Rescue A Furb Today Please!

I love all of the work and effort rescues put into trying to save as many animal lives as they can. They work tirelessly and give so much of their own time, money and love to try to save these animals that most other people could care less about on a daily basis. The least we can do is make sure that we help them help these pets as often as we can. Pass this post, these pictures and links around as much as you possibly can! You never know you might be responsible for saving a life or maybe more!





Frank is a goofy boy! He is a staff and volunteer FAVORITE! Frank is social, polite, and knows how to charm everyone in the room. Frank LOVES to play ball! While out in the yard today, the volunteer said that once she got tired of throwing the ball for Frank, he took over and played fetch with himself! While in the office, Frank was calm and well- behaved, basking in all of the attention he was receiving. He sat down and spun around on his butt to face each person willing to pet him. Frank responded very well to positive reinforcement training, and seemed to really enjoy learning!


Ferry Mama

Ferry Mama



Ferry Mama is beyond beautiful! needs a home ASAP! She is obedient, affectionate and leash trained according to helpers. Everyone that met her says she is an amazing lady and would love to be in a home ASAP! Ferry Mama was found as a stray wondering the streets of Staten Island and would very much like to have a new forever home to be comfortable in.  She loves to snuggle and play and wants to share her love with someone that will love her back.







Chili is definitely one of the good guys, the kind your Mom refers to as ‘a keeper’. He’s sweet-natured, respectful, extremely friendly and stunningly handsome – just look into those bi-colored eyes and tell me you’re not smitten! Chili is snuggly and happy to see me when leashed up for a walk. Once out in the yard he’s even happier to see his favorite toy, the tennis ball. The only thing Chili enjoys more than tennis balls are his fellow dogs and he’ll literally drop what he’s doing and run over to greet them with a wiggly butt and happy ‘helicopter tail’. Chili keeps a clean den, uses the bathroom promptly once outside.







Nutmeg is sugar and spice and all things nice! Named for the seed whose color she shares, Nutmeg is a truly stunning beauty. With her soft, short fur and sleek physique she has the look of royalty. Nutmeg isn’t just a pretty face, she’s also an enthusiastic puppy with personality to spare. She really loves to play with her ball and is thrilled to meet other dogs both large and small. Nutmeg is a little timid around people right now and her tail stays tucked much of the time but she accepts petting and soft words and will obediently sit for treats before taking them very gently from the hand. In the street she walks low and very fast, the walk of a scared young dog. Her new family will need to help Nutmeg learn that the outside world is not going to hurt her and it’s OK to move at a slower pace but with time and love she will get there.

Free Lennox Protest

Save Lennox

Save Lennox


Free Lennox Protest – New York City
Public Event · By Save Lives – Pass Oreo’s Law
July 9 at 10:00am until July 31 at 1:00pm
845 Third Avenue, New York City

*****UPDATE: Monday, July 9, 2012 @7:30 pm Eastern*****


PROTEST at the BRITISH Consulate 10 am – 12 Noon

British Consulate-General, New York
845 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Main Tel: (212) 745-0200
Main Fax: (212) 754-3062


Click here for a listing of Consulate personnel with their titles, e-mails and phone numbers.

RALLY at the IRISH Consulate approximately 12:30 – 2 pm

(Note: Lennox is under the jurisdiction of Belfast in Northern Ireland. The Irish Consulate Office does not represent Northern Ireland. Any correspondence with the Irish Consulate should be framed as a request for an official statement to the Belfast City Council in support of allowing Lennox to be rehomed. Please do not get angry or show any hostility toward anyone at the Irish Consulate. We are merely asking them to intercede or use any influence they may have to save Lennox).

Consulate General of Ireland
345 Park Avenue – 17th Floor
New York NY 10154-0037
Tel: + 1-212-319-2555
Fax: +1-212-980-9475

On-line/e-mail click here

Diplomatic Staff

Consul General: Mr. Noel Kilkenny
Deputy Consul General: Ms. Jackie O’Halloran Bernstein
Press and Information: Mr. Peter Ryan
Vice Consul: Ms. Fiona McCabe
Administrative Attaché: Ms. Monica Horgan

When communicating with the press, please use 11am at the British Consulate as the starting time. This will allow us to gather and get organized before doing media.


Original event invitation starts here:

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Lennox is a dog that was wrongfully seized and who has been sentenced to death after a 2 year battle to save him. All attempts to return Lennox to his family have failed. There are numerous petitions, letter writing campaigns and phone-in campaigns. It’s time to take it to the streets in support of the Save Lennox campaign.

This event is being organized by the Oreo’s Law Task Force, a project of No Kill New York. We chose to launch the event from the Oreo page because we hope that Oreo’s spirit and memory will shine on our endeavor. It is also our wish to let the people who hold Lennox’s life in their hands that the animal advocacy community never forgets an injustice. The campaign to honor Oreo’s memory started in 2009 and is still going strong today.

On Monday, July 9, 2012 @ 10:00 am we will gather at the British Consulate Office in New York City. When the Consulate closes at 12:00 Noon, we will move the protest to the Irish Consulate Office and continue there.

When: Monday, July 9, 2012 at 10:00 am

Where: 845 Third Avenue, New York City
(between 51st & 52nd Streets)

Second Stop : 345 Park Avenue, NYC
(between 44th & 45th Streets – Grand Central Station)

We wont have time to make signs for everyone, but we will have some. Get out your markers and crayons and make your own. We will be posting some hi resolution graphics that you can take to a printer if you want to have a sign made.

Build True No-Kill Shelters In Queens & The Bronx

No Kill
No Kill


Please help! The facilities in NYC for abandoned animals are not adequate and with the rate of irresponsible people leaving perfectly good pets to die is increasing daily. Please help keep innocent animals from being destroyed! All you have to do is sing this petition to help. Your signature will help keep animals off the streets and out of ACC’s that kill upwards of 10 animals a day at minimum.

When:Saturday, March 24, 2012.
Time: 12:00am until 12:00pm.
Where: Please Share This Petition Like Mad, 50,000 Signatures Needed

Description: Animal Rights Activism: Protest/Demonstration, Legal & Political Action

Our Work Has Just Begun For True-No-Kill





Click here to sign!