Great Green Gifts for Her

The holidays are right around the corner and in case you are wondering what she wants here is a small list of awesomeness that I know I want and I am sure she will love too!!
Remember if you must purchase please do so as greenly as possible! I know it is difficult and some people you know and love my still be boycotting the green scene but try to change their minds!

Kaia House Gift Guide I have recently stumbled upon Kaia House and their gift guide has gifts for everyone at excellent prices! Kaia House bath and body gifts look soo delish I cannot wait to try them for myself so I know she will love them too!!

Save up to 40% off on Last Minute Gift Sets forHer. Find exactly what you need at Juara.  I have written about a few of  Jaura’s amazing products like their Coffee Body Scrub which is totes to die for! Juara offers an amazing selection of  Vegetarian skin and body care products that smell and feel sooo good! Perfect for any lady that likes pampering!

Pure Citizen or LovingEco are two of my fave places to shop and play! If you have seen all of the VIP sites like Beyond the Rack, Gilt or even Shoe Dazzle which sell fur, leather and other animal bits & pieces where you know the merchandise is less than ethical LovingEco & Pure Citizen are much better options! She can choose from cosmetics, accessories, clothes and even make donations if she chooses!! Get her a gift certificate from LovingEco and she will have regular access to soo many amazing ethical/green brands!

Fun gifts for her from Ecoist I know you are probably convinced that I work for Ecoist but I do not! I just love their accessories! If she isn’t in to purses look at their accessories or creative home decor ideas! I promise she won’t be disappointed if you get her a gift from here! Shoot even a gift certificate might just be the ticket!

FREE UPS GROUND Shipping From 12/8 Thru 12/19 On Any Order Now At! Click Here! Have you ever slept on organic cotton sheets? If not you needs to ASAP. They are the smoothest, comfiest, classiest sheets I have ever dreamed on! I promise you she will love them too! Easy to clean, great to sleep on and clearly excellent for the environment!

Pure Citizen


I am tired of all of the deals that everyone else gets with websites like Send The Trend, Beyond The Rack, Style Mint and the list goes on and on. When are the eco-conscious designers going to break out and give us a much less crunchy look! Our chance has finally arrived! LovingEco offers daily private sales that help you make smart and fashionable choices. We all know the greenest choice is not to purchase at all but if you have to why let our environment suffer in the process.
What I really like about LovingEco’s site isnt the sales at all but their team. You get to see their pictures and get a sense of who they are besides just forcing eco-fashionable sales on you. Not that that is what they do but many eco-businesses can write an excellent mission statement and provide you with that you want to hear to increase their sales but the LovingEco team gets personal. You can feel if you are unsatisfied you know exactly who you can hold accountable and that takes courage! Did I also mention that proceeds go to charity when you purchase their Style for a Change tank.  100% of the proceeds go to one of 6 charities they have listed but you get to choose which one you want to donate to.  That is a change I can definitely get behind.

LovingEco’s Mission:Our mission is to create a healthier planet. We are passionate about inspiring change, giving back, having fun and making eco stylish. LovingEco helps give people the opportunity to make better choices about the products they purchase so that we together can create a more environmentally and socially conscious planet. By choosing to shop here you will create conscious positive choices from organic, recycled, eco-friendly and ethically produced items. And with each purchase a portion of sales goes back to charitable causes. Now start shopping differently…small changes can make a big difference.

Have you ever tried LovingEco? If so what was your experience? I admit I haven’t purchased from them yet but I do plan on doing so! Keep in mind the holiday’s are coming and this is a great idea to get good deals on some great eco-conscious items.