Depression Era Glass Earrings

Recycled Glass Earrings

Recycled Glass Earrings



How adorable are these recycled glass earrings!?! I love the pattern in particular. Not that the pattern is anything very intricate but the simplicity is what makes me like them that much more. Recycled glass items in general have been interesting me more and more lately. I have been making some crafts of my own at home using recycled glass. I don’t know why exactly recycled glass has been catching my eye so often but these earrings are completely my style and the fact that they are recycled glass is only an added bonus.
If you don’t know what Depression Glass according to Wikipedia is clear or colored translucent glassware that was distributed free, or at low cost, in the United States and Canada around the time of the Great Depression. The Quaker Oats Company, and other food manufacturers and distributors, put a piece of glassware in boxes of food, as an incentive to purchase. Movie theaters and businesses would hand out a piece simply for coming in the door.
Most of this glassware was made in the central and mid-west United States, where access to raw materials and power made manufacturing inexpensive in the first half of the twentieth century. More than twenty manufacturers made more than 100 patterns, and entire dinner sets were made in some patterns. Common colors are clear (crystal), pink, pale blue, green, and amber. Less common colors include yellow (canary), ultra marine, jadeite (opaque pale green), delphite (opaque pale blue), cobalt blue, red (ruby & royal ruby), black, amethyst, monax, and white (milk glass).
Although of marginal quality, Depression glass has been highly collectible since the 1960s. Due to its popularity as a collectible, Depression glass is becoming more scarce on the open market. Rare pieces may sell for several hundred dollars. Some manufacturers continued to make popular patterns after World War II, or introduced similar patterns, which are also collectible. Popular and expensive patterns and pieces have been reproduced, and reproductions are still being made.
You can get a pair of your own recycled glass earrings or jewelry you can visit Shop to be Green. Shop to be Green tons of great recycled glass and pottery jewelry and items for your home.

Because I love these earrings so much I have decided to give a pair away so you can enjoy them as much as I do. Click here to enter to win a pair of your very own Depression Glass Earrings.  Good Luck and don’t forget to check out Shop to be Green for even more awesome items!!!

Butterfly Bloom Coconut Shell Necklace

Butterfly Bloom Contest

Butterfly Bloom Contest


I love coconut shells!!! I have a handbag made from them and I am in love! I figured this necklace would make for an awesome give away!!! The Butterfly Bloom necklace is perfect for the spring and summer! The winner didn’t claim her prize so I am starting the contest over!!
To enter all you have to do is click here and you are entered to win. The contest ends on April25th so don’t miss out! The winner has 48 hours to contact me with their info. After 48 hours if the winner doesn’t contact me the contest will start all over again!
If you want to win an additional prize you must friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and like my Pinterest boards. Once you have done all three comment on this post below with your Facebook (not my fan page), Twitter and Pinterest names so I can follow you back. If you don’t have all 3 of these accounts just say so below.
Good Luck and I hope you enjoy!!

The Only Acceptable Use I Have For A Rake





I am not generally a fan of yard work. I don’t mind keeping up the garden or starting it but the hard raking and digging isn’t always my cup of tea. I especially despise rakes! We are not friends and more often than not I hurt myself or someone else when using one. I found this amazing idea for old rakes at!
I have a ton of jewelry I’ve acquired/made over the years and although I have a huge jewelry chest that is quite well organized you can always use more organization, I feel. The image above displays perfectly and simply how an old rake can be quickly transitioned into a jewelry organizer, however I would go one step further and instead of using just a string for your earrings (some earrings may not stay on well) I would say find old mesh or tulle you have around the house. Cut it to fit the area of the rake and either clue or tie it to the rake. This way you can fit more earrings and keep them attached more securely. I cannot wait to get home and take apart all of the rakes we have at home for this exact purpose….maybe it will get me out of yard work this year!!

Cause 4 Paws Rescue Fundraiser

Cause 4 Paws
Cause 4 Paws


Cause 4 Paws is having an amazing fundraiser with the help of Jennifer Ishimoto. Help Cause 4 Paws raise money by buying super cute jewelry and accessories! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so make your spending count and help a good cause. Your hunny and some great animals will all benefit.



Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 8:00am through Friday, February 17, 2012 at 11:30pm
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Jennifer Ishimoto makes amazing jewelry. I purchased a couple pieces and I love them!!!! Help Cause 4 Paws and please buy something pretty for yourself or someone else. Remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you can never go wrong with jewelry!!
Please pass this on to your friends and family!

Just in time for Valentines Day Jennifer Ishimoto Designs is extending a terrific fundraising opportunity to Cause 4 Paws! She is going to donate between 20-35% of all sales purchased by us
from her hip, fun website as an avenue for us to raise needed
Jennifer Ishimoto creates custom, chic & fun artfully-crafted original jewelry and special photo keepsakes and has a special section devoted to pet lovers (all of us)! Jennifer is going to award a $25 Gift Card to one lucky person who fills
out this entry form

Through the end of January all rings are 25% Off!


I Heart Jewelry!!!!

heart earrings               heart necklace        


Your one-stop green Valentine’s Day shop!

Fair Trade Gold and Plating:
VerdeRocks searched high and low for a provider of environmentally responsible gold plating. It wasn’t easy, but they are happy to have found an environmentally friendly source for their gold material and plating. They usually use vintage chains for plating, giving deserving “old stock” pieces new life. The process strictly adheres to proper waste disposal and recycling whenever possible.

Earrings are 1.5” long.
Lead-free gold plated ear wires

Necklace is approximately 16” long.
Lead-free gold plated chain and clasp

Eco Friendly Because:

Made with Fair Trade 14K gold plating
Uses vintage components, or new “old stock”

The Ultimate Green Store