Snow Day Snow-made Ice Cream


By now I am sure we all have cabin fever from being snowed in for so long. How much digging can one do? Are you saying to yourself “if I see one more snowperson or fort of any kind I am going to lose it!!”? I was totally at that point today. So I turned to my trusty friend the internet. I found this idea from one of my friends who posted a photo of their very own snow-made snow ice cream on Instagram. What a great idea, right?!?! With all of this snow we might as well make good use out of it! The recipe is super simple and super quick to make.

1 gallon fresh snow
1 cup organic white sugar (or substitute if you prefer)
2 cups organic milk (any fat content you like)
1 table spoon vanilla extract
Any sprinkles, cherries or other additions you want for added fun

1. Gather 1 gallon of fresh snow
2. Add the sugar and extract and mix together
3. Add the milk to your desired consistancy.
4. Add all of the fun toppings you want

** You should serve immediately as snow does tend to melt quite quickly. You can put it in the freezer to save for later if you make enough.