Wading River Local Market

Wading River Local Market

Wading River Local Market


I have recently been working with an amazing group of local small business owners at The Wading River Local Market located in the loft space of Thrifts and Gifts 302 North Country Road Wading River NY 11792. The market is open Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm and some Fridays as well.
Each week this market brings together different local businesses to try to revamp the stagnating business district in Wading River. The market is a great way to help support your local farms through purchasing fresh produce/dairy/breads and even plants and flowers. You can get hand made jewelry, scarves, hats, soy candles, pet treats and so much more!
Every weekend the market tries to bring in new and different vendors to help spread the word about great small businesses right in your area. We are always looking for new vendors so if you or someone you know is looking to participate send us an email at Wadingriverlocalmarket@hotmail.com.
This weekend December 14th we are hosting a wine and cheese socail and announcing raffle winners!! Tickets are $1 or if you bring in a non-perishable food item you get a ticket for free!! We have set up adorbs gift baskets for you to win for the holidays and all of the proceeds go to the local food bank.
Visit us on Facebook or on Twitter to learn about the latest updates on events, specials and local news!


2012 Tips For Greening Your 4th

2012 Tips For Greening Your 4th

2012 Tips For Greening Your 4th



The 4th of July is upon us again. I have been scouring blogs, articles and newscasts to find new green tips for your 4th. Here are some things that have been mentioned before and some new things I didn’t even think of.

1.We know Fireworks are no beuno! Besides the noise that scares outdoor animals and are harmful for the environment not to mention dangerous, did you also know that the 4th of July is the #1 day pets run away? I was unaware but I did recently find this out.

2.You know to make sure to use reusable/recyclable utensils for the event. If you are having a big party there is no need to have big garbage. There are plenty of affordable options for serving.

3.Make as little waste as possible. Give away left overs and don’t over cook. I know for parties people are always concerned about not having enough food. Purchase items you and your family will eat even after the holiday. You don’t have to make everything right now all at once. Make food in shifts. If people are still hungry you can always make more. You also don’t have to leave all of the food out. People will eat just because food is sitting there. Put out smaller portions. You can save on money and waste.

4. No one likes bug and this time of year there are plenty especially when there is food around. Try using natural insect repellents such as natural citronella candles, or essential oils such as cinnamon, castor oil, rose geranium and orange oil. You can find plenty of DIY repellent recipes online.

5. You know going local, organic and as meat free as possible is a great way to lower your carbon foot print. Make sure to do your best to adhere to those rules but also remember having to travel a far distance or spending money on expensive products sort of defeats the purpose so be reasonable with your decisions.

6. As your evening winds down you will be tempted to turn on all sorts of lights and light all kinds of fires. As tempting as fire side snacks seem there are many carcinogens released into the air depending on what you are using to start this fire. Use natural products ie plain old wood from your back yard. The same goes for the charcoal on your grill people, propane is a much more green alternative! Keep solar lights handy. If they are already outside of your house during the day you won’t need to turn on any additional lights. You can save on your energy bill as well.

7. Hand make and save your decorations. If you must purchase decor then go for sturdier options that will last for years instead of ones that might get ruined or not last the day. Making the decorations is a super fun option and activity everyone can share in. You can make it a fun family tradition.

The Beagles Green Tips for Turkey Day

Green Turkey Day Tips
Green Turkey Day Tips




Turkey Day is almost here and every year I post plenty of do it yourself decorations, crafts and activities to green up your Thanksgiving. There are some tips I mention over and over because they are that important. Thanksgiving has become a holiday of gluttony and not thanks for anything in my opinion. Try really being thankful this year and try to give back to the earth.

1. Save the seeds from your dinner and plant them when you can. You can also include the dried and cleaned seeds in a holiday gift for people who attended your Thanksgiving. Give them something to remind them how thankful they should be. You should be thankful for those seeds, they gave you a great meal.  Maybe if properly cared for you can serve those very veggies at your next holiday meal.

2. STAY LOCAL! Get your produce from local farm stands or local grocers. This season for fall harvesting didn’t do that well for some fruits and veggies. I know by me apples took a hard hit locally. You want to keep your neighborhood from becoming a ghost town? You want to make sure you have places to spend your money near you than purchase from around you. Not at the chain places at the Mom and Pop places. Helping your community helps you.

3. Compost all of your leftovers. If you can’t give things away,eat them all or reuse them in other recipes compost them for your yard. No need to throw food into the trash. Depending on what we have I make yummy meals for our pets. I know I am thankful for them so I share to make sure they know it.

4. Use as little packaging and throw away utensils as possible. I personally don’t appreciate disposable items. Not because of their wastefulness but because I feel like you are telling your guests you don’t have the time for real utensils or that they aren’t worth it. I understand disposing is easy but you can put that much more effort into a meal you have slaved all day over and make it look that much nicer. Again, remember show your guests you are Thankful for them!

5. Conserve Energy where you can. Your house is going to obviously get hot with all of the cooking, eating and people in the near vicinity. Turn your heat down or off (depending on the temp. outside) and open some windows. Let’s not forget to not turn every light and electrical gadget on in the house the entire time. While people are cooking try to get people to go outside and be active. Don’t have multiple tv’s, video games and lights on in the house. Force your friends and family to spend time with each other. You will be thankful you saved on your bill the month before the real spending begins.

6. Potluck? I know some people take pride in cooking the whole meal but think of the time and energy everyone saves if they are in charge of bringing one or two things. Everyone gets to actually sit, relax and enjoy time with their friends and family. Try it, you might be thankful that you did!

7. NO TURKEY PLEASE!!! I can read off a ton of statistics about how horribly turkeys are treated and the processes but that isn’t going to make most of you listen. I don’t expect all of you to listen but I hope some do. There are plenty of delicious options to having turkey on your plate. The photo is Tofurkey which looks delish! You can go with other less traditional and or vegan dishes. Get creative. Just because it is called Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day doesn’t mean we can’t change it to Tofurkey Day. If they called it Horse day would we have to eat horse????

“Santa Paws” Photos with Santa!

Santa Paw's Photos with Santa

Santa Paw's Photos with Santa






Santa Paws” Photos with Santa!

Location: Martha Clara Vineyards

Hosted By: Kent Animal Shelter, Nancy Stalker Swett

For: Kent Animal Shelter

Info: We’ll get your pet to pose with Santa, and you can join in too! Don’t have a pet but want to help homeless animals at Kent Animal Shelter? You can pose with one of our adoptable pets.

The Martha Clara Vineyards pet-friendly tasting room will be open. Say hello to a few adoptable Kent pets!

Suggested donation of $10 per photo

Green Halloween 2011


Green Halloween





Every year I like to do a list of things you can do to help make your Halloween a bit greener for everyone. Here are some trends I noticed last year that I thought would be great to make traditions! I also did some research on other green articles that had excellent tips for this years green Halloween attempts.

1. Make your own costumes! You know you have most of the supplies at home so get on with it. Yes, it can be time consuming and maybe it won’t always look as amazing as a store bought one but DIY will save you money and probably force you to be more creative if you lack sewing skills. I know I have said it before but do you want to spend a ton of money on something you might get one use out of?

2. Buy only organic or vegan candy. Make sure you know where your candy is coming from and what is in it. You might inspire someone else to go green as well. Generally kids don’t know or care as long as they see candy. On holiday’s like this it is about quantity for them not quality so sneak in some good stuff and who knows it might become their new favorite kind.

3. Yeah I’m going to say it…REUSABLE BAGS! I know the pumpkins are traditional but they are crap! Places like Nubius Organics have reusable Halloween bags or make your own! You need things to keep your children occupied in the colder months right! Have them do some work and get creative. You can again save some money.

4. Have a neighborhood Halloween party. Help keep your children save and coordinate with other neighbors on food, costumes and activities. This way you can make sure everyone does their part and most importantly trick or treaters can stay safe. I have notice around me many of the schools host the parties or parents will have one to keep children off of the streets. This cuts down on litter and destruction that generally happens on Halloween not to mention on transportation.

5. Make your own decorations. You know you have ones that you are considering throwing out or some creepy things you have in your attic or basement. Get to using them! You can save money (see a theme here) and reuse stuff you were probably going to throw away. If you have kids you know you have stuff around the house that is “crafty”. Make it a game for your children and get a little cleaning done at the same time. Take time to fix up old or broken decorations.

6. Go local when you need your pumpkins, gourds and produce. This is a great time of year to go to farm stands and local stores. They have amazing produce now! I know in some areas the weather hit pretty hard but you can get your corn stalks and hay from a farm near you. You know a house with real decorations opposed to fake plastic ones is way creepier! Plus you are helping out your local community.

These are all simple and possibly repetitive ways to keep it green. If you follow these simple steps for the years to come you can really impact your children, home and neighborhood! You know that will make you feel down right special so do it!

Urgent Animals at the Irving Animal Shelter

Kuranda Bed Donation

Kuranda Bed Donation

Our goal is to get 100 beds donated to the Irving Animal Shelter

To purchase a kuranda bed to be donated to the shelter, please click here: http://kuranda.com/donate 

When you purchase a bed for the shelter, you will receive a 15% off coupon to use on your next purchase.

The dogs will love you forever for giving them the gift of comfort during their stay at the shelter.

 Everytime we raise enough for a bed plus shipping and handling…we will purchase a bed….right now we need $21 to purchase our first bed from our chipin money.

Our wishlist:

50 Large beds – $56 each (plus shipping and handling)
(so far 5 have been donated…45 to go)

50 Medium beds – $52 (plus shipping and handling)
(so far 4 have been donated…46 to go)

50 Large fleece pads – $18 (plus shipping and handling)
(so far 0 have been donated…50 to go)

50 Medium fleece pads – $16 (plus shipping and handling)
(so far 0 have been donated…50 to go)

If you would like to help with the bed drive, but can not purchase an entire bed, please click here to donate to the chipin:


Help this West Virginia Shelter





Nothing breaks my heart more than injured animals. I came across this article when I was on Twitter and I had to post it on The Green Beagle in hopes that people will help this shelter and donate.

Animals Killed in WV Shelter Fire

More than 50 cats, small dogs and puppies have died in a fire that destroyed one of the Ritchie County Humane Society’s buildings.
Humane society President Kitty Ray says the fire broke out early Wednesday morning in one of two buildings used as shelters. Larger dogs housed in the other building weren’t injured.
Ray says the fire also destroyed pet food, office supplies, equipment and records stored in the building. A cause hasn’t been determined.
Ray says animal rescue groups around the country have donated money and supplies.
Donations can be made through the organization’s Website or mailed to the Ritchie County Humane Society, RR 1 Box 3, Harrisville, WV 26362.

Get Free Standard Shipping on Symbolic Animal Adoptions from ShopNWF.org!

Citrus Tasting Class


Citrus Tasting Class
Type: Education – Class
Network: Global
Date: Saturday, December 5, 2009
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Location: University of Houston, Oberholtzer Hall (see Urban Harvest website for directions and parking information)

DescriptionCome sample the many exotic varieties of citrus available to us here in the Houston area. There are golden grapefruit, pumelos, blood oranges, and Chang Shou kumquats and many more! Be a contributor and bring your home grown citrus to share with the class. (Show up about 15 minutes early!) This is meant to be a brief introduction to growing citrus locally. Save seeds to start your own orchard. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit is available. View the Urban Harvest website (www.urbanharvest.org) for more details and to register for this class.

November’s Top 5 Made in the USA

Being that the holiday season is finally upon us these 5 items will make great gifts for your friends and family this year!

1. Green Pearl Vine Earrings 1.5-inch curly sterling silver vine and sprouting leaves that are accented with a lustrous green freshwater pearls. Made from sterling silver fishhook findings and handcrafted in the USA.

2. Girl’s Trend Super Bib 3 Pack by Bumkins Made in America. Waterproof, stain and order resistant, Velcro closure, catch-all pocket. Free of PVC, phthalate, and vinyl. The bibs are 10″ across and 9″ from neck down. Sized to fit 3 months to 2+ years.

3. Big Belly Bank -Giraffe -20 Inch – Made in the USA. Watch the money fall into the Belly. Constructed of painted wood – 20 inches tall. Features a plastic “Belly” that is opened by unscrewing the center bolt. Bank can be recycled or passed down for another child to love! These banks come in a variety of awesome animals!!!

4. American Personalized Products Personalized Door Nameplate is a terrific way to make that important child in your life feel even more special. Each product is carefully created by using fine plasma cutting technology, which utilizes magnetically charged gas as a cutting mechanism and delivers a precise rendering of your order. American Personalized Products is a division of American Steel Fabricators located in beautiful, rural Greenfield New Hampshire.

5. Little Twig Baby Classics Gift Set is the perfect gift for baby showers or for the holidays. This will help get your favorite new family off to a great start with fun, all-natural infant bathing essentials-including a plush caterpillar washcloth, refreshing extra mild baby powder, and organic lavender baby wash & body milk. This is good for newborns and up.

A different kind of 12 Step Program

So there is all this stimulus talk going around and all sorts of people telling you about how you should be spending it.   Besides the bills we all have to catch up on, possibly repairing the house or buying those precious little things you have been doing with out lately.  I read an article recently about making your stimulus green and their recommendations were simple. These are measures everyone can take now with or with out a stimulus! Not only will taking these steps and continuing them help you save money but also you will be helping save the environment.

1. Only shop locally, purchase local items when possible.  Help stimulate your local economy. Harvesting support for locally grown food: Lessons learned from the be a local hero, buy locally grown campaign

2. Repair/replace leaky fixtures in your home. You can conserve water, save on heat, gas and electric. Green Toys Tool Set

3. Buy a GPS and it set to take the most efficient route to your destination.  You can save on gas and time management. Garmin – nüvi 255W GPS. (click link to purchase)

4. Buy & carry reusable shopping bags, most stores sell them for under $5.00.  There will be less clutter in your home as well as creating less waste. Green Bee 3pk Reusable Shopping Bags W/Pouch

5. Buy recycled content items such as toilette tissue, paper towels, tissues, trash bags, ink toner, and copy paper. 100% Recycled Facial Tissue – 100ct

6. Don’t buy disposable kitchenware, purchase things that are reusable.  Doing the dishes really isn’t that bad. Dapple Dish Liquid – 17 oz.

7. Use a bicycle or walk if/when possible.  That is good for you and the environment.  Or even car pool with friends and neighbors when you can! Shop for Cycling Gear at Eastern Mountain Sports
8. Turn things off when they aren’t being used. The Home Energy Diet: How to Save Money by Making Your House Energy-Smart (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series)

9. Recycle what you can.  Even though some places may not have the best programs doing something is better than nothing. Suncast Recycle Bin Kit BH183PK

10. Buy a few reusable wate r bottles to keep with you.  You can rotate bottles during washes. Base Brands 16-Ounce Reduce WaterWeek Bottle, Set of 5
11. Do your bill paying and banking online you can save your receipts & statements.  Use e-vites for invitations and cards. ONLINE BANKING ORGANIZER bill pay monthly record book

12. Keep yourself informed.  New easy ways to help the environment are being introduced everyday.  The more you know the more you can help. Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution–and How It Can Renew America

Going Green Today