that connections in nature, people, problems and events bind us all.”

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street




I hope you are all paying attention to the Occupy Wall Street protests! I am getting excited. I have plans to be down there protesting ASAP. I hope my fellow greenies will come down to support as well. The action is spreading globally so get on the boat! You are one of the 99% let your voice be heard. We can make a difference and we should. The movement has already spread further and faster than expected. We need to be the cause of it spreading even quicker and in larger amounts. We can do this and we must for the sake of ourselves our children and grandchildren. If you are the 99% send me your statement and I will add post a new one everyday on my walls. Feel free to send pictures as well! I appreciate your support and your participation more than ever!! Read about others and their stories here I AM THE 99% .