Creepy Closet Monsters

Creepy Closet Monsters



This is my favorite time of year with my favorite holiday coming up! I love decorating for Halloween! There are soo many fun things you and your family can do to spook up your home simply and inexpensivly with things you have lying around the house. Creepy Closet Monsters are the perfect way to decorate and get some use out of the wire hangers you might have lying around at home. If you like this craft enough you can do this for other holidays and even make some for everyday. Why not make your closet pretty instead of having to buy expensive hangers. You can even reinforce the wire hangers while decorating so they can last longer/hold heavier clothes.




Wire Hangers
Construction Paper
Poster Board
Card Stock
Tacky Glue
Any possible decorations you have lying around.


1.For each hanger, trace the body of a hanger onto poster board, then cut out the shape.

2.Cut facial features, designs, decorations from poster board and card stock, adhering them to the base shape with tacky glue.

3.Let the glue dry, then tape the poster board face or design to the hanger.

Reclaimed Wood Organizer

Reclaimed Vintage House Wood Organizer with drawer

Reclaimed Wood Organizer

I keep telling you how school is here and getting ready is a must. Whether you are going away to school or just need to get better organized Chaba has designed a unique way of getting it done. Chaba’s Reclaimed Wood Organizer can help you keep your school work or project junk in one organized area with no mess and nothing getting lost.


The word Chaba represents the beautiful Hibiscus flower that grows widely throughout Thailand and other parts of the Pacific. We take pride in our RECYCLED WOOD products. Why cut down trees when we can re use old ones. We retrieve the old wood from torn down buildings, schools, boats, and homes in Thailand.
We’ve turned something old, and turned it into a new unique form of art and home or office decor. Our handmade recycled wood products is reclaimed and refinished to perfection.
Each frame and accent item is one of a kind and in effect, an artifact due to the process of its creation. We are proud that these frames and other decor pieces are used to capture the memories, art, and the essence of life whilst being entirely eco-friendly. Chaba Decor promotes sustainability and fair trade by purchasing wood pieces from local woodworkers who set out to collect wood from torn down building sites including some old Tsunami wreckages. We then employ local artisans to make our items using their original craft and manufacturing methods.

Spring Bamboo Clock

Spring Bamboo Clock

Spring Bamboo Clock

Oh how I swoon over the Spring Bamboo Clock! The Bamboo Clock  is spectacularly beautious! I would like to say that is is a little pricey but to be honest it is hand made in the USA, made from bamboo and is under $100. Comparing that to many other eco-living sites that really isn’t bad. The Spring Bamboo Clock literally made me jump for joy when I came across it. I am positive I must have the Bamboo Spring Clock like yesterday! I am pretty sure you know someone who needs it too! It is back to school season after all, maybe a new college student or teacher needs a little gift before the school year gets into full swing? Keeping summery things around helps ease the pain of the realization that summer is coming to a close shortly. That makes everyone a little sad.

About the Spring Bamboo Clock:

This clock emanates the feeling of Spring time and was inspired by Japanese paper cutting art. All images have to be connected in order to allow the laser cutting technique used to cut out the image as a single piece.
Hand made in the USA
The white part is ivory acrylic and it is backed by eco-friendly bamboo to bring out its elegant and intricate design. Clock hands are in chocolate brown. Clock requires one AA battery to operate.
Materials: Bamboo, Acrylic, Clock parts
Made per order, please allow 1-2 weeks to leave the studio.

organic apparel

Eco Art Pillows by Wabisabi Green

Wabisabi Green Eco Art Pillows

I love decorating my new home and as I repeatedly mention I am trying one purchase at a time to “green it up” any way I can. Lately I have been lamenting over the fact that my bedroom isn’t up to par. I have been dreading buying new sheets, blankets and pillows because of the small zoo of animals that think my bedroom is their palace. I decided to get over it and begin the fun of decorating. I wanted to go all out this time and get the little things I never really thought to purchase before. Decorative pillows were high on this list. That is where I found these EcoArt Pillows by Wabisabi Green. Besides being hand printed with water based inks, using sustainably harvested kapok fiber or ecofibers from recycled plastic bottles it is also MADE IN THE USA! I love finding eco-products made right here at home. Not enough products are made in the USA anymore for a number of reasons but when I find them I make sure to keep a list! Check out Wabisabi Green today and see what they have to decorate your home!

Papyrus Lime/Slate EcoArt Pillow
A decorative green throw pillow hand printed with a stunning papyrus design.The modern Papyrus pillow available in a stylish lime/slate color combination provides a cheerful garden accent for your home.This design goes well with many the Branch, Frond and Rosette pillows.

Soft organic cotton twill hand printed with environmentally safe water-based inks. The back cover is solid slate.

100% hypoallergenic fill in unbleached cotton shell. Choose from luxurious silky organic kapok fiber sustainably harvested from the rain forest or soft and fluffy ecofiber made from recycled plastic bottles rescued from landfills. Designed, hand printed, and fabricated in the USA

Product Care:
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. All pillows are constructed with a hidden zipper for easy removal and cleaning.

organic cotton throw pillow