Barefoot Yoga Eye Pillow

Barefoot Yoga Silk Eye Pillow

Barefoot Yoga Silk Eye Pillow



I know the Barefoot Yoga Eye Pillow is technically supposed to be for your eyes which worked quite well and totally helped after a difficult yoga day but what really made me love this was when one night I had a terrible knot in my shoulder that I couldn’t get rid of and my first thought was of the silk eye pillow. I will admit the first time I put it in the microwave I was soo excited that the pillow got perfectly warm and stayed that way for quite sometime. The second time there may or may not have been some sparks due to the metal zipper that closes the pillow shut which I didn’t realize was there. I unzipped the pillow and put the contents in a bowl and microwaved that, make sure to use something that has a lip so it is easy to pour back into the bag. I kept the bag on my shoulder for probably 20-25 minutes and I was in heaven! My shoulder totally felt better and the smell of the lavender was amazing after being heated up. I use the eye pillow all of the time now. If I feel even the slightest bit of tension I warm up the insides and relax stress away. I am not sure if you are supposed to do this or if it damages the flax seed/lavender that is in the eye pillow but it is better than any heating pad or patch I have ever used. I like that if I want to add other herbs to the pillow I can because there is only a zipper and some silk between you and the pillow contents.  The zipper allows you to to empty the contents and hand wash the pillow .   Barefoot Yoga uses ceremonial sari designs for some of their eye pillows to add a bit of spice to their already awesome multi-purpose pillows.  There are more than 50 different designs/colors to choose from. If you need to relax for whatever reason or even want to meditate this silk eye pillow is totally for you and you won’t have to break the bank luckily for you the silk eye pillows are on sale right now!

Product Description: Escape from it all with our 100% Barefoot Yoga silk aromatherapy eye pillows. Made in India from ceremonial sari designs and solid colors. Filled with flax seeds and dried lavender, these soft and cooling eye pillows work as a mood tonic, antidepressant, headache remedy and detoxifier. The shape of the pillow contours to your face adding gentle pressure and blocking out light, relieving tension and calming active muscles around the eyes. Used for deepening relaxation during Savasana, meditation and afternoon naps. The pillows are hand-washable, refillable, and adjustable (zippered opening). Click here to view all eye pillows.

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