Planet Earth: 25 Environmental Projects You Can Build Yourself (Build It Yourself series)

Interaction is a great way to get kids and you interested in the environmnet. You all might even learn a few things. Planet Earth: 25 Environmental Projects You Can Build Yourself (Build It Yourself series) can be great family time well spent or even something great for school projects or activities.  I am a super fan of projects especially if they are educational.  I think doing things like this are important for families and students alike.  Most children aren’t used to “doing” things anymore.  They watch things, interaction is generally technologically based.  Give

Description Planet Earth: 25 Environmental Projects You Can Build Yourself (Build It Yourself series)
Children’s knowledge of the Earth and its ecology will blossom with this engaging guide to understanding and enriching the environment. The first half of the handbook provides an overview of the natural world and encourages children to get their hands dirty and actively connect with the environment while the second half introduces key environmental issues—wind and solar power, pollution, endangered species, global warming, and recycling—and posits potential solutions. Trivia, fun facts, and 25 captivating hands-on projects investigate ecology basics, such as the food chain, oxygen, and animal habitats, as well as ways to lessen the strain on the Earth’s resources by reducing human waste and consumption. Activities include building a worm composting castle, a wind-powered bubble machine, a Tullgren funnel, and a gardening project that illustrates the burden of overpopulation.

Edible Art Supplies

Edible Art Supplies

Edible Art Supplies



Wee Can Too makes edible art supplies which are probably one of the coolest things I have seen. We know it is important to cultivate creativity in our youth but sometimes we have to consider the options of ruining the house or eating the supplies or even getting the art all over themselves instead. Even if a child doesn’t ingest the paint/marker/crayon etc. it can be just as scary when they get it all over them. The contents in some everyday art supplies are plain scary.
Wee Can Too has taken all of these fears into consideration to bring parents and teachers alike a slew of great supplies that are non-toxic, vegan, contain no wheat or sugar and are completely edible if the young artist decides to taste test their artwork. Wee Can Too offers 8 different edible art supplies that are sure to please parents and kids. You can also feel better when your pet wants to be helpful or investigate the scene and tracks paint all over the place or want to taste test the supplies as well you can be less nervous about expensive vet trips.
Wee Can Too is great for school too I think. Teachers can worry a little bit less about their students eating crayons or ruining their clothes during craft time or art class.  I really am excited and can’t wait to try some of these products myself.

Here is a little more about Wee Can Too:
The eco friendly, organically edible paints are amazing. They are completely safe for your kids and edible in case they decide to put their little hands into their mouth, which has been known to happen while finger painting. Already capturing the east coast market, we are moving to the Midwest with our finger paints, making baby, toddler, and children painting fun again! Wee Can Too is all the rage with mommy bloggers, autistic children for art therapy, babies, toddlers, and we would love to share them with you!

Teachers Thank You Card

Fun Craft Kits

The school year is coming to a close. Summer vacation is coming soon, why not give your children’s teacher a big thank you! It is important to appreciate teachers who are good at their jobs. This is an excellent idea for the beginning of the year and even before long vacations. Also by using odds and ends around the home you can be green about it!!


* Ribbons, glitter, buttons, thread, jewels, construction paper or items lying around the house
* 1 – Piece of white cardstock
* shaped or regular hole-punch
* colored chalk, markers, or crayons
* Glue either hot or regular.
* Paints either water color or any kind of paint around the home


1. You can either print or write out the messages you want to say to your teacher.
2. Color the card using chalk, makers, paints, or crayons.
3. Glue your favorite odds and ends to the inside and outside of the card to make it original and special! Show your teacher the special thanks for what you have learned that year.
4. Let the card dry over night to make sure everything will stay and last on the way to school.
5. Give the teacher your thank you card! A little bit goes a long way.