The FURminator

The FURminator

The FURminator




It’s that time of year where your fur baby is shedding to puff up for their winter coat. Personally my I have to vacuum and dust everyday to keep us from being over whelmed by fur from all 4 of our little lovies. The last time we took our pups to the local pet store they recommended The FURminator a million times to us. They even brushed out both of our babies to show us how well it worked.
I’m not going to lie that sucker literally got the hair off in no time flat and for whatever reason the pooches didn’t even put up their normal fight about being brushed. The groomer at the store even said you could use it on cats (of which we have 2) if we wanted. The little button on the top of the brush even removes the hair from the brush for you.
I am seriously in love with The FURminator. My house needs to be vacuum and dusted only 3 times a week now haha. If you haven’t tried The FURminator yet and you are being overwhelmed by your pets shedding I really do suggest it. The FURminator is a little pricey but to be honest it was completely worth it. If you prefer to take your pet to be groomed go ahead but apparently this is the very brush they are all using.
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Pawz Pet Bio-Boots

 Pawz Biodegradable Dog Boots

Pawz Biodegradable Dog Boots

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All of this snow here has made me really feel for our fur-babies. They love the snow but with all of the salt, sand and ice their poor feet must freeze. I remember when we lived in NYC people always put boots or lotions on dogs feet to keep them from freezing and cracking. When I saw the Pawz boots at Only Natural Pet Store I got excited for my dogs to be able to play in the snow all they want now. Fashion boots don’t work for all dogs and my dogs absolutely hate them. The major plus about these boots is they are biodegradable as well as reusable. The packages come with 12 pair of the rubber reusable boots which will last us for the rest of the winter. Pawz bio-boots run from xxs-xl and come in 6 different colors, which means there is no excuse not to use them. Pawz boots are good for the summer months as well if you take your pet hiking or swimming. This can protect their feet from many dangers even hot pavement in the summer. We sometimes forget that our pets are barefoot all of the time and you might not notice their discomfort. Keep your pups comfy and your mind at ease with these amazing rubber bio-boots!

Pawz are the world’s only disposable, natural rubber dog boots designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers, velcro or straps. Great for dogs with Joint Problems, After Surgery, Inclement Weather, Wood Floors and much more! Fashionable and durable, Pawz offers serious paw protection! Pawz boots are made of natural rubber and are so thin your dog can feel the ground, providing a sense of security. They’re also waterproof, ensuring maximum protection in any weather. The sizing goes from XXS-XL.

Pawz protects against:
Lawn Chemicals
Fire Ants
Pool Liner Tears
Liquid Chloride
Pad Rashes
Post-Surgical Infection
Post-Grooming Dirt

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Smart Cat Scratching Ramp

SmartCat Scratching Ramp

SmartCat Scratching Ramp

Recently we rescued the cutest little kitten ever! When we found her her little leg was broken but after some time and many a vet visit she is good as new. Now that she is fixed she is a high-speed scratching torpedo! My curtains, our furniture, nothing is safe! Our older cat may claw the carpets a bit but nothing major. The cat sometimes have accidents on the carpet but with the help of Carpet Cleaning services the carpet can be transformed to looking good as new. This mini Freddy Kruger has us looking like we just came out of The New Nightmare! It was time this tiny terror got herself a scratching post! So here it is SmartCat Scratching Ramp. This scratching ramp uses cardboard inserts so when kitty is finished you can just recycle the inside!

Production Decsription:

The Inclined to Scratch angled cardboard scratching ramp has stable non-slip ends to hold firm against any surface without adhesives. The tear-away cover allows for maximum scratching area, and replaceable cardboard inserts make it reusable and even more economical. Ramp is 21.5″ tall x 7.5″ wide.

Kitty Training Tips:

•Place the scratching ramp in a room where the cat spends a lot of time. Cats often like to stretch and scratch when they wake up from a nap.
•To introduce the scratching ramp to your cat try using catnip as a lure. (For most cats a lure is unnecessary, but fun.) Rub catnip onto the sisal material and call the cat over to the scratching ramp.
•Scratch your nails along the surface of the material. This will attract the cat and at the same time teach him where to scratch.
•After your cat begins to scratch, praise him and give him a food treat. (Small kittens can be trained to climb the scratching ramp by showing them food treats and placing it at the top of the scratching ramp.
•If your cat has already been scratching a piece of furniture, place the scratching ramp directly in front of it.
•Temporarily cover the previously scratched areas with a few strips of double-sided carpet tape or clear double-sided tape strips that are designed for this purpose. This will help redirect your cat’s scratching activities to the scratching ramp.