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Pure Citizen



I know I have told you all about LovingEco so here is another awesomely chic green flash sale site where not only are your purchases responsible but they go to a good cause. Pure Citizen sales this week are pretty good! Right now I am swooning over Omala!! Their workout clothes are awesome!! Especially their skeggings!! I am loving these new flash sale sites that have more than just over price crap for sale to make people feel special about spending too much on something they could get at Marshall’s for less than half the price. Pure Citizen offers great deals on a regular basis while featuring green/eco-friendly businesses you may otherwise have not heard of. I love being introduced to new companies. The more green businesses and products creates the less room there are for harmful and wasteful ones.
The way Pure Citizen donations work is it is built into the sale and if you would like to save a little less you can give a 20% donation to a non-profit and help them help our world. That has got to make anyone feel better when they go on a little splurge here and there right? If you haven’t checked out Pure Citizen you should! Signing up is free and you aren’t obligated to pay for or purchase anything unlike some of the other flash sale sites! So go there now and check it out. If you have tried Pure Citizen tell me about it! I would love to hear what you think!!!

Great Green Gifts for Her

The holidays are right around the corner and in case you are wondering what she wants here is a small list of awesomeness that I know I want and I am sure she will love too!!
Remember if you must purchase please do so as greenly as possible! I know it is difficult and some people you know and love my still be boycotting the green scene but try to change their minds!

Kaia House Gift Guide I have recently stumbled upon Kaia House and their gift guide has gifts for everyone at excellent prices! Kaia House bath and body gifts look soo delish I cannot wait to try them for myself so I know she will love them too!!

Save up to 40% off on Last Minute Gift Sets forHer. Find exactly what you need at Juara.  I have written about a few of  Jaura’s amazing products like their Coffee Body Scrub which is totes to die for! Juara offers an amazing selection of  Vegetarian skin and body care products that smell and feel sooo good! Perfect for any lady that likes pampering!

Pure Citizen or LovingEco are two of my fave places to shop and play! If you have seen all of the VIP sites like Beyond the Rack, Gilt or even Shoe Dazzle which sell fur, leather and other animal bits & pieces where you know the merchandise is less than ethical LovingEco & Pure Citizen are much better options! She can choose from cosmetics, accessories, clothes and even make donations if she chooses!! Get her a gift certificate from LovingEco and she will have regular access to soo many amazing ethical/green brands!

Fun gifts for her from Ecoist I know you are probably convinced that I work for Ecoist but I do not! I just love their accessories! If she isn’t in to purses look at their accessories or creative home decor ideas! I promise she won’t be disappointed if you get her a gift from here! Shoot even a gift certificate might just be the ticket!

FREE UPS GROUND Shipping From 12/8 Thru 12/19 On Any Order Now At Coyuchi.com! Click Here! Have you ever slept on organic cotton sheets? If not you needs to ASAP. They are the smoothest, comfiest, classiest sheets I have ever dreamed on! I promise you she will love them too! Easy to clean, great to sleep on and clearly excellent for the environment!

Pure Citizen

Literally Orange Earrings

Literally Orange Earrings
Literally Orange Earrings

I have a thing for lemons, limes and oranges. I used to photograph them all of the time and slice them up in different arrangements, put lights on them and snap away. I have always had a liking for all 3 fruits less for eating and more for their vibrant colors and shapes. I am not sure why but I think they are beautiful to look at now I can wear them! I love it. The Literally Orange Earrings are actual orange slices coated in a resin for preservation that you can wear and they won’t go bad! How awesome is that! Talk about using natural resources right? When you purchase the Literally Orange Earringsyou are helping Chilean artisans create an income for their families and communities. Your small purchase can go a long way. Gifts With Humanity is an incredible organization that focuses on helping communities capitalize on their art or craft where the locals otherwise couldn’t. Always remember to think about the impact your purchasing power really has!

About Literally Orange Earrings:
These thin slices of orange are coated in resin to preserve their color and shape. They even have a citrus scent! Pueblos del Sur artisans in Chile created these orange earrings by hand as an income generating project. The earrings measures about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and hangs from a silver nickel hook.

Gifts With Humanity - You Shop We Donate

Bamboo Hoodie Dress

Bamboo Hoodie Dress

Bamboo Hoodie Dress

How amazingly cute is this dress from Bamboo Styles! I absolutely love it! It is only $28 and guess what….MADE OUT OF BAMBOO!! Super cool right?! I love hoods I have no idea why but I do and the 3/4 sleeve and stitching make me need this Bamboo Hoodie Dress, like yesterday. Usually, most of bamboo or even organic cotton clothing is very plain and crunchy looking. The pieces that have a little attitude to them are usually crazy expensive. I really do appreciate finding stylish clothes that are priced right and sustainable for our environment. I am glad to see a company such as Bamboo Styles appreciates this as well. Bamboo Stylesdoesn’t offer a huge selection of men’s or women’s clothing but the items they do offer I happen to think have a little flare to them which makes all the difference to me.

Product Info:
•Biza brand
•Form fitting on top and through sleeves – comfortable loose fit in the skirt
•Bottom hem hits at mid-thigh
•3/4 sleeves
•Empire waist band detail
•Scar stitching on shoulder seam and waistband
•70% bamboo 25% cotton 5% spandex
•Made in Mexico
The bamboo clothing you purchase from us is guaranteed to be:
•Extremely soft
•Moisture wicking
•Made from bamboo grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers

Bamboo Styles