The Chelsea Green Guides


The Chelsea Green Guides–6 Pack Set

The Chelsea Green Guides–6 Pack Set
of books that will benefit your green lifestyle immensely. Each book “greens up” a different aspect of your life ie. your home, your office, your bank account, and your activities. You can learn simple ways to be more conscious in all areas and hopefully improve the quality of our environment not only in your personal space but in your community as well.
The Chelsea Green Guidesis the perfect gift for a new “greenie” or even better a disbeliever to prove to them how being educated about changing our habits can improve our environment greatly.

Product Descriptions:

Biking to Work

A complete guide for making biking to work a safe reality for the beginning bike commuter. For those who live within biking distance to work, this book offers simple safety, bike-buying, gear-buying, and basic maintenance tips, as well as ways to best plan your route to and from the office. By biking to work, you can improve your physical and mental health, save money, avoid creating pollution, and contribute to friendlier cities. In the face of rush-hour traffic, biking is often faster than driving, too!

Greening Your Office: From Cupboard to Corporation: an A-Z Guide

An A-to-Z guide for offices of all sizes, from energy use and better supply purchases to recycling and reusing materials, plus summaries of a range of renewable energy options, commuting techniques, and more. These tips help your workplace save money while reducing environmental impacts, and can boost employee morale in the process. Your choices for coffee, computer monitors, furniture, invoices, lighting, paper, stamps, and hundreds of other items can add up to a better world.

Composting: An easy Household Guide

Everything you need to know about composting, from the different containers available, to what to put in them, to how to use the results. Includes an A-Z directory of how to compost everything from ash to weeds; plus expert advice on how to compost in small spaces, bins, and wormeries, and getting your community involved.

Energy: Use Less — Save More

100 energy saving tips for everything in your home or business. Includes suggestions on heating and cooling, lighting, cooking, appliances and much more. Also provides an overview on renewable energy options.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Easy Household Guide

This easy to use guide has the answers to all your recycling questions. Use its A-Z listing of everyday household items to see how you can recycle most of your unwanted things, do your bit for the planet, and maybe make a bit of money while you’re at it.

Water: Use Less — Save More

100 simple and effective tips for saving water, inside and outdoors of your home or business. Packed with practical ideas for your kitchen, bath, landscaping, and water using chores.

Energy Free

Energy Free

From: Chelsea Green Publishing

I know there are plenty of books out there that explain how to save energy at home but what if you could make your house use no more energy than it needs to produce. We hear this word “zero-energy” but do we really know what it means or how we can attain it? Energy Free details how we can get to “zero-energy” and stay that way.

Product Description:

Energy Free is designed to equip building professionals and homeowners alike with a toolkit for creating homes that use no more energy than they produce—this means homes that are free from the vagaries of energy-price fluctuations and that help to free society of the high political and environmental costs of fossil fuels.
Individuals and institutions have been working toward “zero-energy” homes for decades. This volume is the first record of those collective efforts, distilling their experience into a practical and comprehensive how-to guide. The author includes resource information and step-by-step guidance on how to make decisions that will yield an energy-free residential project, whether a single-family home or multifamily building, new or existing, in an urban or a rural setting. The unique needs and opportunities of each context are addressed.
Energy Freeoffers a wide array of resource information, including detailed window and insulation comparisons; assessments of the relative contribution of different building elements; and overall performance. It draws on research and empirical data from myriad sources, including the Department of Energy’s Building America program; Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s House of the Future; Passiv Haus Institute in Europe and the Passive House Institute of the U.S.; Florida Solar Energy Center; Living Building Challenge; Affordable Comfort, Inc.’s, Thousand Home Challenge; and many pioneering individual home projects across North America.

The Rainfortest Site

Recycled Art

Banjo Gecko's

Banjo Gecko's

These recycled statues are a great gift for someone in the office or for someone who likes a laugh. This could even be something to get for someone that you have no idea what to get them. I know Christmas has passed but in case you need to get some gifts for people later one this is a cute idea. Even something for someone to start of their new year being greener! These Gecko’s can be a reminder to reduce, recycle and reuse!
The Banjo Gecko’s are great to put on a desk at the office or display at home. A teacher or caregiver might that you needed to get a little something for might appreciate the cute design.

Product Description:
Made from colorful strips of recycled aluminum drink cans, these geckos are sure to bring a smile to your face. Stick them on your office desk or hall entrance table… they make a great eco-friendly decorating touch to any décor. Each creation is hand made in Capetown, South Africa and provides training and a sustainable income for local young people.  Each gecko is sold separately – colors vary according to tins collected.

Turkey-tacular Placecards

Turkey-tacular Placecards

Turkey-tacular Placecards

Wiggle Eyes
Low Temp Glue Gun
Organic Almonds in Shell
Organic Small Apples
Organic Round Hard Candies
Organic Peanuts In-Shell
Ideal Home Sustainably Harvested Napkins
Recycled Paper Clips
Recycled Construction Paper


1. Glue your turkeys eyes to almond and let dry.
2. Glue the hard candy to front of apple and let dry.
3. Glue the almond to the hard candy and let dry.
4. Glue peanut below almond for turkey’s wattle.
5. Unfold napkin halfway, then fold back and forth like you would a fan.
6. Put a paper clip in the center of the folded napkin.
7. Pull ends of folded napkin together and then secure it with a paper clip at top .
8. Place the napkin behind the turkey or you can use a little hot glue to attach it.
9. Unbend one end of a paper clip and insert into apple. Use it to hold place card.
10. Cut placecard from colored paper.
11. Write the guests name on it
12. Decorate the name card any way you wish or leave it plain.

Skincare -Sweet Black Tea & Rice Moisturizer Feature

The Wonder Ball

The Wonder Ball

The Wonder Ball

So I have found something kind of really interesting! I have 4 pets yup, you read right 4 and laundry is something we have to do often. We use all the normal green products which still consist of detergent and reusable dryer sheets. The Wonder Ballgets rid of your need for detergent. You can still use it or pre-treat any stains but The Wonder Ball makes detergent no longer a necessity! The Wonder Balluses magnets to remove stains. Then when the magnets start to stop working the manufacturer will “recharge” your Wonder Ball for free!!


We’ve discovered a whole new clean that reduces soaps and petrochemicals from the Earth’s water supply and helps alleviate allergies and skin irritations. Simply add the detergent-free Wonder Ball to laundry (pre-treat any stains) and a small amount of detergent (or none), and a proprietary blend of minerals and magnetics within the ball lowers the water’s surface tension, making it “wetter” so it can clean fabric fibers more deeply. Washing laundry with the Wonder Ball only and no laundry soap also eliminates the detergent residue that aggravates allergies and irritates skin. Imported.


Works in hard or soft water
Use with top- or front-loading washing machines.
Can use to hand wash delicates.
Lasts about two years or 2,000 washes.
Do not use in the dryer.
Manufacturer will recharge Wonder Ball for a fee; information included with the packaging.

Real Goods Solar, Inc.

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I’ve got Your Stimulus right here!



I have found perhaps the most exciting eco-friendly site I’ve ever seen! I knew there had to be businesses like these out in cyber space and I am proud to announce there definitely are!!!  takes your lifestyle and transforms it in to the routine that not only saves the earth but saves you money! Going Green Today assesses your households personal carbon foot-print and promises to reduce it by 35% after participating their 30,60 or 90 day program. For a fee of $29.00 and after taking their carbon footprint assessment survey they will transform your life into a green-haven  that could save you up to $2000 annually. If that isn’t awesome enough here comes the best part…..half of that $29.00 fee goes to organizations that work to stop global warming!!! Nobody can loose in this situation! To date  has saved their users $183,597.00 and have reduced their total carbon output by 265,895 co2 lbs! For those of you that are new to going green this is a great way to save yourself money as well as learn helpful tips you can use in everyday life and hopefully pass them on.