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Rockstar Handbag
Rockstar Handbag


Hello awesome eco-handbag alert!!! I just learned about Gunas Handbags from a sale that Pure Citizenis currently having. Gunas designs are soo my style! They are eco-friendly and use all faux leather materials as well as using hardware that is lead and nickle free! The Rockstar bag in particular is making me drool! I really love it when I can find super hot designs that are eco-friendly.
Now that all being said, WHY IS THIS BAG $325?!?!?! Really this is the impression we are giving to people who already don’t understand the importance of eco-friendliness! This makes me soo mad! People already have the misconception that organic/eco-friendly/sustainable is more expensive and generally not what it says it is. Companies like this give other green businesses a bad name. We are just scaring potentials off. I thought green businesses are supposed to be changing the minds of the masses about making responsible purchases? Luxury items are so expensive because people are stupid to pay for it not because the items are actually worth that much. You pay for a logo people. I am soo disappointed in Gunas and Pure Citizen. We cannot change peoples minds about being green by trying to fit in with the mass luxury market. We are above the high prices and snooty noses. We don’t need our hand bags to cost $325 dollars because it is unnecessary to spend that kind of money on an accessory. Don’t get me wrong I love fashion and I want to look just as cute as the next greenie but there must be a limit.

Urthbags, you have to have!!!!



 UrthBags EcoChic Purses Made from Recycled Mate are hand-crafted from recycled & biodegradable materials by Fair Trade women’s organizations and artisans. They are made from magazines, juice boxes, telephone books, seashells, coconut shells, or newspapers. These bags are creative, innovative and beautifully designed! This website needs to be enjoyed and shared!

Trinity – $ 42.00

From: UrthBags EcoChic Purses Made from Recycled Mate

The Trinity Recycled Seashell Bag
+ Unique tiger-like print sea shells
+ Magnetic clasp closure
+ Satin fabric lining
+ Interior pocket Product Dimensions: 9.5″L x 2.5″W x 6″H
+ Product Weight: 1 lb.

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