December 2013 Save Your Green!

Organic Acne Sensitive Skin Regimen


The holidays are here and as per usual I am late with your amazing deals and discounts. I have been so super busy and I am beyond sorry for neglecting my wonderful greenies!! I will do my best to bring you some of the best deals I can find to help you save as much as you can this holiday season! Happy Holidays Greenies!!! I hope everyone has everything they have ever wanted already but if you don’t let me help a little!!

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DIY Simple Salt Scrub

DIY Simple Salt Scrub

DIY Simple Salt Scrub


I really value the art of DIY. It is something that makes me happy especially when it comes to beauty products. Maybe it is just me but I feel like DIY beauty products seem more luxurious when you put the time and effort to make them your own. The more natural the product the better I feel they work and the better I feel about using them. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t mess up the recipe or find one that isn’t so spectacular but with anything DIY it is mainly trial and error. The same can be said for products you purchase in a store as well. At least when you make them yourself you know exactly what goes into your beauty product and how much. That isn’t always the case for store bought items.


Sea Salt (any kind you have ready to use)
Organic Essential Oils (any scent or scents of your choice )
Oil (any oil except baby oil)


1. Find a clean jar that is easy to scoop the scrub out of but that won’t leak and can be opened quickly in the shower. I would suggest using a plastic container as this does have oil and you are in the shower so a glass jar may be risky. Plastic has its disadvantages too. A plastic jar will absorb any essential oils you add into the scrub, and that means that you can never use the jar in any other purpose.
2. Choose a salt to use. Almost any kind can work for example; sea salt, Epsom salt, kosher salt, or table salt which is usually the cheapest. Table salt tends to have smaller granules, which means you don’t have to break up big salt clumps. Epsom salt has relaxing properties, while sea salt is often used in bath salts. You can also mix salts to have different textures in your scrub. When you have found a salt or salts that you like, fill about half of your container with it. I used sea salt because I had a huge container of it that I am sure I would never have used.
3. Pick an oil to mix with the salt. Almost any kind will do just not baby oil as it does not absorb into the skin. I had a few different kinds at home so I mixed olive oil with a small amount of coconut oil. Coconut is a favorite scent of mine and I considered not even using essential oils but being that I have plenty of them it couldn’t hurt to use both. Coconut oil is very good for your skin as is olive oil so mixing the both I thought might work very well and smell delish. I also added some honey to this mixture which is also supposed to be great for your skin but it isn’t a must.
4. Fill the jar with oil until the oil covers the salt. Make sure the oil gets on to all of the salt. I poured some oil in then shook around the salt and continued until the oil looked like it had covered all of the salt in the container. You can use a utensil such as a spoon or spatula to mix your oil and salt together as well if you like.
5. Add a few drops of essential oils into the mixture. Some popular scents used in many store bought scrubs are lavender (relaxing), peppermint (energizing), orange, lime/lemon, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla. Or you can try extracts, like vanilla, almond, peppermint and coconut. Stir the salt scrub after you put add the essential oil.
6. Use your salt scrub on particularly dry areas of your body. The scrub works especially well on hands and feet too. I use loofah gloves for my body and pumice for my feet. I put the salt scrub on the pumice and scrub my feet with that which removes the dead skin just as well as any pedi place does. If your skin feels a bit oily, you can wash it off with some soap or body wash, but it is not necessary because usually the skin would absorb all the oil depending on how much you added to your scrub. Your skin should feel soft, moisturized, and exfoliated. You don’t have to but for added moisture I lotion my body after I dry off to make sure I am fully moisturized.

Fresh Citrus Candle

Fresh Citrus Candle

Fresh Citrus Candle



I just found this on Facebook from one of my friends and I think it is an amazing idea!! This is so simple and a great way to reuse citrus rinds instead of just throwing them out, you can also use the rinds as extra exfoliant in body butters, washes and scrubs! This is a simple and quick way to freshen up your home with ingredients you already have at home! No more having to go out and spend money on sprays, candles or other expensive fresheners. I cannot wait to try this!


Citrus Fruit (orange/lemon/lime/grapefruit)
Organic Olive Oil
(olive, vegetable, olive, coconut, avo, whatever you have at home)
Essential Oil (if you want to mix scents and get fancy)

1. Cut the fruit in half.
2. Cut out the fruit but leave the core center attached.
3. Pour oil in to the cored out fruit.
4. Add any other essential oils or even bits of the fruit in to the oil.
5. Light the stem and it will burn for hours.

Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013


Happy Earth Day Greenies!!!! It is the 43rd annual Earth Day and we should all be celebrating. Not with a party or making a mess but with intelligence. Today make sure you let everyone you come across know what day it is. Try to learn something new about how you can help our world be a better place. Everyone, including this Beagle right here can give you all of the tips and ideas on how to make your Earth Day/everyday greener and more Earth friendly but the only real answer to helping is education. Today to celebrate you should try to show someone who generally doesn’t know about or care about the holiday why it is so important. Even if you can convince them to make one tiny change in their life that is more than enough.

Also make a point of educating yourself. Learn something new about being greener and try to implement that in your daily routine.  All of the fun activities and books and green purchases are great but if you aren’t keeping yourself educated what is the point.  It is easy to forget or be complacent especially when you see others not making an effort.  Ideally we should consider everyday Earth Day but on days like today we should make a point of letting our green show!  Make a point today of letting people know what day it is and share even the smallest tid bit of greenness with them.  Sharing is caring!!!



Turn your home into a spa and help Zanis furry Friends Animal Rescue to help animals this holiday season. Treat yourself to a professional facial or pamper yourself with a full spa treatment with incredible Seacret Minerals from the Dead Sea skin care products. Order here view all available products or IT’S YOUR SEACRET for a personal analysis. Now through December 31, half of all proceeds to benefit Zani’s furry Friends Animal Rescue of NYC.

Seacret is one of the leading names in the skin care industry, a unique company which uses the finest organic minerals from the Dead Sea , leaving your skin looking cleaner and healthier than it has in years! Best of all, Seacret- which has sold over $600 million in products in 33 countries worldwide last year alone- is paraben free, and none of their products are tested on animals! You can find products for anyone in your family and these products make great gifts too!

There are no catches. There are no gimmicks. Just a lot of animals getting desperately needed help this holiday season, all while you treat yourself to the finest skin care products on the market. For more information on Seacret’s products and to place your orders, please visit and click on “products” to see how you can look and feel great.

If you have any questions related to the fundraiser or to learn about special discounts for preferred customers, please feel free to e-mail me at
Thank you so much, and have a happy holiday season!

Rescue A Pet to Give Them Something To Be Thankful For

I cannot stress how important it is to rescue an animal if you can. These poor animals aren’t responsible for their situations and shouldn’t have to suffer for human unkindness. It is our duty as citizens of the planet to care for and appreciate living things. Please do what you can to help because these poor babies could lose their lives and have no one but us to protect them.  All of my animals are rescues and I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to see them so happy and cared for.  Too many animals are put down for no reason other than no one wants them.  Please help save a life today! These animals deserve to be loved just as much as any store bought dog.

My name is PATCHES. My Animal ID # is A0950348. I am a female white and brown brindle pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS. Who does that cute face belong to? Look at that tail wagging non stop..and that wiggly body….Her eyes look like two clear jewels. Such a small girl and what a nice coat… A lovely girl, all excited to see a potential caretaker, a friend she can walk and spend time with. I open her door and Patches thinks she can leave without a leash….She is so thrilled to go out. Patches is quite good on the leash, though, no jumping, no rope grabbing, barely pulling at times and very nice with the other dogs we met. She relieves herself as soon as we leave the care center, making me think that she might be house trained. Patches is very playful and friendly. She runs after the ball, plays tag and is as happy as a clam coming on my lap for hugs and kisses. Indeed, Patches is full of life, fun to be with and a most affectionate girl. Come and meet Patches at the Manhattan Care Center. The “Little Rascal” is waiting for you.




My name is JACK. My Animal ID # is A0950242. I am a male br brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 4 YEARS old. Jack pulls on the leash and was excited but very interested in interacting with handler during assessment – jumped up, licked hands and face. He was excited during some of the handling items, but had soft body language. He engages in play, loose body, wags tail, mouth is open. He was stiff and cannot be pushed out of the food bowl, but did not growl, snap or bite. Jack was not interested in toys or rawhides and rushed in quickly during the dog-dog test, but showed no aggression. This face just say it all!!! Make Jack happy and give him his forever home today!!



My name is NICE. My Animal ID # is A0949605. I am a female black and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 YEARS old. Nice is a splendid and noble female. She has been very well cared for by her owner who is too ill to have a pet and this is why beautiful Nice is with us at the Manhattan Care Center. Nice is clearly lost and at first, did not want to have anything to do with us volunteers. She would act aloof and very timid. She wants to come out of her kennel though as she is a clean girl and seems house trained. She needs some exercise too. She pulls a tiny bit on the leash and always aims for the gate leading to the street. She wants to go home clearly. She is very hand shy and it takes some time to see a positive reaction to caresses and sweet talks. She comes to sit closer and closer when coaxed. Nice indeed, is more comfortable with someone she knows. Nice is a one man (woman) dog but she could learn, with time, to be a family dog. Nice is indeed a good dog with a sensitive soul. Nice will be able to love again. She just needs to be given a chance.



My name is IVORY. My Animal ID # is A0950481. I am a female cream pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 8 YEARS old. Beautiful Ivory sits so quietly in her kennel, patiently watching and waiting. I’m not sure she wants my attention but when I offer a treat and she gently mouths it from my hand I know that she is waiting for a friend. At first Ivory shys away when I go to pet her but a few minutes into our walk her tail is wagging as I rub her side. Later, I crouch to gently caress her face and she seems to smile at me with blissed out squinty-eyes. Ivory is a stunning blond and her good looks (and those perky ears!) garner a lot of compliments from passers-by. When they approach to pet her she responds with soft tail wags and also seems pleased to see other dogs in the park. Ivory appears to be house trained and though she needs some leash training, she will sit for treats and is quite easy to handle. Ivory is a gentle soul looking for her soul mate, that special person who will move at her pace, giving her the time and affection she needs to blossom into her best self. Someone give this beautiful girl a home ASASP!



My name is NICE. My Animal ID # is A0949813. I am a male br tiger and brown mastiff mix. The shelter thinks I am about 7 YEARS old. Nice is quite an imposing male at 81lbs but calm as a clam. He has beautiful golden eyes and such a soft gaze. He is gentle and grateful for affection. He is obedient and trusting. He appears to appreciate attention. Nice is a beautiful gentle soul. He and Nina (his “sister”) are loving and very deserving of a caring home. They were both very neglected and want help to feel and look better. Help save them before it is too late for them.




My name is SANDY. My Animal ID # is A0950217. I am a female brown and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 YEAR 6 MONTHS old. Sandy is an excited little girl that really just wants to go out and play. She likes company and is good on walks and is house trained. Sandy is a young dog who has already been a mother. Her coat is flawless but dull and her nutrition might not have been optimal. She likes treats that she takes politely from the hand. Sandy meets other dogs with a happy tail and a friendly demeanor. She likes to be approached by people too and as we sit in the yard, she settles very close petting sessions and some loving. She definitely knows what a ball is, runs after it but prefers to keep it in her mouth while chewing it. Sandy is a sweet girl, who seems to like people and dogs alike. She might prefer to keep her belongings for herself and will have to learn, that in a house of plenty, there is no need to protect her stuff. Sandy is at the Manhattan Care Center, hoping for a better life and the start of a new forever friendship with you. Sandy could be the dog you have always wanted!! Check her out please!!

November 2012 Save Your Green

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The holidays are coming up fast and saving money is as green as it gets. You can make gifts for your loved ones or find handmade/ethical presents at some of your favorite eco-friendly places. I keep seeing deals and sales from my favorite places and thought I should share them with my favorite greenies.  You can find anthing from recycled wrapping and bows to ethical housewares.  This is a great time to share green ideas with people who usually aren’t interested.   I hope you enjoy!


Clean Spirited jewelry sale section.

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Another candle, another wish. Make this year different and give up your birthday with charity: water.

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Tub O’Carbon Odor Buster

This is a nifty idea! I remember my parents and grandparents using a box of baking soda for everything odor related. Now the Tub O’Carbon does all of that and even helps slow the process of food going bad! I love that. There is nothing more disappointing than realizing you have wasted food.

Product Description: Tub O’Carbon Odor Buster is the safe and natural way to remove odors in any enclosed space. Better than baking soda and safer than chemical sprays and fragrances.
How does it work? Activated carbon is a natural substance specially treated to open up millions of tiny pores that trap odors, chemicals and gases. This type of carbon is used in gas masks, in hospitals and by large food-storage facilities. You can use it anywhere in the home or office including the fridge, freezer, trash can, next to cat litter, in a diaper pail, in a sports bag, closets, lockers, musty storage, your car, etc.

Favorite Feature: The Odor Buster adsorbs ethylene gas released by produce, slowing down the rotting process.
•Eliminates the need to air out your fridge
•Helps prevent foods from taking on the taste of their packaging
•Helps spoiled food from contaminating fresh produce

August’s Save Your Green

August's Save Your Green

August's Save Your Green



The summer is almost coming to a close which makes me super sad but have no fear there fall is almost here which means fun, cooler weather and back to school!! Now is a great time to get deals on fun summer stuff and for all of your back to school needs!
Saving money and being responsible about your purchases is very important. I know it is difficult to find companies that you can trust. Being green isn’t always easy but I have found some great companies with great deals right here for you!

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Bulk Herbs and Natural Products for Healthy, Natural Living
Save the Rainforest! Visit The Rainforest site and find out how!

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eco lunch boxes

The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals

The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals

The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals



I heard Jenny Brown’s interview yesterday on NPR and was in love! I have always wanted to do this but every time I mention it people laugh at me like rescuing farm animals is absurd. I cannot wait to read The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals!!!! Not only has Jenny overcome cancer and even lost a leg to it but she has found meaning in her struggle. Jenny’s childhood cat had such an impact on her during her illness she gave back to other animals that couldn’t/can’t fight for themselves.
You can visit Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, sponsor an animal, meet the animals on the website, volunteer, donate and so much more! Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is a beautiful cause for more than just rescuing neglected and abused animals. You can learn about why eating meat and torturing animals is unnecessary despite what big corporations try to tell you. You can participate and be the change these animals need you to be. Farm animals don’t have many choices and can’t fight for themselves especially in some of the conditions they live in.
You should take the time to read The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals and learn more about the cause, how you can help and what you can do to cause change. You never know what good things can come from this kind of knowledge.

Book Description: Jenny Brown was just ten years old when she lost a leg to bone cancer. Throughout the ordeal, her constant companion was a cat named Boogie. Years later, she would make the connection between her feline friend and the farm animals she ate, acknowledging that most of America’s domesticated animals live on industrialized farms, and are viewed as mere production units. Raised in a conservative Southern Baptist family in Kentucky, Brown had been taught to avoid asking questions. But she found her calling and the courage to speak out. She left a flourishing career as a film and television producer after going undercover and exposing horrific animal abuse in Texas stockyards.
Bringing to life this exhilarating transformation, The Lucky Ones introduces readers to Brown’s crowning achievement, the renowned Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary she established with her husband in 2004. With a cast of unforgettable survivors, including a fugitive slaughterhouse cow named Kayli; Albie, the three-legged goat; and Quincy, an Easter duckling found abandoned in New York City, The Lucky Ones reveals shocking statistics about the prevalence of animal abuse throughout America’s agribusinesses. Blending wry humor with unflinching honesty, Brown brings a compelling new voice to the healthy-living movement—and to the vulnerable, voiceless creatures among us.