The FURminator

The FURminator

The FURminator




It’s that time of year where your fur baby is shedding to puff up for their winter coat. Personally my I have to vacuum and dust everyday to keep us from being over whelmed by fur from all 4 of our little lovies. The last time we took our pups to the local pet store they recommended The FURminator a million times to us. They even brushed out both of our babies to show us how well it worked.
I’m not going to lie that sucker literally got the hair off in no time flat and for whatever reason the pooches didn’t even put up their normal fight about being brushed. The groomer at the store even said you could use it on cats (of which we have 2) if we wanted. The little button on the top of the brush even removes the hair from the brush for you.
I am seriously in love with The FURminator. My house needs to be vacuum and dusted only 3 times a week now haha. If you haven’t tried The FURminator yet and you are being overwhelmed by your pets shedding I really do suggest it. The FURminator is a little pricey but to be honest it was completely worth it. If you prefer to take your pet to be groomed go ahead but apparently this is the very brush they are all using.
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Today’s Eco Pet Pick!

Happy Tails Spa Ear Aid Wipes

Ear Wipesare a convenient way to clean your dog’s delicate ears. The pre-moistened pads contain colloidal silver, an all natural ingredient that suppresses bacteria, and witch hazel, used for generations to safely cleanse and sanitize. Our botanical blend removes dirt, wax and debris while reducing unpleasant odors.  Your dogs ears are very sensitive and using a Q-tip or even a rag can be difficult sometimes or even harmful.  Most dogs won’t even sit still long enough to let you clean even one ear.  Ear wipes are a gentle and safe way to keep your dog clean and fresh. 

Ear Wipes:

  • Contains no pharmaceuticals or chemicals
  • For smelly, itchy, infected ears
  • Quickly and easily clears away dirt & debris
  • Are all natural
  • Cleans, refreshes & restores