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ECOlunchbox Contest



I don’t know about you but I bring my lunch to work with me almost everyday. I don’t generally like to use plastic bags or disposable wrapping because it really is just a waste of time and packing. I prefer to use tupperware but after eating certain foods some of it stains or will always feel greasy no matter how many times I wash it, then I feel bad having to recycle it because it probably could be used more but I feel like it’s not clean.  Food containment is a constant struggle.  I was looking for some eco-friendly alternatives and I found ECO Lunchbox. I like the concept of stainless steal which does not retain odors, stains or residue. They are dishwasher safe (not microwave safe), non-toxic, non-leaching, unbreakable and easier to clean.  They are independently tested and found to be lead free.   I wanted to try ECO Lunchbox because stainless steal just seems like a cleaner way to go than plastic.
I have reused mine with many a different meal and after washing it is good as new. I bring it to work with me everyday. Nothing spills or drips (which happens to me often with my tupperwear).
ECO Lunchbox has tons of other styles including lunch bags, snack sacks, napkins, bags, utensils and my fave the lunch tray. I personally never liked the concept in school but now it seems so appealing. I am one who likes to segregate her food. Learn more about ECO Lunchbox here!



Since I loved my ECO Lunchbox  so much I decided to give away one as well. To enter click here. Once you have done that you must
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The contest ends on May 31st. The winner has 48 hours to send me your contact info and pay for shipping. If I do not hear from the winner in 48 hours the contest starts all over again!!
Good Luck and Thank you for participating!

Great Tips for “Brown Bagging” It

Bringing your lunch to school or work is an excellent to save the planet & the Earth.  You can reduce, reuse and recycle your very own meals.  I know sometimes the idea of left overs or bringing your lunch doesn’t always sound appealing but when you see the difference it makes in your wallet you will be excited at how much you save!  Also you can show co-workers/ other students how eco-friendly you are.  Here are some east quick tips that will save you some money, time & the environment:

1. Bring you lunch in a reusable bag Envirosax Organic Cotton – Un Chien
2. Bring your own non-disposable water bottle & fill it up with watever you want – eco-Friendly – stainless steel water bottle order here
3. When you pack your own lunch you can make it as healthy as you want Oskri Organics Coconut Bar, Original, Gluten Free, 1.86-Ounce Bars (Pack of 18)
4. You can control your portions Mini Kitchen bags
5. Cook extra food for dinner to bring with you the next day Annie’s Homegrown Organic Family-Size Shells & White Cheddar Mac & Cheese, 10.5-Ounce Boxes
6. Mix it up. You don’t have to have the exact same left overs. See what you can mix and match from your kitchen Wholesome Productions.
7. Keep it simple. You don’t want to spend just as long preparing your lunch as you did your dinner Simply Organic Mixes.
8. Be prepared. Try to think ahead of time how versatile the items you purchase at the grocery store will be for all your meals and snacks  Olive Nation.
9. Be creative. You are the one that will have to eat this food. To make sure you don’t give up and just buy something quick make sure you change it up regularly so you stick to your healthy/eco-friendly plan Bare Fruit 100% Organic Bake-Dried Apples.
10. Make sure to remember your own utensils so you can bring them home and wash them or purchase Ultra Green Biodegradable Cutlery Pack

Kids Cooking Kits from Wholesome Productions

Laptop Lunches


Obentec Laptop Lunches! Resembling basic bento lunch box sets, the laptop lunch is ideal for eco-friendly lunch makers who enjoy the bento concept for its functionality and sustainability. Those who value the convenience and appeal of the traditional lunchbox see this lunchbox as an exceptional marriage between convenience and cool. Sturdy containers prevent unwanted squishing of food! The convenient size fits in backpacks, work bags, or in the Obentec Laptop Lunches Insulated Carrying Case (sold separately) with Non-Toxic Ice Pack.
These are microwave safe, however, the lids to these containers should NOT be used in the microwave.. The containers are made out of polypropylene (#5) and the lids are made out of polyethylene (#2) – materials that are non-toxic, non-staining, and can withstand mold and mildew. This product is free of phthlates, bisphenol A (BPA), PVC, and lead! The laptop lunches come in a variety of colors and patterns for children and adults alike.

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