Some Great Stuff For Your Home Made in The US of A

It has been a while since I have posted in one of the most important sections of this entire blog! I am always on the look out for great stuff you can find that has been made right here in our little own country! It has been more difficult as the years go on to find anything that is made in the America and when you do the price is so much higher and let’s be honest not always of the best quality either.  I am happy to see the pace of this Made in the USA trend pick up.  That is the exact reason why I feel like it is important to search out what ever Made In The USA products and businesses I can find!

Flip Flop Nesting Boxes

Flip Flop Nesting Boxes


Flip Flop Nesting Boxes $120

I think these are super cute and love almost anything made from recycled flip flops.  I know I get good use out of mine every summer.  It is exciting to know that when I recycle them they do go to good use.  Spring is right around the corner and I cannot wait to break out my flip flops, now especially after seeing these.  The  only thing I don’t necessarily love is the price however it is hand made and I can only imagine how long that takes so I can let it go.

Product Description: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Bring the flip flop love into your home with these upcycled nesting boxes. Flip flop flotsam from flip flop factories (say that three times fast!) is wasted more than you might expect, but you can make a difference in the fate of such fun material by gracing your home with these nesting baskets. Each upcycled basket is comprised of patiently wired together pieces of flip flop, resulting in a colorful pattern.
Use indoors or out, these boxes are fit for anything from toys to towels.



Vinyl Record Jigsaw Puzzle

Vinyl Record Jigsaw Puzzle



Vinyl Jigsaw Puzzle $35

I don’t know many people who are willing to part with their vinyl but I can say I have recently seen some of the most creative uses ever come out of recycling them.  I think the jigsaw puzzle is an excellent way to upcycle them.  You can still use and almost honor the record.  This is a perfect gift for the hipster you know that you know.

Product Description:
This 31-piece puzzle is lots of fun and a great conversation piece. Looking for a way to delight puzzle junkies or vinyl lovers? We gotcha covered.
Made from Classic Rock LPs that celebrate the best of the 60s & 70s. Let us pick out a good one for you.
Comes packaged in a sturdy, clear round box.



Concrete Hexi-Bowl

Concrete Hexi-Bowl


Concrete Hexi Bowl $95

I think this bowl is super cool.  The design is very modern/minimalist but the coolest part is that 40-70% of the bowl is made from reclaimed stone! Besides the fact that it is hand molded which just sounds like a ton of fun to have that job!  I know this is a little pricey for a bowl but hand made upcycled items are becoming more fashionable so sooner or later the price of conscious products will go down.

Product Description: Molded by hand, this is one unique serving bowl! Comprised of an advanced concrete mix that has been fine tuned over years of experimentation, it contains anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of reclaimed stone dust obtained from tile and counter top manufacturers. A great conversation piece and an easy way to display in-season fruit or your favorite holiday bulbs!
Because cement essentially cures continuously over time, these actually increase in durability over the years.
Each hexi bowl develops a unique patina as it ages.
Sealed to resist stains with carnauba wax.
Available in your choice of gray or white


Shades Bud Vase

Shades Bud Vase


Shades Bud Vase $55

This I have to say is probably one of the simplest resolutions to recycling glass bottles that I really never thought about before.  I would like to announce I would appreciate a little more decoration on the bud vases but over all this is a great idea! It is so simple and obvious I am ashamed I haven’t even thought of this before.  I really, really love this idea!

Product Description: Flower arrangements can be lovely, but why shell out fifty bucks when you can use this bud vase over and over again? These vases provide just as much of an impact on a room’s freshness with just four flower buds as an entire arrangement! Made of four upcycled glass bottle tops mounted on a glass pane, these glass vases are sealed to prevent leakage. Need a table centerpiece? These are the perfect size to hold taper candles- and the curved nature of the bottle easily catches any candle drippings!

April’s Top Items Made in the USA!

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This beautiful, hand-cut puzzle from Russell Greenslade Design will brighten  any room with its bold colors. This  3-D puzzle is fun to look at and even more fun to put together. Eleven pieces fit together to create the image of a quirky hippo family on a hill. Made from aspen wood and colored with non toxic dyes, this toy is safe for your children.  Russell Greenslade Design has been committed to making quality children’s toys for over twenty years. Each item is skillfully hand-cut in their Ohio workshop. assembled approx: L 10.5 x W 4.0 x H 0.75 in.



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Stylish and crafted in America, the Ray Crib is about simplicity. With many options to choose from, this crib can be customized for almost any interior design idea. Seen here in white with a hazelnut panel design in four pattern options: vines, butterflies or rocket. If you ever desire to change your theme, no problem! These panels are interchangeable and attach easily via magnet.This piece of furniture has fixed side rails for stability, a three-level adjustable mattress positioning and fits standard crib mattresses (not included). With the addition of the Ray Toddler Conversion Kit, the crib can be converted into a bed for your growing child. Made in the USA from solid maple with plywood and recycled wood MDF components. A perfect addition to your home!


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A modern addition to any home, this bird trio mobile is laser-cut from sustainably harvested bamboo plywood, an earth-friendly renewable resource. Due to the nature of the material, pieces will vary slightly in color and grain. Includes: 3 laser-cut birds and clear thread. Minimum assembly required. Made in the USA and packaged in a San Francisco non-profit that employs adults with disabilities. All Petit Collage products are hand crafted in the United States, with wood and papers sourced in a sustainable manner.  Total Hanging Height: Approx 20 in.


This Months 5 Items Made In the USA

For quite a while now I have been looking for products that proudly read Made In America. This is not an easy task. Usually when you try to Google Made In America the website for American Apparel shows up. Not only have I found products that are Made in America but I have found green and environmentally friendly products!! This is some of the most exciting news I’ve heard in a long time! I have compiled a list of products I hope you appreciate just as much as I do.

1. Nature’s Inventory  Wellness Oils are produced in the USA instead of exporting to China as many businesses do for cheap labor. Nature’s Inventory prides themselves in creating jobs for US citizens. Even more importantly Nature’s Inventory Wellness Oils are an excellent alternative to ingesting tons of toxic chemicals. Many people are wary of Eastern medicine, if you are one of those people start small. They offer wellness oils for Sweet Dreams which was developed because an employees daughter was having nightmares. Rub a few drops on your neck and chest instead of chugging down a of bunch pills. If your dreams are in fact sweet move on to their Back Soothe Wellness Gel and see how it feels. No harm in using products that come from nature.

2.Houndstooth 100% Recycled Polyester Dog Collars  These Westminster Pet Products earth-friendly collars are made in America using recycled plastic bottles, so less energy and petro-chemicals are used to produce the yarn. This helps to preserve the environment, keep trash out of landfills and conserve natural resources. The Westminster durable collars feature an assortment of sizes and colorful printed patterns, all of them proudly made in America. The Collars are also available in Small Dog & Cat sizes, and in an assortment of other colors and styles.

3. Wooden Gnome Home gives hours of imaginative play outside or inside. Each of our Gnome Homes are hand made one at a time from a single piece of reclaimed Walnut then hand rubbed with mineral oil. Children will have a great time setting up the Gnome home in different and amazing ways plus that Gnome is just plain cute. 10″ tall by 10″ wide, 5 Tunnel pieces, 1 Gnome 3″ tall, & Made in USA.

4. Sleep better at night knowing that your bed is eco-friendly as well as being Made in America. This Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame is clean, unfinished, chemical free, & Made in USA!!! This green bed is perfect for the newly environmentally conscious or for those who want to to maximize their very own green environment. The wood used to make this bed comes from our very own Southern States! The eco-friendly bed comes with a 10 year warranty and boasts underbed storage as well as trundle. There are even more advantages, extra slats and height options are available also! This is way better than any bed besides a eco-friendly one! The best part is since this bed is unfinished you are free to decorate the bed anyway you like!!!

5. Eco-chic boutique has some super cute green items including the 6-pack coasters. Yet another product Made In America people! In Oakland, CA as a matter of fact. The coasters are 100% rubber and include 30% industrial waste!! Waste not want not is right folks!!!! Gorgeous and Green has taken the steps to provide you with this tiny bit of green goodness designed after a 6-pack! Check out Gorgeous and Green to see what other bits of green you can pick up to make your home and life more sustainable.

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