Fresh Citrus Candle

Fresh Citrus Candle

Fresh Citrus Candle



I just found this on Facebook from one of my friends and I think it is an amazing idea!! This is so simple and a great way to reuse citrus rinds instead of just throwing them out, you can also use the rinds as extra exfoliant in body butters, washes and scrubs! This is a simple and quick way to freshen up your home with ingredients you already have at home! No more having to go out and spend money on sprays, candles or other expensive fresheners. I cannot wait to try this!


Citrus Fruit (orange/lemon/lime/grapefruit)
Organic Olive Oil
(olive, vegetable, olive, coconut, avo, whatever you have at home)
Essential Oil (if you want to mix scents and get fancy)

1. Cut the fruit in half.
2. Cut out the fruit but leave the core center attached.
3. Pour oil in to the cored out fruit.
4. Add any other essential oils or even bits of the fruit in to the oil.
5. Light the stem and it will burn for hours.

The GUMshoe – by Simple Shoes

Simple Men's GUMshoe Hemp Slip-On Shoes in Black : Simple Men's Hemp Slip-On Shoes

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I used to have these sneakers in high school! They were my favorite! The soles of the shoes were speckled with different colors and they were canvas. If I wasn’t wearing my Converse these were it! After a while finding them became extremely difficult. I was beyond disappointed. Then when I started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm I saw Larry David in what looked like my favorite old style! I am not sure if those were the brand of  his sneakers but I am almost positive! Larry David’s now ex-wife is an environmental activist so I was hoping Simple Shoes were back in action, and so they are!!
In my sneaker search I found these comfy slip-ons. They come in a variety of colors and to top it off they are soo very environmentally friendly!


• Men’s Gumshoe – Organic Cotton.
• Midsoles and arch cookie made of carpet padding for at-home comfort at all times.
• No glue was used in the assembly of this shoe! Thanks to a lot of stitching, it’s made with less than a thimble full of water-based adhesives – most shoes use 2 shot glasses worth of glue.
• The small amount of glue that we do use is water based, not petroleum based.
• Just another way to reduce our dependence on petroleum, and it also means no nasty smelling glue for the people who put your shoes together.
• Partially recycled shoe – the bottom of this shoe is made from a recycled car tire blended with natural rubber.
• The foot form inserts are made of post consumer recycled paper
• Shoebox made of post-consumer recycled paper, soy based printing ink, natural latex and starch based glue.
• Part of the Green Toe™ collection.

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