Great Green Kids Gifts Under $30

I am sure you have running around like crazy trying to get the newest hottest gifts for the children in your life this holiday. I saw a target commercial last night for a children’s dino-toy that didn’t look like anything crazy that was $42! This may not sound like a lot for 1 toy for 1 kid but when you have to purchase multiple gifts for multiple children besides everyone else you have to get for $42 is way too much! I decided to go on a hunt for cool & fun children’s gifts that are under $30! I think I came up golden. Tell me what you think.



Mudpuppy Constructibles Building Set - Bold Patterns

Mudpuppy Constructibles Building Set - Bold Patterns


Mudpuppy Constructibles Building Set aren’t your normal old blocks! Not only do the colors and patterns make this building set super cool the set is aimed at improving hand/eye coordination which is always a plus for children. They can progress just by playing. I always loved building things as a child. I thought for a while I wanted to be an architect until I found out how horrible in math I was. Guess what greenies? This awesome gift is only $12.99


WorryWoo Monster - Nola

WorryWoo Monster - Nola


WorryWo Monster Nola I really just love this stuffed animal! I cannot get enough of it. Green is one of my very favorite colors obviously soo this little greenie of sorts just pushed a cute button in me! Nola is perfect for cuddling and loving for years to come and only costs $21.99!



Blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers

Blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers


 blue Orange Gobblet Gobblers is a cool new way to play tic tac toe! You can gobble up your opponent! This is a great gift for any child. We all remember playing tic tac toe for hours or when we were bored. It is a great travel game as well. This excellent gift idea is only $19.99.



Blue Orange Spot It

Blue Orange Spot It


Blue Orange Spot It is a super fun think on your feet game where you have to match the symbols together quickly before anyone else! Spot it has 4 different variations to keep you from getting bored and best part is it only costs $14.00!

Blue Orange Tell Tale

Blue Orange Tell Tale


Blue Orange Tell Tale is a super fun game! You can inspire imagination and creativeness all in one simple game. You deal out the cards that range from easy to complex and from competition to cooperation and the receiver of the cards has to tell a story using the illustrated cards! How fun! All for $13.99



Pop Bottle Science - 79 Amazing Experiments & Science Projects

Pop Bottle Science - 79 Amazing Experiments & Science Projects


Pop Bottle Science– 79 Amazing Experiments & Science Projects This may be for the nerd in your life but whatever this thing is way cool! Pop Bottle Science has 79 different projects right there! Ranging from weather to geology to the body and tons more! How cool is that? To top it off this magic science lab is only $15.00

Green is a Holiday Color for a Reason!

Green Christmas

The holidays are very near or maybe almost ending for some! It is a time for sharing and caring not only about friends and family but the environment too. The holiday’s are about over indulging and over doing but that doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to make your season greener and brighter!

* Re-gift all you want! There is nothing wrong with putting unwanted/unused past gifts to good use! We do it all the time with the 3R’s is there any difference if you recieve something you think someone else would enjoy more?

* Send out e-cards or eco-Cards. I know there are traditionalists that say receiving an e-card is lazy or unfestive however it saves on many trees and garbage that will be thrown out after New Years. There are many companies around that make cards with that have a low impact on the environment so if you must have something tangible then use those. For example Good Greetings LLC, Pear Tree Greetings or Season’s Greenings.

* Gift Grab Bags! To cut down on spending and large amounts of wrapping paper try picking names out of a hat with your family so you only have to purchase 1 gift. Grab Bags are fun too! Set a price limit and go to town! The holiday’s aren’t about how many prezzies you get or how much money you spend. They are about family and togetherness! You can be more relaxed and enjoyable when you aren’t worried about money.

* Holiday Lights. The winter holiday’s are quite bright with all the homes decorated with millions of lights and lawn ornaments. I understand it gets darker earlier and decorations are always pretty to look at but try to purchase energy saving lights or solar powered ones. Decadance does not need to carry over into all aspects of the holidays! Give yourself the gift of lower energy bills during the holidays. Try lights like these Multi Color C9 LED Holiday Lights – Energy Saving – Outdoor or Indoor.

* Recycled Wrappings. Now that you have presents that will need to be wrapped try using recycled content paper or bags. I personally prefer bags or boxes because they last much longer and can be reused multiple times. If you keep an eye out for particular patterns and colors they can even be used for more than just the holidays. The Gift Wrap Company Festive Tidings Eco-wrap, Gift Bag, and Ribbon Assortment, 10-Count

* Be crafty! There is nothing wrong with making meaningful gifts either! It is the thought that counts after all…right? Bake some cookies or winter breads to give to co-workers or neighbors. You could even plan a cookie exchange. You can find plenty of crafty gifts on the internet and use what you have around the house. Be creative and green! Best of Christmas Ideas

* Decorations. Speaking of being crafty why not craft your own holiday decorations! This way you get exactly the decorations you are looking for, you save money and have a super fun time doing it. Making your own holiday decorations can double as gifts for others while speding quality time with your family and friends. Simply Handmade: 365 Easy Gifts & Decorations You Can Make (Crafts)

Holiday Savings

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Holiday Office Gifts

During the holiday seasons there are a few different holiday’s people celebrate and at work you might need to do a Secret Santa of sorts so here are some inexpensive gifts to give to your co-workers or even friends!

Agate Ornaments
Agate Ornaments
are beautiful and perfect to decorate anyone’s home! They don’t have to be hung on a tree or even hung at all! These shimmering ornaments catch and hold the light as if illuminated from within.

Tea Forte’sMixology Set is a beautiful and inexpensive gift anyone who loves to host events or someone who likes to be the bartender! Become a master mixologist at home and create naturally infused exotic cocktails. It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s creative and entertaining!

Juice Beauty Organics to Travel Kit is another inexpensive gift that anyone could appreciate! This all organic travel set comes with all of the essentials anyone would need to just throw in their bag and be off!

Sushi Natural Beeswax Candles boxed set of 6These super cute beeswax candles are a great little gift for a guy or girl, especially if they are fans of sushi!

Christmas @ LUSH

Green Gifts for Her

Here are some super amazing gifts I think many ladies might be interested this holiday season! They sure are on my Christmas list this year!
Muscle Relaxation Salts TheMuscle Relaxation Saltshave been formulated for a soothing and relaxing bathing experience. This treatment was created to relieve the numerous symptoms that come along with a tired and aching body and renew skin.  This treatment is made with Dead Sea Salt and Organic Grey Salt to draw toxins from the body. Combined with the salts are a mixture of essential oils that provide deep relaxation to tired muscles while refreshing the spirit. The salts remove toxins from skin while essential oils stimulate your mind and purify skin. You can also use this treatment for exfoliating to add to skin renewal.  Click here for more items from

Simply Organic Spa
Simply Organic Spa
Organic Bouquet’s collection of soothing delights for bath and body includes refreshing rosemary mint hand wash, body bar and body wash, along with fragrant pomegranate body cream and massage oil. Complete the relaxation with a frosty organic root beer, shortbread cookies and a calming tea.

Mendocino Organic Shades of Sweet Basket

Mendocino Organic Shades of Sweet Basket
This box contains all the essential food groups: fruity, crunchy, salty,  This box contains: 4 oz. Organic Chocolate-covered Raisins, 4 oz. Organic Chocolate-covered Dried Cherries, 4 oz. Organic Yogurt-covered Almonds, 4 oz. Organic Yogurt-covered Pretzels and 4 oz. Organic Pecan Turtles.

eco friendly clothes Element EcoWear Gift Certificate!!  They have plenty of beautiful certificates to choose from! Element’s gift certificates never expire and can be delivered by regular mail or on line! Give the gift of responsible style this holiday season! Everyone will benefit!

eco chic holiday cards

Holiday Pet Prezzies

Your pets are just as much a part of your family as anyone else so on the holiday’s I know you love to treat them as well! Here are a couple practical/green items that would be great for the pets you love so much!

Fur Butter
Product Description:
Is ideal for dogs with dry, damaged or long coats
Leaves coat super silky and easy to brush through
Creates an intense shine
Helps combat itching and irritation
Has a fresh clean scent (Rosemary Peppermint)
Approved by the FDA
Click here to get this and other items from

Kitty Set
Product Description:
Pal Kitty Freshen-Up Foam – gentle detangling foam that can be used daily to comb out excess hair and dander that causes hairballs.
Organic Kitty Grass Growing Kit – features organic seeds from Renee’s Garden. Kitty Grass is easy to grow indoors and contains vitamins and enzymes that aid in digestion. Click here for more green pet gifts

Light Chew Toy
Product Description:
Holiday Bulbs have a fresh minty scent and a treat spot perfect for stuffing full of your pup’s favorite food or treats! For small breed dogs, try the new Lil’ Bulbs! Regular Holiday Bulbs measure 6.5″. Lil’ Holiday Bulbs measure 3.5″. Made in the U.S.A. Recyclable, non-toxic and rinses clean. 10% Sale Now at Only Natural Pet Store Coupon Code HOLIDAY
Cat Sitter

Product Description:
The Cat Sitter Videos are specially designed to stimulate and entertain your cat while you are away. They feature scene selections with a continuous loop so your cat can watch TV all day long without interruption. Each Cat Sitter Video is 60-minutes. Save 5% on your first order at Only Natural Pet – Coupon Code LS05

National Wildlife Federation- Sale Section

Upcycled Boombox

Upcycled Boombox

Upcycled Boombox

Once again the holiday’s are here! It is time to shop responsibly and make the most out of our green commerce! Here is an inexpensive but super creative gift for anyone who enjoys music, audio books or even movies. College students would get a kick out of this upcycled boombox! Right now The Ultimate Green Store is offering 10% OFF entire order at The Ultimate Green Store with code: GREENLIVING!

Product Description:

TerraCycle has joined forces with Merkury Innovations to create these “upcycled” eco-speakers. Upcycling takes unused rolls of wrapping material that would otherwise go to waste, and turns it into a variety of useful, eco-friendly products. These boombox speakers are universally compatible and battery-free!

With excellent sound quality and a 3.5mm universal plug for you can play music from your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, or computer without the use of batteries. This boombox is packed and shipped flat to reduce pollution. Assembly is required.

Product Features:

Made from upcycled candy wrappers, creating a new use for unrecyclable waste
3.5mm universal plug to connect with music devices like iPods, iPods MP3 players, laptops and more
Rated impedance: 1 W
Max power input: 2W
Resonant Frequency: 400±20% Hz
Dimensions: 11.82″ x 1.18″ x 9.84″

TerraCycle Description:

Help reduce landfill wastes in a fun way! Each year, billions of used drink pouches, chip bags and candy wrappers fill dumpsters and landfills across the United States and are unable to be recycled. TerraCycle is an industrial waste management company that has launched a campaign to collect these used juice pouches and remake them into new products – a process called ‘upcycling.’

As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle converts the used drink pouches into stylish backpacks, lunchboxes, tote bags, pencil cases, and other items for kids and adults. In addition, $0.02 is donated to charity for every drink pouch collected through TerraCycle’s Drink Pouch Brigade.

The Ultimate Green Store

Solar Iphone Charger

Isun Power

Isun Power

I personally don’t have an iPhone because that is too much phone for me but I sure do swoon over them. Now you iPhone owners can be even cooler with your new solar power chargers!!  EcoloBlue Life & Energyhas the Isun solar charger. Never be out of juice again! This is a very cool item! I am now on the hunt for one for my blackberry because I refuse to be trumped by these iPhone owners yet again! This is the perfect holiday gift for any iPhone owners. A little stocking stuffer and it is only $49.99!

Product Description:
Introducing the first solar charger for the iPhone ever made. Exclusively sold at EcoloBlue Life & Energy. Simply charge-up the iSun via the built-in solar cell, attach it into your iPhone, and voilà! Never worry about plugging it into the wall again. The iSun can also be charged via the iPhone USB cable, AC adaptor, or car adaptor.

Compatible with:
•iPhone3G / 3Gs
•iPod nano


•Built-in Lithium-ion 800mAh battery
•Miniaturized polycrystalline solar panel, working under sunlight or bright artificial light.
•“Plug and Play” technology
•CE, FCC and Rohs complian
•1 year warranty

EcoloBlue Life & Energy

Valentine’s Chocolates


  Indulge in green living at Organic Style


These amazing cordials it have hand-picked, berries that inspired the creation of these fruit-filled yummies. The 12-piece box contains molded chocolates made. Organic Bouquets Master Oregon Chocolatire fills each chocolate with a berry preserve wrapped in a thin layer of berry-flavored sugar.  

12-piece box features
*4 Strawberry
*4 Red Raspberry
*4 Marionberry (a local cross between black and raspberry)
*68% single origin dark chocolate from Madagascar
*Fresh Oregon berries
*No dairy used
Shipped with care, this product is deemed sustainable based on one or more of the following practices:

•use of materials that are environmentally friendly
•manufactured and transported responsibly
•produced using organic farming practices
•a portion of the sale proceeds are donated
*Caution: during the hot summer months our chocolates are shipped overnight however we can not guarantee against melting in transit.

Heart Warming Wintery Eco-Elegant Flowers & Gifts

Organic Valentine’s Flowers!



Eco-elegant flowers for all occasions! – From $39.95

 Unfurling its large regal petals, this magnificent long-stem Esperance rose variety resembles a crown that could only be worn by Mother Nature herself. The large peony-like blooms have deep pink and cream tones that radiate exquisite beauty. Remarkable not only in appearance but in vigor, these long-lasting roses boast a high petal count and are guaranteed to last beyond expectation. An absolute staff favorite!


  • VeriFlora Certified
  • 12 stems
  • Vase not included. An optional vase is available at checkout.